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I have many, many times explained to my reader that this obsession with emissions is quite absurd, that climate has always changed and that it will always change.

But today, I must say I was taken aback.

Today, I knew of an emission that was really, really problematic.

I cannot see in this an “accident”, like the “trousers accident” (aka (shitting one’s pants) that is rumoured to have happened to Dementia Joe when he was in company with Francis (of course, Francis’ sight causes one to want to defecate, so there would be attenuating circumstances there).

This here looks more like a willed, “emphatic” breach of protocol, a personal offence to Camilla and to the Royal House and, by extension, to the United Kingdom.

This is obvious, to me, both by the fact that Biden is, however demented, not so demented that he does not know when his fart is getting similar to a proclamation, and by the rather unusual fact of a member of the royal family clearly wanting that such an episode be known. For those of you out there who aren’t specialist, the redheaded cretin (can’t remember the name now) and his woke wife (can’t remember hers, either) were, emphatically, *not* representative of a clan whose job is exactly to represent the Country and to, therefore, adhere to the usual standards of diplomacy.

It is said that some people, in their old age, get more spiteful, petty or revengeful. I think Dementia Joe didn’t like the woman one bit, and wanted her to know, and smell, his opinion just as a stubborn occupier of a nursing home would do. Clearly, the UK Government doesn’t want to make of this a diplomatic incident. But what they do, is letting the world know what kind of guy this one is, straight from the future Queen.

I don’t see necessarily a problem in the fact of the fart. The man is old, at times demented, petty, fatuous, and evidently smelly.

But I see a problem in the absence of the nursing home; something the Regime Media will never tell you, of course.

Really, Truth Social cannot come one day too soon.

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