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Killing Ain’t Easy

And it came to pass that the interesting laboratory of nutcases, hippies and homeless called Portland, OR decided that if a woman gets rid of her “clump of cells” she is entitled to bereavement: 3 days at home, courtesy of the taxpayer, to reflect on how many liberated women will share hell with them; unless they repent, of course, which seems inconceivable considering that they would have to share something with those Patriarchy-affirming White Supremacists. The article is on Life Site News but I can’t link to it now.

The hypocrisy is, in fact, breathtaking. The excuses are also funny: how will this initiative “de-stigmatise “ abortion? Will not everyone who stigmatise the abortion without the scrounging and the hypocrisy stigmatise it even more when Ms Williams also gets a good part of the week free and poses as a martyr for her own murder? It would, they say, make it “easier” to say to one’s boss that one has killed her baby in the womb. How so? “Sorry Boss, yesterday I have killed my baby. Please give me sympathy and three free days, will you?” It really is something you would expect in Portland, OR.

However, at the end of all the posturing, the wokeism, the feminism and the sensitiviteee, one brutal truth emerges: killing ain’t easy, and killing one’s own baby in the womb is sure to have one’s conscience screaming so loud it would cover one of those legendary Biden farts.

Torn between conscience and convenience, a woman may well manage, in her young years, when the image of end of fun, end of career and/or end of independence is enough to persuade her to proceed to the killing, that it “had to be”. She will, likely, start blathering about “reproductive choice”, desperately using fake language to hide a slow mounting desperation that becomes more real, more evident, more pressing, more oppressive every year. But her conscience will not leave her alone and, at some point, the realisation of the atrocious nature of her action (or actions, in many cases!) will seriously threaten to crush her under its unbearable weight; until either sincere repentance and Christ or, more likely, quiet desperation, and perhaps suicide, follow.

All this is, in some quarter, destigmatised with free days out of work.

Our descendants in 100 or 300 years will look at us, and wonder how we could criticise the Gulags and the Holocaust with a straight face.

Don’t Avoid The SSPX. Avoid The V II Church.

The Diocese of Denver has “warned” their faithful from attending Mass at a chapel of the SSPX. Some people really are tone deaf.

Such an appeal would have been dumb enough in normal times. People don’t attend at the SSPX chapel because they happen to be in the neighbourhood. They attend there because the TLM gives them a nourishment the Novus Ordo never could, and they want to give witness of sound Catholicism in the time of Francis.

The dumbness becomes, then, absolutely idiotic if you consider that we live in TC times, when Vatican thugs tell you that the TLM is divisive and they will shut down as many of them as they can. It’s quite amazing that a Bishop can be so tone-deaf, or so incompetent, or so outright, well, stupid that he does not understand that the attendance at any SSPX chapel is as assured and deliberate now as it ever was.

On the contrary, such “appeals” coming from the same V II church that is now clearly working against her own faithful in any way she can will only reinforce the popularity of the Society.

I would like to make the contrary appeal to the faithful of the Diocese of Denver: if at all reasonably practical, ditch the Diocese and its V II mass and attend at the SSPX. Send there all your friends and all your donations, too! If the Bishop allows some TLM there – likely, because the competition of the SSPX is there – you may want to make an exception for the TLM masses, but for them only.

Who knows, when the music get strident enough even those extremely tone deaf bishops might begin to understand that something is very wrong with their attitude, and they need to start cleaning up their shop.

I am not even interested here if this Diocese is not one of the worst ones. If they attack Tradition in every form, they should get what’s coming to them.

After TC there is no “good bishop who doesn’t really like the SSPX” anymore.

You defend Tradition, or you are against us.

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