A Letter To The Cardinal Vicar

The Vicariato di Roma has just announced that, during the 2022 Triduum, there will be no TL masses. Interestingly, this includes the Fraternity of Saint Peter, which goes to show what happens when you want to eat your cake and have it.

Why the Triduum? My take is that an awful lot of people go to Mass at Easter and Christmas that otherwise don’t, though at Christmas this year many once a year churchgoers will likely decide to pass. Come Easter, many of those once a year people might have decided to actually do the Latin thing. The result? Absolutely packed TL churches, whilst Father Sissy in the nearby NO Church preaches about inclusiveness and the greatness of Francis Of The Wheelchair. But perhaps I am wrong and there are other reasons.

Of course, of course this is only the start. The Triduum will come and go, and then more restrictions will be imposed, at least as long as Francis is breathing.

The question poses itself how to react to this. Frankly, if I lived in Rome my patience would be very hard at the breaking point here. I would be severely tempted to write to the Vicar and tell him that I will not attend a NO Mass, not ever, until the war against the TLM ends.

“Dear Evil Bishop, Your DisGrace, whatever,

Your edict moved me to approach, for the first time, an SSPX chapel. The very friendly, Catholic priest over there told me that the NO – which I had been attending up to then – is actually bad, and he suggested I only attend a Traditional Mass. I found his arguments for the TLM compelling and from now on will attend at an SSPX chapel or, as I live pretty far from their chapels, carry out the spiritual activities Father has recommended.

Your NO Mass, I will not touch anymore.

In fact, dear whatever, I am almost grateful for what you have done; because without it, I would never have discovered the beauty of the Catholic Tradition and the great zeal of the Society. I will pray for you, but let me tell you that your situation is pretty darn serious.

Best regards etc”

I am not sure this is the best course to follow (the attendance I mean, not the letter), but I sure wish His Whatever would receive many letters like this one from people who have actually decided that this is, in fact, the best course to follow.

One thing I know: after TC the rules of the game have changed, and we are called to protect the Mass of the Ages in ways not practiced before, because the attack of the Church on her own Mass is lacking precedents in exactly the same way.

Before ditching the TLM, we will ditch Cardinal Roche and the Vicar in the Tiber.

We won’t do either of course, but you get my drift.

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  1. It’s hard to come up with anything more chilling than the spectacle of an old man in poor health using his waning powers to make war on something that is manifestly God’s will. God help him.

  2. I had the good fortune to have a SSPX chapel available for a time that offered the TLM once a month. The priest there also told me to not attend the NO, and I haven’t since.. It has since closed, turned into some weird South American church, and I attend a diocesan TLM weekly, an hr and 20 min away, although last Sunday it was an odd hybrid with a fill in priest, the NO altar used and the deacon distributing the Eucharist, as well as the priest. I agree the NO is bad, having been a Protestant. It is very much like a creepy Protestant “service”, emphasis on feel-good “fellowshipping”, and sappy horrendous “music”. I had never attended a TLM until yrs after converting, and I immediately knew it was the real deal, no comparison. The “conciliar-coup-church” is purging conservative Catholics. They don’t want people to go to Mass, even the NO. They want to close churches, schools. Traditional Catholics need to go to the SSPX. I will be making the 90 minute trip to the nearest chapel myself, if the bishop cancels the TLM for the Triduum. Sadly, I am hoping the SSPX is not being infiltrated themselves

  3. Joseph D'Hippolito

    The TLM is a major stumbling block to the Vatican’s quest for international religious syncretism, which would reflect the globalist, corporatist, secular humanist utopianism the Vatican has embraced. The corporatist globalists don’t want any competing philosophies or theologies impeding on their quest for power under the guise of “the common good.”

    This didn’t start with Francis. He’s merely the logical extension of the radical shift wrought by Vatican II.

  4. The Nu Mass is more Protestant worship and praise service than it is a re-presentation of the Holy Sacrifice. I don’t think you will find any Bishop, Priest (titular “Pope”) who would disagree with that assessment. It is by Vatican II design that this Nu Mass is now “shared meal” rather than sacrifice; a celebration of each other in attendance, rather than a solemn gathering at the foot of the Cross for the un-bloody re-presentation of our crucified Lord. In fact, they insist on it, which is why we have TC – “the twain must not meet”!

    One “Mass” is not compatible with the other Mass – Nu Mass is not an organic development but a rupture. That is also not disputed, but insisted upon by those responsible. Those who bring rupture insist that what we are detached from is no longer relevant and must be permanently abrogated as we cast out into the new Vatican II seas, in subjection to the new Vatican II “magisterium” alone.

    Nu Mass and the Council from which it came is, in short, a new religion. Once again – this is not in dispute, as this is clearly insisted upon by those who caused the rupture, no less than those who defend the Sacred Line of Doctrinal Tradition. All tethers that link us to to our patrimony must be severed, because – behold, all things have become new!

    That is the ironic beauty of Traditionis Custodes: it lends clarity and truth to the current reality – choose one, or choose the other, but you cannot choose both. Because they are each different religions, now by common assent.

  5. Our SSPX Chapel is only an hour away and we attend every Sunday.
    The Mass is the highlight of the week.
    Our Parish church is a n.o. church and the n.o. is, to us at least, the creation of modernists who want to literally destroy The Church. We cannot attend.
    So we are part of the statistic of so-called “fallen away” Catholics.
    But what we have actually done is fallen into the way, The Church.

    So a sarcastic “thank you” to the lockdowns and maskings and social distancing that drove us out of the novus ordo church into the arms of Catholic Clergy.

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