The Society Of Blessed Pius IX

It does not need a genius to understand that, following TC and the thuggish attitude of Francis and his Evil Minions (talking to you, Cardinal Roche) a number, perhaps dozen, perhaps hundreds of priests will ask the SSPX to be allowed in.

It is, of course, important that both the risk of infiltration and the risk of watering down are avoided. I remind you here that the FSSP was created exactly in order to suffocate the SSPX and make it die.

In my eyes, the solution to this is what I would call the Society Of Blessed Pius IX.

This Society should be 100% controlled by the SSPX, which would own all real estate, cash, investments, trademarks etc. and would have disciplinary power over the members of the SSPIX. This would take care of the issues above. Every sincere priest would find the change resembling paradise after dealing with his V II Bishop. imagine, homilies where you don’t have to carefully balance every word, and are allowed to say that people actually go to hell in huge numbers…

The SSPIX would start a big donations drive, which would, unavoidably, be wildly successful. This would lead to the establishment, in just a few years, of hundreds of new chapels to which the Vatican would have no TLM to oppose, because the old traditionalist orders have been castrated par ordre du mufti . These chapels would be a thorn in the side of the Francisthugs all over the West.

The priests of the SSPIX would be freed of all the rubbish they have to deal now. No parish committees and the likes. The priest celebrates mass, hears confession, administers the sacraments full time. Breviary scrupulously followed. Vespers and Co. The works.

The same chapels of the SSPX could be used whenever practical. Imagine many of these chapels offering 5,6,7 masses every Sunday, many with the confessional running, as in the good old times!

The Masses would be all full. People would come from far away. The news would spread like wildfire. Meanwhile, Father Oestrogen will mildly remind his 3, heavily tattooed sheep of how much better it is to smell like them, as their beloved Evil Clown says.

A separate structure would make it very easy to raise funds (because the assets are protected and the priests are already there), and to protect orthodoxy (because the membership in the SSPX is not diluted). It would allow a great increase, possibly a multiplication, of available TLMs in just a short time, and a vast increase in reach when the new structures are built. It would make it easier to slap (figuratively, of course; because we are so, so nice) Francis in the face every single day, as that unspeakable scoundrel so much deserves.

It seems a good idea to me.

I hope, and I think, that at some point something of the sort is going to happen; because when a SSPIX is established, I think they’ll have dozen of candidates in a matter of weeks, and several thousands in a decade or less.

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  1. SSPX is a seed from which God will grant the Grace in which the RCC will once again reunite under the authority of the legitimate and universally acclaimed Pope, Vicar and Monarch of Jesus Christ in subjection to the Holy Deposit of Faith.

    The Christian fields have been burned, are burning, to the dirt line. But the Divine Gardner has granted a seed, planted in the ground from which His Holy Church will emerge in all Her original Divine glory – for she is in her essence eternal and can never die, but will live both now and in Her full glory in eternity.

    The Holy Order SSPX, named for the Saint who prophesied the coming crisis, acts in the name of the Pope who showed us what the devilish threat was, how to guard against it and what it was that was worth protecting at all costs – what is the Faith, in essence and in all its fullness? The future is not in SSPX, but through SSPX to a reunited Roman Catholic Church under a Supreme Pontiff who is, once again, Servant to the Servants of God – Defender of Christendom; Defender of the Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    In other words – their job (assigned by God) is finished when we are ALL SSPX, which means we are all truly Catholic once again.

  2. This does seem an idea worth pursuing. I hope someone with friends in the SSPX can plant the seed, and water it, to borrow from a book I read somewhere. 😉

    That said, I also just wish there could be more SSPX chapels everywhere. I would be there without hesitation as soon as one opened within a distance my bride of 41 years would tolerate.

  3. It would only be fitting that the prodigal Fraternity priests should return to the open arms of the Society after they see the error of their ways. Prepare the fatted calf.

  4. Great idea!
    I prefer SSPV!
    And Mundabor for a Pope!
    And myself as, at least, a humbly servant in service of the Holy Inquisition!

  5. Good idea. Better though would be a renewed Jesuit order with the fighting zeal of those English martyrs. Lets call it the Jesuit Reform society. Then we will see the courageous defence of orthodoxy and the long over due restoration of the Faith.

  6. Latest figures show attendance at Mass has dropped significantly after the lockdowns in which, for instance, my V-2 parish participated in up to its armpits. Today they “only” require masks and I don’t know if they have ‘social-distancing’ since I’m one of those who didn’t return. They do have regular vaxination drives (I remain on the mailing list out of love and loyalty) with masks required.

    Last Spring my wife and I began attending Mass at a local (only fifty miles away, our parish Church is 15) SSPX Chapel. We made the choice when we realized that 1) we couldn’t attend Mass locally due to behavioral restrictions, and 2) three other less rigidly politicized parishes were still N.O. and we determined that for a Catholic N.O. spells NO!

    We have found the SSPX Mass to be a beautiful experience that never gets old although it is more difficult to follow than the n.o. being all in Latin and everything…. Even the Gloria, Pater Nostre, Agnus Dei, etc. are all in Latin (hence, “Latin Mass”) and the “tunes/cadence” of the Sung Mass differs from that of the english. Big deal!

    When I am at Mass my pulse is, literally, the slowest it is all week. I find myself at peace despite the fact I may also find myself lost.

    Finally (for the moment) my confession has become more of the trial I think it is supposed to be. I discovered that what my n.o. Priests had told me were at worst venial sins and basically okay are, in fact, mortal sins and I better stop. No novus ordo Priest ever gave me good advice like that.

  7. This is a very good, practical idea.

  8. It sounds like a good idea to me! If the Conciliar Church can have an Anglican Ordinariate, why can’t the SSPX have a SSPIX?

  9. I make a 90-mile round trip every Sunday to attend Mass at the SSPX chapel, and it is worth every mile. How wonderful it is not to have to steel myself psychologically for whatever blows are going to fall at Mass, whether it be screechy warblers belting out near-heretical ditties, or quotations from Marianne Williamson from the pulpit, or fat, middle-aged broads in leotards pirouetting down the aisle with burning bowls of C-4, or — worst of all — someone trying to force me to receive Communion in the hand. And this is offered by priests who don’t have to walk around on eggshells about the revolution in the Church. The spiritual calluses are at last beginning to heal. I would like for every Catholic to have this.

    And so I am completely in favor of the SSPIV. Now that Ecclesia Dei adflicta is decisively exposed as bait-and-switch, there are a lot of traditional priests who will need a stable home, out of the reach of tyrants, and a swelling flock that needs more traditional shepherds.

  10. @noahvaile: “… Finally (for the moment) my confession has become more of the trial I think it is supposed to be. I discovered that what my n.o. Priests had told me were at worst venial sins and basically okay are, in fact, mortal sins and I better stop.”

    Thanks be to God! I have had a similar experience. I have had many occasions in which I break into a smile during the counseling portion of confession simply from the pure joy of being in the presence of a godly Priest who is opening up the (limitless) reservoir of the Sacred Deposit of Faith and pastorally applying this medicine to me. I can remember one confession in particular ,.. will actually never forget it … in which my SSPX Priest spent 45 minutes explicating the most profound concepts n such anyway that I could understand. I walked out of that into the clear air and almost laughed out loud from the joy of it. It is essentially that for which I would willingly give up my life for if demanded of me.

    As to the Latin … it will come in time. It really will. I’m no genius but at this point, just from my exposure at Mass I can almost know what is being said at any particular time (just a few years experience). The point of Latin is that it renders the vast array of humanity, in all its diversity, unified not just now but throughout time – literally we are praying with the Saints from EVERY PRIOR AGE! You are at the foot of the Cross on Golgotha with our Blessed Mother in an unbloody re-presentation of the Holy Sacrifice. You receive your Lord and are thereby in communion by Liturgical act and by language with every Christian who ever lived. You NEED NOT understand the Latin. Just kneel and stand there in adoration and awe of the Priest, Personae Christi, on the Altar.

  11. It’s very important to prevent infiltration, as you say. For the first time in my adult life (as a long time SSPX attendee) I am attending a FSSP Mass routinely while working on arranging a regular SSPX Mass in my area. It surprises me how different the FSSP priests are. They are managed by the parish council, nagged by the same, and defer in all things to the diocese, perhaps just for allowing them to exist. This is really not acceptable and some way or another I will get to a SSPX chapel soon. I know the SSPX screens priests coming from other orders or FSSP, but if there are a lot, they are going to have to move slowly to avoid those problems you mention.
    Already, that Polish Dominican has been accepted by the SSPX. No doubt this will influence others.
    I hope this post is read by the ‘powers that be’, just as a reminder.

  12. Problem is, the SSPX doesn’t really criticize Pope Francis anymore. Maybe a little bit. For the SSPX (and I attend an SSPX chapel) it’s really all about having a beautiful Mass, which is, granted, important, but Archbishop Lefebvre stood up to the Modernists, including the Pope.

    So if the FSSP really wants to keep their beautiful Mass, that’s understandable. But if they are under the control of the SSPX, then the SSPX will make sure that they do not ruffle any feathers in Rome. Just provide the Old Mass. Don’t say anything about Vatican ll or the heretical Pope, and they will be fine under the SSPX.

    • I don’t get the impression. Rather, I’d say that the SSPX is not a blog, and different rules of communications apply.

    • Of what value or use would criticizing frankie-the-snake be? It would only bring politics into the sacred Mass. The SSPX is very careful to be non-political and focused solely on the salvation of souls. We pray for the Pope as we do for al men.

    • I think also that the SSPX does not follow the fast-paced, twitter, blog world. They react to an even one month later, as it has always been..

    • The SSPX is free to criticize the revolution in the Church because it is not beholden to the revolutionaries for its existence. But it need not engage in non-stop criticism. Personally, I really don’t want to hear ranting and raving from the pulpit every Sunday. In the long run, it would be very demoralizing.

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