Braying And Kicking

Well, today we are officially in Mid-November and I must say that, months after the famous operation that would have found several cancers, a certain ass is still alive, braying and kicking like it’s Fidel Castro Day at the Argentinian Communist Party.

I am not a medical doctor. Still, I will, from today, stop hoping for a quick end of this particular problem. It seems to me that, if the situation had been the rumoured one, we would have seen *much more* than postponed travels (I have written about it), which could be due to old-fashioned laziness or, in the case of COP26, desire not to share the limelight with the others.

We would (I think) have seen a multiplication of the rumours, with more and more details coming up every week. We would have seen the Clown visibly tired, wasted away, possibly thinner, but certainly different physically, in his demeanour, in his walk, in his voice.

Alas, nothing has changed.

A shame.

I would have liked that funeral.

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