The Evil Clown And His Worldly Religion Of Social Justice

The Evil Clown got so much wrong yesterday that I decided to dedicate a blog post to showing the difference between him and an, actually, Catholic Pope. The link is here. Let us start:

Heaven on earth.

This was weird, or worse. Of course there is, in Christianity, a sort of correspondence between earth and heaven. “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. There is an earthly and a heavenly Jerusalem. There are all sorts of connections. But it was never the task of the Church to create heaven on earth. This is what the Communist and other godless ideologies do. It’s not only that the poor will always be with us. It is, more in general, that the fact that earth has all sorts of problems it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Injustice, abuse, famine, pestilence, disease, poverty, and many other ailments and evils are either willed or allowed by God so that we may focus our gaze on Him above, not on earthly things below. I was, yesterday, re-reading Garrigou-Lagrange, and there was this beautiful comparison with the night: when night comes in our life, it seems traumatic at first, but it allows us to see the starry sky we could not see when the sun was shining. We get, through our suffering and our abandonment to Divine Providence, a whole new perspective. The day we die, we are unlikely to desire that that night had never come in our life, because we see the richer perspective it gave us, the way it made us growth spiritually. Whatever nights Francis had in his life, they do not seem to have profited him much; because without faith, life lessons are wasted and become the occasion for resentment.

Christ is present in the poor.

Christ is present in the rich, too. Great saints were born in rich families. Saint Catherine of Siena was born from a prosperous merchant family. St Bridget of Sweden was born in a family of extremely rich landowners (and papa was governor of an entire province). Thomas Aquinas was, if memory serves, a relative of two Emperors, and an uncle was the Abbot in Montecassino (which means, one of the most powerful personalities in Italy at the time); the latter was, actually, the job papa had planned for him when his vocation became clear; go figure! Saint Francis Borgia was born a future Duke.

Plus, the usual rubbish Francis can’t avoid excrementing away. “Integral ecology” means “socialism with the excuse of the environment”. I never heard “integral ecology” in the Bible. I don’t think it’s my lack of knowledge.

World day of this and that.

The Evil Clown reminded us today that it was the Fifth World Day of the Poor. This genius probably never asked himself why there never was a world day of the poor promoted by the Church. The Church has a day of all saints, a day of all souls, but no day of the poor. We are, in fact, merely at the fifth edition of this new, boringly unremarkable, utterly predictable, non-religious day. Francis must think that the Church slept on this for 2000 years, until the UN came to the rescue. Francis also reminds us that this is, also – boy, the worldly calendar of festivities is getting complicated… – the World Diabetes Day. Again, when has the Church remembered Diabetes with a day? Does this guy not know that the Church directs the attention on the Saints, so that they may serve as example and encouragement for the faithful?

The Catholic saints for the day for 14th November are here.

No, Frankie dear.

No mention of poverty, or diabetes.

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  1. Thanks Mundabor for reminding us of a great spiritual truth: “Without faith, life lessons are wasted and become the occasion for resentment.” Most of us can review our lives knowing we have resented life’s lessons to our great loss. Let us review our lives and learn those unlearned lessons. It will be a source of solace for us and a re-enforcement of our faith that the entire point of Catholicism is to imitate Christ in His way of the cross. Let us not wait.

  2. This man is a fountain of heresy. Teaching heresy is a sin against the 1st Comandment. The clergy are held to a higher standard than the laity, especially when it comes to teaching Catholic dogma. Of all the clergy, the Pope is held to the highest standard. It is clear that Bergoglio doesn’t care about this at all and doesn’t believe in the 4 Last Things. This is difficult for me to comprehend because he is old, sick and unhealthy,

    Imagine yourself to be the Pope (easier for you because you’re a man) and you teach things against the faith, and you’re old and unhealthy, and you don’t know if you will even wake up next morning. Wouldn’t you be absolutely terrified, especially since many saints who had been given a vision of hell, have said that they almost died of fright but for the mercy of God?

    • I’d be terrified.
      Unless I am an atheist.
      I think Francis is an atheist.

    • According to my first-hand knowledge, Francis is an indifferentist and a universalist. Certainly these beliefs could be based upon a fundamental agnosticism. What is sure is that Jorge Mario Omogoglio does not have a Catholic atom in his plump body.

    • I was thinking of the 1st commandment this morning, and pope Francis and friends (James Martin, SJGLBTQ, A. Fauci, et al) and I offered a prayer for them since they were presumably all baptised. But I tend to agree with Mundabor. An atheist isn’t afraid.
      These men don’t appear or act as if they are. If they were, we would see a little bit of humility on occasion instead of constant blame.

  3. I don’t think Bergoglio is an atheist. He is a state/power worshipping marxist pagan. Your comment that he advocates “socialism with the excuse of the environment” is spot on. And that end is the goal of all of his “celebrations” and “concerns”. He blathers on about his concern for “The Poor”, but it is to fan class envy (classic knee jerk marxism): “socialism with the excuse of The Poor”, and “socialism with the excuse of diabetics”. I am old enough to recall when diabetes was a tragic rarity. It is now pervasive, and the medical industry is not concerned at all about this scourge probably caused by diet/bad food. They keep lowering the threshold of acceptable blood sugars, and selling drugs and treatments. I don’t hear Bergoglio calling for a cure for diabetes.

  4. Christ is not present in the poor generally. He is present in Christians. If those Christians are poor, then he is present in those poor Christians. If those Christians are rich, then Christ is present in those rich Christians. As usual, this pope is entirely ignorant of even basic Christianity. Not surprising, since he isn’t a Christian himself and has no desire to become one.

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