Advent And The Rest

Far too early, as every year, the Christmas Drums have begun to roll. As every year, they will be heard by a lot of people to whom this period is simply “the holidays”.

This is, I think, where a good Warrior Ant can do his job in little things. Language is a weapon, and a very powerful one at that. I suggest we make a conscious effort to use it properly.

I invariably use the word “Christmas”, never “the holidays” or the like. When someone uses the word “holidays” with me, I candidly ask what he means by it. When he answers Christmas, he is being re-conditioned without even noticing.

Then there is the greeting stuff. A heartfelt “Merry Christmas!” to a colleague or acquaintance, to the cashier lady or the waiter at the pub, will give another little contribution.

Nor should you be PC in spreading the word. The Muslim cashier should get her Merry Christmas with a particularly broad smile. Who knows, it could be the beginning of something, or another little occasion to actually reflect.

I also try to spread the word in other ways. For example, in the office I will say “let’s do this after Advent begins”, pretending that Advent is common knowledge and understood by all. Then I explain, and at that point my interlocutor knows, at a deep level he does not realise, that there is more to Christmas than vapid XXI Century jingles on TV.

I am sure you’ll have other ideas, but you get the drift. It is shocking to think in what godless times we live.

Let’s put some more Christ in people’s lives, and even if in small, little ways. These little ways count, as our adversaries have shown.

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  1. – Happy Holidays!
    – Thank you. Which Holidays did you have in mind? Fourth of July? Guy Fawkes Day? Ground Hogs Day? The day commemorating the birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

  2. Great point Mundabor. It may seem a tiny thing, but that tiny thing for God is multiplied. And anyway, God sees the effort and even that would be enough, but we can all make a difference with just a sincere “Merry Christmas”. People are growing unaccustomed to hearing it, everyone is so phobic about religion. We should do our part to bring it back. The world is hungry for the light of Christ and while we’re here, we are the little light-bearers.

  3. “And Happy Holy Days to you as well!”

    “Ain’t the Virgin Birth something?”

    “Have you put up your crèche yet?”

    “Wow, Gaudete Sunday really crept up fast! Gotta get that tree up!”

    On December 6th: “Happy St Nicholas Day! Did your kids put their shoes out”?

  4. Roberto Hope Sánchez Mejorada

    And if we send Christmas cards, they should be Christmas cards, not Winter cards or Santa Claus cards. The same thing goes for decorating the home or office fr Christmas. A Nativity scene manger, as we do in Mexico (well, traditional, no longer most, Catholics) is better than a Christmas tree

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