The Lion And The Kitten

Nihil Inultum Remanebit

Father Altman seems to have taken some inspiration from a much worse man than he is, as he has delivered a nine minutes homily of, if you allow the immodest comparison, clearly Mundaborian tones. Again, away from me the idea of even beginning to compare myself to a man of such moral stature, but it’s a joy to me to see that this good man of God and myself share, at least, the same communication style.

Father Altman is refreshingly brutal. He points out that the rot is not just limited to Francis (follow the link and read what Father thinks of him…) , but extends to almost all US Bishops, with only one exception.

I invite you to follow the link and read for yourselves. In doing so, I invite you to reflect on the following:

First: Father’s outrage, which is certainly the fruit of careful deliberation, is the result of the countless provocations of the bishops in almost every aspect of daily life. Wet kitten on abortion, wet kitten on politicians who support it, wet kitten on perversion, on lockdowns and on vaccination, these useless “yes men” make the work of the devil at every step, shy away from every fight, and don’t miss any occasion to openly side with the world, against their own faithful. It is, therefore, only fitting that their betrayal be made brutally clear to everyone who has ears to hear.

Second: the location from which Father Altman delivered his sermon is highly symbolic, as it was the other side of the road from the location where the Bishops are gathering. There is no better way to give a very concrete, factual and visual representation of a new reality: the faithful have had enough, and they are now openly standing in front of their own bishops and accusing them of betraying their sheep and the faith.

A lion here, a lot of kitten there. Their mitre will become their millstone, because as bishops their responsibility is so much bigger than the one of the quisque de populo who, out of tepid faith or weakness of heart, start using the word “gay” to mean “pervert”, and has no heart to seriously confront his daughter about her giving scandal and living in sin.

May God bless Father Altman, and may all the kitten sincerely repent or pay the infinite price of their immense insolence.

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  1. Very much appreciated. Without candor we are lying to ourselves most of all.

  2. I attended in person. Father Altman was perhaps the best, but there were many, many fine speakers at the Enough is Enough rally. The crowd was good. The police nowhere to be seen. (Strange, that, given how “dangerous” the City of Baltimore told the federal courts they thought we were.) I only saw one bishop outside the hotel. He seemed to be trailing some lapdog reporter from one of the mainstream ‘c’atholic news/disinformation/propaganda services. Say what you want about Mike Voris, he puts on a good show, and the bastards can’t ignore him. PLUS his fight against Baltimore in the federal courts drew the attention of the mainstream secular media and made good First Amendment law. Good deal all around.

  3. I love ya, Mundabor, but not even a mention of the organization that hosted Fr. Altman (and more than a dozen other firey speakers), with 1,500 people present? I, too, was there (also in the courtroom for CM’s Baltimore-Beat Down) and am quite certain that many responses to the speakers rattled the windows of the Waterfront Marriott located directly across the narrow channel.

    * Positive would be to see more TradCat bloggers support their brothers in arms.

    • I am not a journalist, Brad Fish. I don’t have the time and comfort of a well-researched professional article, with all the links, the background, and the right mentions. I read around and, when I have time, I record my thoughts about it in my blog, hoping it might be of benefit to others. It’s a half miracle when I can post a link, but in that case I will not re-read the linked article. If you are looking for the kind of professional package you find in professional publications, this little effort will disappoint you.

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