Envy: A Story.

Yes. He hates you all.

One of the ways with which the devil tries to take us away from Christ and destroy our charity is envy.

Envy is, I think, at the root of Francis’ whole miserable career.

Born in a Country that did not give him many opportunities, without money and without connections, the man looked forward to a modest existence, nor would his degree in chemistry give him a fraction of the opportunities he would have had in the United States. Lower middle class, and perhaps impoverished lower middle class, was his more likely bet. If you have always lived in the US, you have so many opportunities you likely have no idea how it is elsewhere.

I think the man saw this. He saw a future made of a very simple, constrained life. He saw that he did not have any special virtue extolling him from his peers: no vivid intelligence, no great ambition, no desire to work hard, not even class or distinction.

Possibly a homosexual, he might never have had the desire of finding a good girl with whom to share life, joys, sadness, and sacrifices for their offspring. If a straight young man, he must have looked with horror at a life in poverty, caring for his children.

We know his parents were poor immigrants from Italy, and the man boasted of his father’s “antifascism”. I make an easy call here: little Jorge grew up in a leftist household, resentful of its poverty and of everybody else; resentful of the Church, too, as many of these people are.

Our young man decides that – homo or not – he will not live his parents’ existence. He wants, instead, be part of a respected, well cared-for organisation. He wants to have a comfortable existence without dire existential fears. He knows a Jesuit would not live badly, all things considered.

The – easily evinced – anticlericalism in the family makes the project difficult to pursue. So he lies to his mother for years as he scrounges from her the money for his secret project, whilst Mama Bergoglio makes sacrifices, thinking of a future medical doctor, then suddenly finds a Jesuit in her home.

Francis is now comfortably set up for life, but not less resentful. He merely found a way to keep afloat in a system he keeps hating. He is now set for life, and free to harbour in his heart all the resentment he wants. Liar and envious, he was already; but now he has more time to hate, then there are no children asking for new shoes.

Life goes on, but it slowly takes a, for him, unexpected turn. A man without qualities or virtues, but one of in the meantime fewer and fewer Jesuits, he finds himself slowly pushed up, like a faceless turd in a Jesuit lake. Seminary director (unbelievably), then Bishop, then Cardinal, Bergoglio is the choice when a grey man is desired. But he is clearly V II. Perhaps he has homo connections. Certainly, he is seen as the useful idiot homos would well use.

He almost rises to the top in 2005, then his friends manage to put him in the top spot in 2013.

Still resentful, still envious, still socialist, still atheist, the man finds himself, now, free to indulge in his pettiness, in his boorishness, in his arrogance without fear of consequences. He soon starts taking revenge of those who cross him (FFI) and lies shamelessly about it (“soon, soon!”). His hate for Christ and the Blessed Virgin now becomes very apparent. He enjoys showing it, just as he enjoys berating and belittling those faithful Catholics he always hated; those who can be poor and happy as he never could; those with a hope, a love, a warmth in their heart he never had.

The rest is known to us all. A lewd, old man, and very possibly a pervert, enjoying the way he ruffles the feathers of those Catholics he always hated.

A life determined and dominated by envy and its unavoidable companions, resentment and hatred.

This is Jorge Bergoglio in a nutshell.

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  1. Pride is the original root sin; envy its most fruitful, productive branch. It is the engine of the original apocalypse that drove Lucifer and his angels like lightning from the presence of The King to earth.

    Pride caused Lucifer to envy Our Queen, once the Divine economy was revealed from the Throne of God to the Angels (imo). He who shall be greatest must become least? The Word must become flesh, suffer and die? Kingship through sacrifice and death for the sake of the created? Lucifer would not submit nor serve. That makes no intellectual sense. Pride, via envy, drove Lucifer to earth and ultimately to the pit of hell.

    There: “Did God really say”? “God knows (and is afraid) that your eyes will open … you shall be like gods” (Gen 3). ‘Your powers rank with his powers. There is no reason to be below and serve when you could rise and rule’.

    The temptations have always been some variation of this since the dawn of time – because Lucifer has been there with us since the dawn of time.

    But so has our Redeemer. Choose ye this day whom you will serve …

  2. A brilliant analysis of a wretched life. I grieve for Christ’s church and for those who have been harmed and scandalized by his occupation of the Petrine See. May his fall come quickly, and may God have mercy on his soul.

  3. Thanks Mundabor. Given his worldly success, despite his deficiencies, one could suppose he made a pact with the devil somewhere along the line.

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