It’s difficult to watch this and not cry.

I invite my readers to say a prayer of thanksgiving for this beautiful, beautiful outcome.

However, this is only the start. I hope this young man will sue the MSM and all the politicians who have mercilessly slandered him out of existence. Still, make no mistake: no amount of money (which will be huge) will compensate him sufficiently for the trial he had to endure and the virtual lynching of the leftists press.

Boy, this feels good.

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    Amen Mundabor!

  2. As a criminal defense attorney (not in Wisconsin), I can honestly say that a case of self-defense doesn’t get any cleaner than this one. The kid — only in years is he a kid — used only that force that was absolutely necessary, only when it became absolutely necessary, and only against those who actually threatened him with deadly force. He did everything right all the way down the line, and then some: under Wisconsin law, there is no duty to retreat, and he never stopped trying to retreat from the dangers that threatened him. I would love for a case of mine to have facts like these.

    Of course, in a just world, a case with facts like these would never come up, because the only ones facing charges would be the kid’s surviving attackers.

  3. Agree with A. M. When are those who attacked Kyle going to be brought up on charges? When is the DA, who had no reason to put this young man thru this hell, going to be brought up on charges? True justice would be happening then. God bless~

    • I think the DA has immunity?
      Career is gone, though…

    • Immunity for prosecutors only goes so far. Prosecutors have ethical requirements that apply specifically to them as ministers of justice. Recall that the guy who wrongfully prosecuted the Duke lacrosse players got disbarred over it. We’ll see if the Wisconsin State Bar and Supreme Court have the will to do anything in this case.

      Annie below brings up the question of Kyle Rittenhouse “crossing state lines,” a note the liberals never tire of plucking, as if he traveled from halfway across the Midwest in order to insinuate himself into something that didn’t concern him. People need to pick up a map. Antioch, IL, where Rittenhouse lives, is only about 20 miles away from Kenosha. Also, Rittenhouse has substantial and significant family and employment ties to Kenosha. By comparison, Gaige Grosskreutz, the state’s star witness, lived in West Allis, which is about twice the distance to Kenosha.

      I think the real point of this trial was not only to put away Kyle Rittenhouse, but also to put away the right of self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms, particularly against the left’s proxy warriors. The only reason the United States hasn’t gone as far as Australia has in making war on its own people is because we all have guns. Now we see why we have the Second Amendment, and why we can’t afford to lose it.

  4. I think the locals didn’t appreciate the millions of dollars of property damage that accrued at the hands of the ‘peaceful protesters’, and they were happy to show it.

  5. There’s a race war going on here and it’s against people with white skin. There’s no other way to say this. Every left wing commentator cries it’s the boy’s white skin that got him off. Ditto with Nick Sandman, with the LaCrosse Players, with any white cop who has to kill a black perp. The race card is being used to gain power to destroy the Constitution and to transform our country from a capitalistic to a communistic system. Why do you think they bang on about “crossing state lines” as if it’s a crime. It’s because they want to federalize gun laws as a first step to outlawing guns. Why do they want to take self-defense off the table. Because they want a marxist mob to decide if an individual has a right to live. There are many people of all colors who decry this but they can only do so much. White people themselves have to push back against the label of racism that these marauders are placing on us. That’s right, folks, we have to openly reject being defined by our skin color. What seemed absurd 20 years ago is now being taught in schools. You want our kids to think they’re evil because they’re white? We didn’t ask for this fight. We didn’t ask for Pearl Harbor either. Each generation has to step up and fight the evil of their time. This is our fight and if destroying the souls of children isn’t worth fighting for then we might as well clamp the chains on our wrists and go out and pick cotton.

  6. Have you seen how that pro-abort, “Catholic” reprobate, Biden, expresses his anger at the verdict, as does Lightfoot, Cuomo, and other Marxist despots within American politics. Righteous anger would of been necessary, if Kyle had been declared guilty. Deo Gratias!

  7. The judge and jury are to be commended. They did the right things, did their jobs, despite many attempts at intimidation, which took courage. May God Bless them all. The U.S. Supreme Court, except Alito and and Thomas, folded like cheap suits at intimidation from Antifa, Schumer and Roberts, and should hang their heads in shame at the example these Americans set.

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