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I was born in a fairly poor, but very thrifty family. From the youngest age, I had a knack for setting aside, and thinking of the future. My parents’ example and encouragement resonated with me. What I heard at school (the ant and the cicada, and the day of saving) also made an impression on me. In short, I always liked savings.

As I grew older and became an adult, I became more acquainted with the concept of investment. As you can understand already, it matched beautifully with what I already liked. Looking back now, I think that I have been a wise investor.

You have, probably, already understood where I am going here. Now firmly in the autumn of my life, I am, once again, applying my natural instinct for savings and investments to my eternal life and, in the first instance, to the Rosary.

I see my daily rosary – not in abstract, as a construct of my mind, but very instinctively – as daily savings. I actually see myself, very often, as that child who put his 100 lire coin in his little piggy bank, knowing that one coin alone would not be much, but time and patience would make the content of the piggy bank grow. You may say that cento lire was not much, and that a Rosary is not much; but, in the one as in the other case, it’s the patience, the humility, and the time that actually count.

As I look, now, back to 13 years of daily rosary, I see my practice – and the practice of prayer – as more than cash savings, but as investments. Firstly, it seems to me that all these rosaries have, slowly but steadily, changed my outlook on life. It seems to me that, if a doctor were to give me six or eight months to live, all those rosaries, and much more than the sum total of them, would help me in that difficult hours. It seems to me that I could look at them as an investment which, in the years, grew well and gave me a very satisfactory yield.

Still, much more important than the earthly yield is the heavenly one. Salvation is, in the end, the only thing that counts in my life. If I achieve it, I am – by God’s grace – an infinite success. If I don’t, I am – through my own fault – an infinite failure. The part that the daily rosary plays in my – hoped for, and by God’s grace – salvation is certainly such, that the yield I get from it – and I don’t mean “in a lifetime”, but every day – is simply staggering. Every day, my best savings and my most lucrative investments are what I put in my heavenly savings and brokerage account. They compound at an infinite yearly rate. They are an infinitely more brilliant investment than massively buying Apple, or Microsoft, at IPO and keeping all the shares since.

I invite you to think of your Rosary in the same way. Less than twenty minutes a day will, with patience and humility, yield wonderful results. Imagine being a Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, and being in hell, but painfully aware of those like you, supernaturally happy forever.

Be the wisest investor there is.

Invest in the daily Rosary.

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  1. Thanks Mundabor. Spoken as a true spiritual investment advisor. Let us all try to invest as wisely as you.

  2. Beautiful ☺️

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  3. Your best writing ever dear Mundabor!
    Remarkably good in many aspects.
    God bless you my friend!

  4. When I came back to the Church in 2017, after 40 years away, the first thing I did was to pray the Rosary. I promised Our Lady that I would pray at least 5 decades per day, in Latin. I have done this since that day in 2017, and sometimes I say even the entire 15 decades. The Rosary is the perfect daily meditation. It is an encapsulation of the Catholic faith. Every single mystery teaches so much about faith, hope, charity, and the love of God for us. All of the virtues that a Catholic should develop, are in the mysteries of the Rosary.

  5. You must be from Piemonte with all that talk about saving. Hopefully you are not related to the infamous Bergoglio family from the Cosa Non-Sancta.

  6. My mother was a convert and a daily rosary prayer for fifty years. She once told me that at first she didn’t really understand praying to Mary, coming from a Baptist background, but that it was “the Catholic thing to do” and said it everyday. Her faith in things like that was always simple. Be faithful to God, and he will be faithful to you. Of course, her faithfulness to the rosary for fifty years was indeed rewarded.

    She passed away in 2018, and the night she died she was brought back to life twice, with a machine that kept her heart beating and her lungs breathing, so at least a priest could give her Extreme Unction. Right before the priest arrived at the emergency room, I mean *right before*, the nurse comes in and said Mom was breathing on her own, and her heart was beating on its own, though both were very faint. Right after she explained this, the priest pops his head in and asks where she is. Then right after, and I mean *right after* he finished the prayers, she died. I knew right then, it was her faithfulness to the Rosary, that kept her around long enough to receive the sacrament.

    It was also a gift to me and my family, as it brings us much consolation. Prayers for my mother are much appreciated. God bless you Mundabor.

  7. To speak of compound interest, promise #12 to St. Dominic: Those who propagate my rosary will obtain aid in all their necessities.
    15 promises –
    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for Mundabor, now and at the hour of his death, Amen.

  8. Great post! One of my favourite books, that I read a little everyday, is the Glories of Mary, by St Alphonsus de Liguori. What a treasure house of wealth is contained in his theological writing. At times, I feel sorry for protestants, If only they realised how merciful, loving and compassionate our Blessed Mother is, they really would have a genuine confidence of salvation. It is impossible for a faithful client of Mary to be lost. And, impossible to be saved if one does not have recourse to her. The faithful recitation of the rosary is essential, in order to gain treasure in heaven.

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