Thanks For Nothing, Bishops…

Most people will think that, in Europe, there is no Thanksgiving and, in the obvious sense of the word, they are certainly right. However, feasts to celebrate the harvest were certainly well spread in Europe, and Catholic parts of Germany still have the Erntedankfest, which is basically the same thing.

What I think has happened is that these traditions were strictly linked to the agricultural world, and lost importance as the latter’s importance also declined.

It’s a shame, really, and it would have been wise for the Church to promote the celebration of the harvest outside of the rural, agriculture-linked world.

In my eyes, such a celebration would achieve the following objectives:

Firstly, it would focus the attention on food coming from God. Factories can’t produce wheat, and no amount of technology will cause an artificial seed to sprout and become a plant. Granted, Europe does not have the patriotic lore linked to the feast, but the fact remains.

Secondly, it would remind everyone that the availability of food is not a given. My generation grew up with tales of food scarcity (brutal at times) during the Second World War. We think we can have everything if we have credit on the card. This is not really so.

The feast could be accommodated to echo, or mimic, the dates of the feasts that were celebrated in the past, and could be a nice bridge to the upcoming Advent.

I don’t want to remake the liturgical calendar here; but I am sure these feast days were still there, and already had their own regional traditions. One would only have to rediscover them, like those traditional beers people knew were there but did not really drink anymore, before the idea to actually revive the tradition came.

Perhaps the one or other Bishop could take such an initiative, or the one or other Bishops’ Conference could appoint a day for regional celebration.

But what am I saying.

To our Bishops, what’s most most important is having you vaxxed, masked, and silenced. The idea of celebrating God’s grace would be a dangerous distraction to them.

So I’ll tell you what I’ll do. Today, I will not only take time to reflect on the many graces God has given and continues to give to me, starting from, actually, food. But I will also give thanks for having discovered the authentic Catholic Faith, notwithstanding my Bishops trying to keep it away from me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mundabor! Yes, do celebrate it all, and it can be celebrated by anyone, even those living alone or just feeling alone on this Thanksgiving Day. Make it special, with a special type of meal or candles on the table or extra prayers and gratitude. We are doing just that this year as well, and it’s fine. I would like to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”, which I have very much lost as I react to the collapse of all that we know and love which increases exponentially each day. (I do a lot of crabbing.) Contentment is being happy with what you’ve got, and somehow we need to find joy in a disintegrating world. I won’t say it’s easy. But there are still things to be grateful for, and we’ve got to identify those and forge ahead. This is advice for me, not you. This year, my thoughts are with the Aboriginal people of Australia, the courageous June Mills the elder, and her people. Please God, help them, as the demonstrably evil Australian regime puts it’s boots on their necks. Please God, help us, remove the scales from the eyes of the people in the West, to see those same boots are already here and waiting for a chance.
    In America today, one of the mainstream media outlets, this one a supposed conservative outlet (!) Fox News, has made it’s headline the cheery news that liberals have denounced Thanksgiving as an ode to the now totally meaningless “white supremacy” and “genocide” charge. That this blatant lie is on their front page tells Americans that these people are demonically possessed, they are literally out of their minds, and their words are those of raving madmen. Who will take any of this rubbish seriously? Only possessed liberals.
    They have done it, they have made all such accusations meaningless. They have hurled those canards so often they have no impact anymore. They have all gone too far.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Mundabor and all! Thanksgiving Day in America is a day to consider and appreciate the pilgrims who came here seeking religious freedom and self-determination. They helped bring Christianity to the West and they were brave, resilient, amazing people who persevered against all odds. We admire them. I have read local historical accounts of what they faced against the climate, food shortages, and sickness. Providence was with them, surely. The relationship with the native tribes was complicated, sometimes peaceful and co-existent, sometimes full-out war. It was certainly not, as liberals say, a constant massacre. That is a lie, but easy for liberal to digest. We must reject their accounts as simplistic and not accurate, because they aren’t. We have a right to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Americans, once again this year of 2021, are so tired of Covid nonsense and so wanting to get back to life and the true normal, not the dystopian normal liberals offer, that I can tell you Thanksgiving is being celebrated in America fully right now, today. If liberals want to ignore it and stay in bed and cry all day with their self-hatred they are welcome to it. Your average American is celebrating today.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!

  2. Answer: reinstate Ember Days. Problem solved:+) Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Mundy:+) God bless~


    Happy Thanksgiving from America 🙂

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