How To Fake Virtue And Influence People: Vademecum For Homopedos, Glorified Whores, And Assorted Scumbags.

I had forgotten, or I had neglected, the gravity of the crimes committed by the Rosenbaum guy before he had himself taken out in Kenosha. It appears the guy was convicted for molesting five young boys aged between nine and eleven.

Let that sink in.

A person convicted in such a way has legitimately earned the title of First Class Scumbag. He will be held in contempt and considered the scum of the earth by the local drug addicts, thieves and prostitutes for the rest of his life. Normal people will advocate for his hanging from a very robust noose.

What does a guy in such a situation do? How does he recover a modicum of esteem and consideration among I do not say normal people (this ain’t happening unless in case of obvious, deeply felt conversion), but among the assorted petty criminals, thieves and bastards? The answer is clear: he becomes a leftist activist and gets a new shot at social virginity among the worst of the worst.

I see it everywhere, and I have seen this all my life. The worst student at school were those with the leftist social initiatives, clamouring for social justice and advocating communism. The actress who went (willingly, as they all do) through the casting couch, then invents social activism to hide the fact that she slept with powerful men in order to get in front of less immoral actresses, or even blathers about #metoo after successfully playing the “slut for fame” game. The rich divorcee of the billionaire will start a charity supporting social causes to gain the recognition her puffed up ego now reclaims, and make people forget she never had any special distinction or accomplishment, besides divorcing one who had it and taking a lot of his money for herself.

Leftism is the easy virtue maker for people without virtue, and the bigger the second, the harder the first. We see this at work everywhere.

You would think the media would see it. You would think it does not take a genius to discover why the Rosenbaum guy was such a hard-liner defender of people he actually despised (“n” word loudly spoken, several times, minutes before being offed). Alas, too many among the MSM have exactly the same problem!

Unsurprisingly, the most recent episode of virtue signalling by a scumbag is the tragic massacre in Wisconsin, with another guy well acquainted with the jail life, and with no prospects, decency or cleanness in himself, plunging six people to death so he can feel better with his miserable existence and gain brownie points and respect among scummy people like him.

At the root of all this is, of course, contempt for Christ. People who believe in God feel shame for sinful actions, or do not commit them in the first place. But those who despise Christ will keep piling on their iniquity and pumping up their egos in any way they can.

The stupid glorified whore, and mediocre singer, with the blasphemous name released obscene pictures of her old body just days ago, hoping to be celebrated for her “transgression” one last time; unless, that is, she does it again at 70; which, by that mentality, I cannot exclude at all. The same mechanism is at work here: sleep your way to the top, then play feminist so people forget your only talents were the horizontal ones.

Social activism as antidote to shame is everywhere around us. It should be denounced for what it is much, much more often than it is now.

Who knows, perhaps the one or other episode of self defence would be prevented.

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  1. I just looked up Gina Martin, daughter of Dean Martin online because I saw them on a Dean Martin Christmas Special on TV last night. Her Instagram account shows her to be the virtue signaling leftist feminist that you just described. I assume she is a baptized Catholic.

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  2. I don’t understand how anyone could be convicted of molesting children and still be either a) alive and not put to death via capital punishment or b) in jail for life. Only a culture that murders it’s children before birth could care so little for their abuse once they survive the womb. God bless~

  3. P.J. O’Rourke said during the Bill Clinton that politics was basically prestige without merit. It had never been truer up to that point; it is even more true now.

    Come to think of it, modernity is essentially all about sham substitutes for real institutions that are either directly created by God or that are a natural and healthy outgrowth of our human nature:

    – Concubinage instead of marriage
    – Social workers and counselors instead of friends and family
    – Godless oligarchies instead of Christian monarchies
    – Actors and sports figures instead of noblemen and warriors
    – Tyranny instead of governance
    – License instead of freedom
    – Social crusades instead of conversion
    – The Novus Ordo instead of the approved and received rite of Mass
    – Moral panics instead of the true faith

    And the only way out of it is the one thing that nobody wants to try, but that works every time it’s tried: the Catholic faith.

  4. Looking at recent videos and photos of continually reconstructed “Madge”, I can’t say for sure it’s really even her. If so, she is so, SO sad and pathetic. Who wants to see a 60+ yr old woman acting slutty? I have no issue with older ladies’ having sexuality, but this behavior is undignified and trashy at any age. I do think you are absolutely right. And I think the antiChrist communists seek out and recruit people with “baggage”. They are more easily controlled.

  5. Once again, Mundabor, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your piece brings to mind a line from Alexander Pope:

    “True art is nature to advantage dressed–What once was thought but ne’er so well expressed.”

    Well done, and thank you for all the hard work you do on our behalf. God bless.

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