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Oh No, Fredo!

The news of Chris “Fredo” Cuomo being indefinitely suspended from Fake News CNN really made my day, and I would like to share my joy with you, together with some reflections.

CNN is now playing Cinderella and feigning ignorance of the numerous abuses of his position perpetrated by Frodo. But seriously, it is absurd to think that they have discovered just now how bad the situation was.

Rather, a smart observer will detect, in yesterday’s decision, a shrewd political/office strategy calculation. Fredo was certainly untouchable, and probably useful, as long as Big Groping Brother was Governor. With the bigger guy gone and disgraced, and not able to scare anyone into submission anymore, it wasn’t really expedient to keep living with such an arrogant, lying, universally hated, entitled liar whose only strong points were his family name and his powerful connections. Fredo had to end like the other Fredo, though I heard no shots on Lake Tahoe this time.

The second, important thing to learn is that the Democrat world is like the world of Byzantine Emperors. The Emperor was an arrogant bully who thought he was unassailable and behaved the way you would expect from such a guy. But when the Emperor was taken down, there was to be no mercy for the members of his clique, then the new groups vying for power and control of the Imperial Court will not tolerate any obstacle in their way. The same DA who took down Cuomo will likely candidate for Governor. She is the one who, releasing the Fredo information, caused his downfall, too. She will use her Cuomo corpses to climb to political prominence. In ten years, in pure Bizantine style, it will be her turn to go down as she forgets prudence and a new, hungry generation of Democrat politicians go for her jugular.

It’s a sad world, full of lies, intrigues, calumnies, and abuses of all sorts, and subject to a brutish end some day. No mercy will be asked or given.

Fredo should have known it, long before being brought on a small boat, by CNN executives, in the middle of Lake Tahoe.

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