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Francis Goes Full Stalin On The TLM

There are more and more rumours that Francis will go Full Stalin on the Traditional Latin Mass, forcing FSSP & Co. to simply abandon it in its entirety.

My takes are as follows:

First: This guy is seriously, seriously evil. Evil as no Pope before him. Actually, vastly more evil than any Pope before him. Therefore, it is logical that the resistance to such a man be as unprecedented as his offences against Christ and His Church are. Francis must be insulted and publicly vilified as that scoundrel he is. What I think of the guy can’t be written here. I think it’s the same you, yourselves, think.

Second: FSSP & Co. are the chicken of milquetoast Traditionalism coming home to roost. I will not suffer in seeing them destroyed, though I will suffer at seeing the way Francis tramples on the Mass of the Ages. They exist exactly in order to honour Tradition. They have no reason to exist once their very purpose is taken away from them.

The FSSP was created to destroy the SSPX. Had the plan succeeded, they would have been disposed of shortly thereafter. God in His Providence wanted that this was not so, and traditionally minded Catholic could always distinguish between the real article and the Fifth Column of Vatican II. The FSSP and the other orders that were authorised after them are now in front of a problem of their own making, and the victims of a project of definitive dismantling of the Traditional Mass of which they were a part from day one.

Third: it is obvious that the orders soon to be oh so charitably levelled by the Evil Clown have, in their ranks, many good, in some case excellent, priests; priests who, however, chose to overlook why they were allowed to exist and operate in their chosen order in the first place. These priests will soon be allowed to prove their mettle. My easy prediction: only a tiny percentage will ask to be received in the SSPX. Even less will be accepted. For the record, any traditionalist priest on record with considering the SSPX “schismatic” should be left to the loving care of Francis, and may he enjoy it to the full.

Fourth: as I have already written in the past, in this battle there can be no middle ground, and no neutrality should be allowed. I ask my readers to cut off, completely, every donation formerly directed to their diocese, no matter how “good”; to redirect them to the SSPX in its entirety; and to communicate to the Diocese that this will go on until the proper order of things is restored.

For the avoidance of doubt: this does not mean not going to Mass. This means going to mass and assertively refuse to put even one cent in the collection plate. Same for Christmas donations, Peter’s Pence, etc.

These events need to inspire us to step up our fight for Christ. The Church has been invaded by godless bastards, and it is now up to us to take the fight where it belongs.

Your own prelates are at war against you, or refuse to take up arms to defend you.

Let them feel, and know, what you think of them.

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