Francis Goes Full Stalin On The TLM

There are more and more rumours that Francis will go Full Stalin on the Traditional Latin Mass, forcing FSSP & Co. to simply abandon it in its entirety.

My takes are as follows:

First: This guy is seriously, seriously evil. Evil as no Pope before him. Actually, vastly more evil than any Pope before him. Therefore, it is logical that the resistance to such a man be as unprecedented as his offences against Christ and His Church are. Francis must be insulted and publicly vilified as that scoundrel he is. What I think of the guy can’t be written here. I think it’s the same you, yourselves, think.

Second: FSSP & Co. are the chicken of milquetoast Traditionalism coming home to roost. I will not suffer in seeing them destroyed, though I will suffer at seeing the way Francis tramples on the Mass of the Ages. They exist exactly in order to honour Tradition. They have no reason to exist once their very purpose is taken away from them.

The FSSP was created to destroy the SSPX. Had the plan succeeded, they would have been disposed of shortly thereafter. God in His Providence wanted that this was not so, and traditionally minded Catholic could always distinguish between the real article and the Fifth Column of Vatican II. The FSSP and the other orders that were authorised after them are now in front of a problem of their own making, and the victims of a project of definitive dismantling of the Traditional Mass of which they were a part from day one.

Third: it is obvious that the orders soon to be oh so charitably levelled by the Evil Clown have, in their ranks, many good, in some case excellent, priests; priests who, however, chose to overlook why they were allowed to exist and operate in their chosen order in the first place. These priests will soon be allowed to prove their mettle. My easy prediction: only a tiny percentage will ask to be received in the SSPX. Even less will be accepted. For the record, any traditionalist priest on record with considering the SSPX “schismatic” should be left to the loving care of Francis, and may he enjoy it to the full.

Fourth: as I have already written in the past, in this battle there can be no middle ground, and no neutrality should be allowed. I ask my readers to cut off, completely, every donation formerly directed to their diocese, no matter how “good”; to redirect them to the SSPX in its entirety; and to communicate to the Diocese that this will go on until the proper order of things is restored.

For the avoidance of doubt: this does not mean not going to Mass. This means going to mass and assertively refuse to put even one cent in the collection plate. Same for Christmas donations, Peter’s Pence, etc.

These events need to inspire us to step up our fight for Christ. The Church has been invaded by godless bastards, and it is now up to us to take the fight where it belongs.

Your own prelates are at war against you, or refuse to take up arms to defend you.

Let them feel, and know, what you think of them.

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  1. Absolutely on point. The mother of an FSSP priest.

  2. I have been (temporarily, I hope) attending a FSSP chapel for most Sunday Masses, and reluctantly. After you last mentioned cutting off donations, I just started dropping in a few dollars. As of now, I will quit doing so. I have never cared for the concept of the FSSP, because I am a firm supporter of the late Archbishop Lefebvre and his order of priests. I resented those early priests who ‘jumped ship’ to become the FSSP. I continue to pray for the flourishing of the SSPX.

    • I’d wait for them to be shut down first, when and if this happens. if the FSSP is the only Latin Mass you can attend, I would attend there, too. Only remember they are not really the genuine article, they are the fifth column of the V II troops.

  3. I haven’t given a dime to the diocese in ages. When I was attending regular parishes, I would always earmark my donations so none of it would (at least in theory) go to the diocese.

    But in all honesty, I don’t think it matters to the bishops whether or not we make contributions. From the fact that they were supine in the face of lockdowns, and that this didn’t result in them crying poverty for lack of contributions — plus the fact that some of them don’t seem to mind driving away unvaxxed parishioners and their dollars — I think they are getting a big, fat stream of income from elsewhere.

    • Yes, of course they don’t. The patrimony of the Church is so vast that they don’t need donations and, should they want any, the wealthy V Ii donors will always send them to their buddy Dolan & Co.
      It is more about sending a message and letting the Bishop know that he is the problem, not the solution.

  4. This article leaves no room for response. What else can be said, that you didn’t already say?

    Your analysis of the roots of FSSP is accurate, normally missed, and crucial to understand the current dysfunctional and divided state within the orthodox remnant of the Roman Catholic Church (I don’t use Trad any more – we ARE the Catholics).

    At the root, we have been divided. And those who split off left with the bargain they MUST accept Vatican II and all its subsequent constitutions in their entirety down to the last punctuation mark – which was PRECISELY the reason Arbp LeFebvre was such a threat, why he was “excommunicated”, and why he will one day likely be a declared Saint of the Church – one of our most vital in all history imo.

    Now FSSP must come to terms with the terms of their existence. I have spoken with my past FSSP Priest about this very topic, in various ways, many times over the years I used to be in FSSP. It made so sense then, it makes less sense now. I didn’t understand how they could ignore the impossible demands made upon them since the “abdication”. And I really don’t understand how they can ignore these direct, forceful, immediate and existential demands made upon them now.

    As I’ve said before, I say again now, ALL Catholics will at some point be required to make the choice of Arbp LeFebvre – each in our own way and station in life. ALL must choose at that precise same level of eternal significance.

  5. R. Hunter Bidet

    My theory is that Bergoglio died a decade or so ago is animated by a demon, maybe not by the smartest of the fallen angels but by a demon nonetheless. He has become increasingly evil and surprisingly energetic by a sack of lard of his age. Libera nos, quæsumus, Domine, ab Omogoglius!

  6. R. Hunter Bidet

    By the way, what do think about the SSPX stating that the kung flu vaccine “can be morally ‘prudent'”??

    • Yes, of course I do. I am not vaccinated and I will avoid the vaccine as long as I can. But I will not lose my livelihood for it, and honestly think, as they do, that the link with fetus-linked research is too indirect and tenuous.
      If you start thinking in that way, you need to bury yourself now. You can’t be defended by an army that supports tranniedom, you can’t drink the water of a municipality that has a gay parade and pays for sex multilation, you can’t send your children to school, you can’t invest in any big companies, etc. It’s like being a Catholic Amish, which is exactly what Catholics aren’t.
      The SSPX know it, because they have a rich sensus catholicus that many others, particularly Protestant converts, lack.

    • R. Hunter Bidet

      I am against Covid vaccines because they are unproven, there’s no idea about long-term effects, because govs are forcing vaccination, and they have a suspect cost/benefit ratio, not much due to the tenuous abortion link that you mention.

      But if I need to claim a “religious” exemption I’ll have to resort to the abortion link because, otherwise, I’ll be accused of being a “science denier.”

    • I think exactly as you do, and will do exactly as you say (if I get the possibility).

    • This very question caused quite an unpleasant argument in my own family. When the SSPX first responded, I explained that they were quoting a 1975 statement from the Vatican. I also said that in certain countries/territories, a priest could no longer travel to his mission territories without the vaccine.That includes a majority of SSPX priests throughout the world, especially in the west. (I do not know if this was their reasoning.) In my part of the world, the only Masses available were provided by the SSPX. They were arranging extra Masses and following all of the regulations to be able to continue offering as many Masses as possible to the faithful. It is after all the Mass that matters, and that was their focus. Is it appropriate to curtail the Mass in this case? We have, unfortunately, to deal with the circumstances as they arise.

    • The way I understand the SSPX statement on the vaxx, the permissibility of taking it depends on whether or not particular facts are true. It is not a blanket approval of the vaxx.

  7. Sir, I apologize for calling you a b*tch nigga in this chat I’m in. I mistook you for something else.

  8. I think something is definitely brewing here and its not good. As a TLM Catholic I have been around the block. SSPX, indult, Thuc priests and now the ICKSP. Just when you think you finally found a home someone always pulls the carpet out from under you. Case in point my ICKSP oratory. The rector is a young man, around 30 good priest and confessor. In one sermon he said the Democrat party is the party of Satan and if you vote for them you are committing grave sin. That being said I scratch my head when I hear him starting to heap praise on our local bishop David Malloy. We all know Life site news Father Z and complicit clergy have done articles on Malloy refusing priests their right of Summorum Pontificum without his permission going against the wishes of Benedict. We also know that any priest in his diocese who wishes to read the Latin mass and prefers to wear a cassock will be removed from his parish and cast into one of Malloys Gulag’s. I know good priests currently in that state. I was shocked to find out that Latin mass hating Malloy was to do the confirmations last Nov 27 at the oratory in the Latin write. Canon seemed to think how wonderful it was Malloy knew how to say a low mass. Big deal! Then in last Sundays sermon was the kicker! Canon begain to heap praise of Malloy like there was no tomorrow. How much of a great pro life biship he was wanting us to write our state reps about the horrible bill Illinois just passed allowing minors to get an abortion without parental consent yet Malloy has no problems in people getting the abortion tainted vaccines. Canon then goes on that Malloy is a wonderfull bishop and fully supports the work they are doing at the oratory. He said Malloy spent a lot of time at the rectory and said much of it is “privileged information”…………….wait for it! But I can say this “Bishop Malloy has our backs”. I almost fell out of my pew! Tell that to Fr. Parker who Malloy threw under his modernist bus. I have not given to the institute since and don’t plan to until I find out where they are headed. I think the so called “privileged” information was Malloy laying down the law how they must comply. I have not and will not contribute to the Institute until I find out exactly how they stand. I think time for me to seek greener pastures. Pity!

    • Please note that the good ICKSP rector seems oblivious of, or not interested in, the problems of TLM loving parish priests; because hey, it does not concern him.
      More chicken coming home to roost.

    • Exactly! I am learning they are living in their own little world. In fact we were told pay no attention to all this political stuff just keep contributing to the building fund to make a real showplace for Marys home. I am now convinced they are nothing more than eye candy! Their big mission is to physically restore all these old churches, The old St. Gelatius in Chicago, St. Stanselaus in Milwaukee, St Mary in Rockford. I am learning their priorities are all messed up. What really gets me mad is they have the people and the organization and most of all the money to fight these modernists but they prefer to just keep quiet and maybe Bergoglio will go away. Wise up guys, the St. Galens mafia is never going away before they rub you out like they did the Franciscan friars of the Immaculate.

    • I disagree.
      The simple truth of the matter is that they, or the Church in general, do not have the militant style used on the Internet.
      Their perspective is different, and so it should be.
      This is not a twitter organisation.

  9. The U.S. Catholic Church gets money from the government to resettle refugees – mostly illegals at this point. That’s why they’re for open borders. They don’t really need our money. They’ve found a way to get on just fine without us.

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