Francis Gets a Lesson In Reality

“I will persecute you all until my last day!”

Poor Evil Clown travels to Greece and wants to do his usual ecumenical rubbish, like praying with people of all sorts in common worship of the One World Religion; the religion, that is, in which he wants you to believe, whilst he does not believe in any religion at all.

Alas, it took a bunch of Schismatics to explain to the guy that no, it does not work in this way.

If you have differences, you have differences. You can’t just sweep them under the carpet so the TV channels, watched by less and less people, and the newspapers, read by less and less people, can bask in the feel good reporting about this Pope who does all he can not to be a Catholic.

The Schismatics are obviously wrong in being Schismatics; but they are right in saying that if there is no unity, there should be no common prayer.

This is elementary logic, and it does not take Dr Watson’s friend to understand that the situation on the ground remains the same, whatever you do to try to ignore it. The problem is that Francis has no logic, elementary or otherwise, because if he had it he would not be a priest in the first place.

Francis’ constant conflict with reality if the result of an entire life spent in total contradiction to it: an obvious Atheist going up the ladder of the Church hierarchy means a decades-long exercise in the art of hypocrisy; an art Francis has in the meantime so perfected that he does not feel the least amount of shame for it.

It’s a shame, Frankie boy.

No easy ecu-maniacal stunt this time.

But no worries. You’ll make up for it in no time.

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  1. I believe it is the first time I have ever appreciated anything done by the ‘orthodox’ in any of their variations. Francis probably did not have the ability to feel ashamed.

    • R. Hunter Bidet

      I am sure omogoglio considered the elderly priest a remnant of the “rigid and legalistic” past. Nothing like the newchurch of boomer hippies singing cheesy melodies from the 60s and 70s.

  2. R. Hunter Bidet

    Surprise! Francis must be glad that the “god of surprises” showed up during his trip. Hagan lío!

  3. And, pride goes before a fall, even descending from an aeroplane.

  4. Jorge is used to receiving grinning and eager participants in his theatrics to embarass and destroy the Church. The Greeks may be schismatics, but they aren’t satanists.

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