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Deck The Hall (With Boughs Of Holly)

This Blog Needs Your ***Urgent*** Help

Please don’t click past this!

Dear readers,

for the entire year this little effort has tried to bring you some word of consolation, hope and, most importantly, resistance in these difficult times.

I hope that my effort has helped you on your journey.

However, I am now at the point where I need to tell you that this blog needs your urgent help. Once again, I need to appeal to your generosity.

I hope that, as the Christmas season approaches, you will not deny me a little contribution.

Yes, my dear readers. I would prefer never to have to make such appeals. I wish I did not need your generosity.

But I do. I do.

I have been careless in the past, and I should have done things differently; but what is done is done, and I am now compelled to address you, my readers, and ask you to help me in my current circumstances.

Plus, I see that pretty much everybody else does it. If not everybody, at least, an awful lot. So hey, I will tap my readers. Yeah.

This blog needs you to continue to operate etc.

I ask you, humbly: please don’t click away!

Thank you.

I will not be shy, both because I very seldom ask, and because I know that all of you will look in the mirror and wonder whether they get some use from this blog. Also, I think that once one is asking, he might as well ask boldly.

I therefore ask, today, that every reader

A) Has one Mass celebrated for the Grace of Final Repentance of the author of this blog.

I know you have busy lives, and you very possibly dislike the little, oily, shrill V II priest at the local church; to which, if you are like me, you don’t give any money anyway. Therefore, I have prepared a solution for you, allowing you to help me and a poor priest at the same time.

You can follow this link for an online order, whose proceeds will (should) go to poor or persecuted priests in the Third World. The suggested donation is $10, and is tax deductible. Of course, there are links on the site for every country of tax residency.

You can specify in the notes to have the Mass said as a Traditional Latin Mass.

If, for any reason, you should think that this effort is not worth the tax-deductible donation to a poor priest and the Mass said for the salvation of your humble correspondent, I humbly ask those of you who don’t donate the Mass to say

B) One five-decades Rosary for the Grace of Final Repentance of his author.

If every reader of this blog etc.

This blog has operational costs, and takes time away from my seven cats (with an eight one on the way) etc.

Whether you choose A) or B), be assured of my gratitude for your help, and may the Lord reward you richly for your generosity.

Thank you

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