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Dying Or Not Dying, That is The Question…

Newsmax has announced today that the Pope will not see the Year of the Lord 2023. Upon reading the headline I was, as I am sure many of you were, glad. We believe in Christ, not in the church of nice. We want a disgrace like this one gone, and I mean gone-GONE, as soon as may be.

However, I would warn my readers from having excessive hopes and starting to mark on the calendar the 31 December 2022, counting all days until the day of Liberation. There are signs that this is either old news, or very vague news.

First, Francis’ health. Guy has just come back from his usual Heresy Tour. He stumbled on the aeroplane stairs, but for the rest he really did not give the impression of one who is dying. Weeds never die out.

Second, Francis’ age. To say that Francis will not live to see 2023 is quite generic. No 84 or 85 years old can say he will be alive in 13 months.

Third, yes, this is further confirmation that Francis would have cancer. But notice that months ago, when the rumours started, no one said “2023”. Actually, we were expecting the guy to start looking ill, or start losing stamina, towards September/October. The guy has cancelled his Scotland journey, but now that we are in December and he still looks fine I think it’s fair to say that this was merely because he would be just one of many, and His Humbleness wants to have the limelight all for himself.

The article was behind a paywall, but I think it wasn’t more than the usual “rumours”. Someone inside the Vatican said the guy will not see 2023. Not exactly the Cumaean Sybil, I would say.

My take: keep praying for Francis’ death, and for his salvation for the improbable case that he manages it. Keep hoping, certainly, that you will hear, one fine day, of his meeting with his Maker. But don’t start counting the days, because this seems too vague.

The irony of Benedict possibly remaining the only non-Pope in circulation is quite amusing. No, Benedict would not become Pope again, as he has resigned the position, though his vanity did not allow him to renounce the title. There would, very obviously, be a Conclave, and we would have to pray hard and be prepared for Francis II Tagle, or Frances II Schoenberg, or someone like that.

But I’d pay something for the picture of Benedict at Francis’ funeral anyway.

It Is Not OK To Doubt.

The Evil Clown is on record with one of those evil statements truly showing how strong Satan’s influence is on this old, disgraceful man.

One shouldn’t be afraid to have doubts, says the old scoundrel. Let us correct him, lest this old ass confuses the faithful.

Truth is never questioned. Faith needs to ban doubts. Doubts are the way the devil tries to infiltrate a man’s intellect and, little by little, persuade him that he knows better; very likely, following a situation in which “knowing better” is convenient for said not-very-faithful.

Therefore, anyone who tells you that it is good to have doubts about the faith is the religious equivalent of someone telling a young man that it is right for him to doubt his heterosexuality. What Francis did today is the equivalent of a sodomite trying to “groom” a boy. Only, Francis grooms you for Satan.

Different is, of course, the legitimate question. If someone, starting from a position of faith, desires to know in which way the Truths of the faith reconcile with what seems a difficulty in interpretation, or even a contradiction, then it is not only not sinful, but very fitting and even laudable that he should pose the questions, seek the proper answers and, in this way, deepen and strengthen his faith.

But this is not what Francis says. Francis would take such a faith-based intention as a demonstration of rigidity; one that he would, in fact, very rigidly condemn.

No. In Francis’ world, the more you doubt, the better. This makes you such an inquisitive, intelligent young man. It truly is satanic.

Every day, the attitude of this man is consistent with the one of an enemy of the church who, upon getting in a position of real power, decides to use it to support Satan and fight Christ. It beggars belief how this is not, after 8 years of this broker record, universally recognised by every sincere Catholic soul (albeit I suspect that most of them, at this point, do).

The example of the guy who shouted to Francis that he is a heretic should be followed by more and more people who come in contact with him, until the guy is afraid of going out of his damn hotel suite for the rest of his existence, that we hope short.

When he has died, he will have ample occasion to see where his doubts have led him, and I don’t think it will be pretty.

Sussex Carol

Francis Gives Us A Lesson In Cowardice And Hypocrisy

The Evil Clown was on an aeroplane again and, to no one’s surprise, made an ass of himself again. The addressee of his petty grievance was, of course, the Catholic public, something also extremely expected.

Francis told us it’s our fault that he accepted the resignation of Archbishop Aupetit; who, besides being bad in more ways than this post can cover, is also fond of… fondling women. The man also informed us that the sins of the flesh “aren’t the worst ones”, as if only the worst in everything counted, and the rest got a pass because there are worse things.

Francis is, as always , talking out of his wheelchair.

If he thinks he has sacrificed Aupetit “on the altar of hypocrisy “ (make no mistake, dear reader: Francis is accusing you), then he should not have made the sacrifice, and he should have refused to send the Archbishop away. Keep the man in place, say why, face the music, stand for your guy. Being a coward first and then accusing us of forcing him to be a coward really will not wash.

However, one wonders what would happened then. Archbishop is accused of inappropriate behaviour. He says “it was a momentary weakness, and no worse things happened”. Then he resigns. Am I the only one who thinks that his resignation was accepted so that this story is put to bed without further enquiries? You love truth and integrity, Frankie dear? Well then, act upon it! Keep the man in place and accept the very close scrutiny that will follow! By not doing it and still accusing us, you show us that it’s you who are the hypocrite!

Then there is the strange matter of a Pope telling us about those “worse things”, something between tone deaf and wildly inappropriate. I agree: Alexander VI was much, much better than Francis! But is it really pastoral to set the bar so low, that everything that is not pedophilia, incest, sodomy, heresy or blasphemy is downplayed and indicated as “not so bad”, which is how it will unavoidably be perceived? Mind, I think Francis would disagree with me on sodomy, but I want to be excessively charitable today.

This guy seems to look for every available potty so that he can – in the presence of an aeroplane full of journalists – publicly piddle outside of it. He keeps doing it, so it’s not an isolated accident. It’s Francis being Francis and angering us; which, I am sure, is what he enjoys most now that the sins of the flesh do not really bother him much anymore (or so we can hope; at times I really wonder….).

Francis gave us another lesson in cowardice and hypocrisy.

Whilst accusing us of being bad.

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