Francis Gives Us A Lesson In Cowardice And Hypocrisy

The Evil Clown was on an aeroplane again and, to no one’s surprise, made an ass of himself again. The addressee of his petty grievance was, of course, the Catholic public, something also extremely expected.

Francis told us it’s our fault that he accepted the resignation of Archbishop Aupetit; who, besides being bad in more ways than this post can cover, is also fond of… fondling women. The man also informed us that the sins of the flesh “aren’t the worst ones”, as if only the worst in everything counted, and the rest got a pass because there are worse things.

Francis is, as always , talking out of his wheelchair.

If he thinks he has sacrificed Aupetit “on the altar of hypocrisy “ (make no mistake, dear reader: Francis is accusing you), then he should not have made the sacrifice, and he should have refused to send the Archbishop away. Keep the man in place, say why, face the music, stand for your guy. Being a coward first and then accusing us of forcing him to be a coward really will not wash.

However, one wonders what would happened then. Archbishop is accused of inappropriate behaviour. He says “it was a momentary weakness, and no worse things happened”. Then he resigns. Am I the only one who thinks that his resignation was accepted so that this story is put to bed without further enquiries? You love truth and integrity, Frankie dear? Well then, act upon it! Keep the man in place and accept the very close scrutiny that will follow! By not doing it and still accusing us, you show us that it’s you who are the hypocrite!

Then there is the strange matter of a Pope telling us about those “worse things”, something between tone deaf and wildly inappropriate. I agree: Alexander VI was much, much better than Francis! But is it really pastoral to set the bar so low, that everything that is not pedophilia, incest, sodomy, heresy or blasphemy is downplayed and indicated as “not so bad”, which is how it will unavoidably be perceived? Mind, I think Francis would disagree with me on sodomy, but I want to be excessively charitable today.

This guy seems to look for every available potty so that he can – in the presence of an aeroplane full of journalists – publicly piddle outside of it. He keeps doing it, so it’s not an isolated accident. It’s Francis being Francis and angering us; which, I am sure, is what he enjoys most now that the sins of the flesh do not really bother him much anymore (or so we can hope; at times I really wonder….).

Francis gave us another lesson in cowardice and hypocrisy.

Whilst accusing us of being bad.

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  1. R. Hunter Bidet

    We all know that, if this fella Aupetit (I wonder where the “petit” comes from, in addition to his conscience) was caught now, he probably has a track-record of decades of bad behavior.

    A this point Mundi, you should know that the worst offenses are opposing human trafficking, especially when infidels are involved, and eating cow meat. The rest is only venial.


    Excellent observation and pinpoint accuracy on what he really is.

  3. He’s a boring show that even the leftist press must be tired of. He’s a one-trick pony. He’s been predictable since probably, year two. These airplane pressers, who do they attract anymore. It is exactly as you say, he uses them as opportunities to poke his fat finger in our eyes, once again, but it’s b-o-r-i-n-g. He approves of everything! He covers for everything. We get it, there are no sins except refusing to welcome the holy Muslim migrants, yeah yeah.
    There is no sin except believing that Jesus Christ suffered and died for our sins so that we may inherit eternal life. There is no sin except believing that you have a right to the culture into which you were born, even if that culture is not the preferred non-Christian or pagan culture.
    He’s a libertine, or at least, this is what he promotes. Who was it, Luther? Who said, sin and sin boldly! This is Francis’s motto. Oh, and while you’re sinning, be joy-faced!

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