It Is Not OK To Doubt.

The Evil Clown is on record with one of those evil statements truly showing how strong Satan’s influence is on this old, disgraceful man.

One shouldn’t be afraid to have doubts, says the old scoundrel. Let us correct him, lest this old ass confuses the faithful.

Truth is never questioned. Faith needs to ban doubts. Doubts are the way the devil tries to infiltrate a man’s intellect and, little by little, persuade him that he knows better; very likely, following a situation in which “knowing better” is convenient for said not-very-faithful.

Therefore, anyone who tells you that it is good to have doubts about the faith is the religious equivalent of someone telling a young man that it is right for him to doubt his heterosexuality. What Francis did today is the equivalent of a sodomite trying to “groom” a boy. Only, Francis grooms you for Satan.

Different is, of course, the legitimate question. If someone, starting from a position of faith, desires to know in which way the Truths of the faith reconcile with what seems a difficulty in interpretation, or even a contradiction, then it is not only not sinful, but very fitting and even laudable that he should pose the questions, seek the proper answers and, in this way, deepen and strengthen his faith.

But this is not what Francis says. Francis would take such a faith-based intention as a demonstration of rigidity; one that he would, in fact, very rigidly condemn.

No. In Francis’ world, the more you doubt, the better. This makes you such an inquisitive, intelligent young man. It truly is satanic.

Every day, the attitude of this man is consistent with the one of an enemy of the church who, upon getting in a position of real power, decides to use it to support Satan and fight Christ. It beggars belief how this is not, after 8 years of this broker record, universally recognised by every sincere Catholic soul (albeit I suspect that most of them, at this point, do).

The example of the guy who shouted to Francis that he is a heretic should be followed by more and more people who come in contact with him, until the guy is afraid of going out of his damn hotel suite for the rest of his existence, that we hope short.

When he has died, he will have ample occasion to see where his doubts have led him, and I don’t think it will be pretty.

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  1. Did you see the John Gizzi article today, Mr. M?


    You’ll be happy to hear, as I was, that Frank is on his way out according to NewsMax.

  3. That poor old Orthodox man, was he a priest? The one who was treated roughly by Greek police for speaking the truth like a man, calling this imposter a heretic. God bless him.

  4. I was told this analogy by an SSPX Priest (of course) on the topic of Faith in a pagan world beset by so much sin, so much controversy, so many avenues of attack on our souls (with my additional commentary added to his insight which Ineill long remember).

    What I call the “stairway to Heaven” – the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Love are like a flower in this way:

    Faith is the roots. Through the root system, everything above is fed from the soil of Doctrine. Faith can’t be seen, but everything depends upon it. The more extensive the network, the more pathways to growth above he soil line.

    Hope is the stem. Through the stem pass the nutrients to the important parts above. Within the stem are the leaves which receive the love of God, essential for photosynthesis – the combination of nutrients from the soil, water, and light – all turned into food. Hope is where all the hard work of growing and development is done.

    Love is the flower or the fruit. It is the product for which purpose everything below exists. Roots without flower are just bothersome and incumberances to the soil. A stem without the flower is like a body without a head; or more aptly, like a marriage without children or some equivalent purpose (we have adopted for personal reasons). The flower is the glory of the plant – the full and God-willed expression of Man in Faith combined with God’s benevolent gifts. The fruit is the purpose for which we exist. It is praise, glory, honor and song to He who made us, sustains us, governs us, loves us, embraces us, rewards us, is in true and full communion with us.

    Sin might first affect the fruit or the flower, but that can grow back.

    Sin and discouragement might even cut off the plant of your life at the stem, but that can be mended, tended and grow back.

    But the sin of despair which digs up the plant below ground and removes all the roots from the soil? That is apostasy and that is the sin of Judas.

    This is why I love the Sacrament of Penance equally to that of Communion. It is where I go to meet God. Communion is where God deigns to meet me. But in Confession, I go in to have the Gardener tend to my plant and repair me so I can produce the flower or fruit – the only reason I exist.

  5. Peter Masterson

    Everything is reversed,doubt in the word of God,faith in erroneous,malevolent secular edicts.

  6. I have zero patience with traditional Catholics who continue to call horrible Jorge, “Pope”. He is so obviously NOT a pope, or a Christian, his behavior is anti everything good and of Christ. He is satanic, and repellent to any sane thinking believer. Of COURSE this satanist trying to make doubt a virtue, a reversal of traditional teaching, in order to diminish Faith. His every action these days is spiteful and full of hate.

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