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Of Display Windows, Vases, And Bitches

Not fit.

One of the most worrying signs of decaying Sensus Catholicus is the deterioration of a sane attitude towards homosexuals.

Let us say that some famous Catholic “pundit” did not say, for years, that he was a “recovering homo”. Kudos to him for that of course, but… why do you think he chose not to say it, until he had to confess himself before being outed? Not wanting to give scandal is a part of this, of course. However, and very obviously, sound Catholics discount a man with a homosexual past, no matter how repentant or healed.

Is this, we could further elaborate, unjust? This question should, I think, be answered in the usual way. Were our ancestors all wrong when they applied sound common sense to situations of real life? Were they “homophobic” then? Or are we all, very simply, stupid now?

I have never been afflicted by any sexual perversion and can, therefore, not speak out of experience. However, it seems crystal clear, to me, that homosexuality is pure toxin, absolute filthy evil, 100% cancer for the soul. It follows from this that any recovering, or recovered, homosexual is still gravely damaged and at constant risk of falling again; just like a recovered alcoholic would, but worse.

A person who becomes prey of homosexuality is like a once beautiful – when whole – vase that has been shattered in one thousand little pieces. If, by God’s Grace, this vase manages to be made whole again and put together in its one thousand pieces, the vase will not, upon repair, be fit for the display window.

Plus, there are other issues. It is widely reported – again, relata refero, then I have no “gay” friends, recovered or not – that people who suffer from such an affliction redefine the very concept of bitch.

How high is the risk, then, that such a recovered homo will carry out his bitchiness in his new life, actually becoming known among all who get in contact with him and his “apostolate” as… an atomic bitch? Worse still: is there not a risk that this overflowing bitchiness will be used as a valve, or rather as an excuse to keep feeling “good”, in case of relapsing in the old perverted habits?

I am not accusing anyone here. Firstly, because every situation is different. Secondly, because I wouldn’t want to be sued by one of those bitchy Catholic “leaders” who perhaps lost the vice, but certainly kept the period.

Still, you get my drift: in the same way as never, in the history of Catholicism, homosexuals have been known as Catholic beacons, the same should happen today.

Broken and repaired crystal vases simply do not belong in the showcase.

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