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Camp Victims

I was recently reminded of an episode in which a Catholic apologetic, who had not yet outed himself as a former homosexual, had described homosexuals as “victim souls”.

The guy was speaking at the time, IIRC, as an officially straight man. Still, one could immediately see that the concept of “victim soul” was quite off. Perverts are, quite obviously, victims only of themselves.

Reflect on this: not even the poor peasant, born in some remore corner of the Andes, can call himself a victim, then God puts everybody exactly in the place where he needs to be. The more wrong, and actually absurd, it appears to depict a homosexual as a victim, as if the Lord had decreed that he was to be afflicted, without fault of his own, with such horrible tendencies.

Well: no, no, and no.

God does not “do” perversion. God is, whilst Omnipotent, i.n.c.a.p.a.b.l.e. of evil. God could never command that one be a pervert. The pervert perverts himself all of his own. God merely allows him to pervert himself.

There are no “victims” of their own doing. The woman who is raped is a victim of her offender, but never of God. Nobody can do something to himself – say: gradually allow Satan to make of himself a pervert – and claim he is a victim.

I have just written that every recovering homosexual is “damaged goods”, and his ego will tend to be in the way of his Catholicism even if he is sincerely reformed. This “victim” stuff is another example.

Beware of prophets with a disgusting past, a pencil, and a toupet.

There is too much damaged ego there.

I Saw Three Ships

Pope Frankie Goes Full Proddie.

Our Catholic Faith is not merely an intellectual, or even spiritual, exercise. It is an experience that involves our hearts, our minds, and our senses.

Travel to Rome and notice how most historic churches are an assault on the senses. The smell of incense, the statues, the paintings, the music that someone might be playing, or the beautiful notes of the Tantum Ergo at the end of the Holy Hour; all these and more are the expression of how a Catholic lives his Faith.

Nor does it end in the Church. Sacred images, crucifixes, portraits of Popes and Saints are as much a fixture of a Catholic household as knives and forks. In Catholicism, we make of our faith a whole person experience.

All this is, of course, foreign to the Evil Clown, who very clearly appears not to like devotional cards ( In Italy beautifully called Santini).

These devotional cards and images are as much part of the Catholic patrimony as the rosary beads. They have been used for time immemorial to inspire Catholics and exhort them to a more fervent devotion. They are, surely, dear to anyone who has some Catholicism in him.

Herein lies, my dear readers, the problem. Francis has no Catholicism in him. When he does not talk like Bernie Sanders, he talks like a Protestant. Everything that is part of our beautiful Catholic traditions and devotions, he clearly abhors. If a Freemason had been elected Pope, he would not possibly have behaved worse than this guy. Still, this guy reminds, on days like this one, of another kind of heretic.

Hate for the Traditional Mass. Hate for the Rosary. Hate for devotional images. Contempt for the Blessed Virgin he so gruesomely insults.

Clearly, Pope Frankie has gone full Proddie.

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