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The Turd Era And You

I have just read this long article about Recognize and Resist. If you pay attention to what I write, you will know that I am fully in agreement with this position, which I find the only sensible one. In fact, it seems to me that any other position (three are mentioned in the article) is the fruit of a) wishful thinking; b) la-la-la-la-la, finger-in-the-ear attitude; or c) pure fantasy world.

As long as the entire planet, and the SSPX, recognise the Evil Clown, I will look at reality in the face and say that we have an evil clown as pope.

Though luck.


If that shocks you, perhaps you should readjust your opinion of the Pope as an institution.

I grew up in the Italy of the End Sixties/Early Seventies, and what I have received of Catholicism in my childhood I have received from school (State Religion, blessedly), aunts, grandparents and, in part and later, church. Therefore, there was never a Pope in my life I could esteem. Again, if this is shocking to you, perhaps you thought a Pope is a pet that makes you feel oh so fuzzy inside. I have bad news for you: to millions of Europeans, the Pope has been, for many decades, the one who manages the decay of Christianity and sells the Church in instalments. And they are still Catholics. Big time.

What is happening now is something that some parts of me knew could happen, though I must say I am, myself, shocked at the virulence of Francis’ hatred for the Church. I have seen Popes selling out for decades. I refuse to stick my head in the sand because we now have one with no qualms at all about it.

When John Paul II was Pope, there was no stupid slogan he would not adopt. He would constantly blather about peace as if peace were the end, not one of the means, of a Christians existence. You would think he identified the one with the other. He made of himself a rock star. He constantly blathered about ecumenism and interreligious dialogue. He was a walking, talking common place. I wasn’t a churchgoer at the time, but even I (who did not know, at the time, about the offences in Assisi, the details about the theological tightrope about capital punishment, and the like) understood that my grand aunts would, had he been a child trying to make himself beautiful with his modern Catholicism, slapped the face of this one all day long, and asked him if he wants more for dinner.

In fact, what was more surprising to me as I started to read the Catholic blogosphere was this boundless appreciation many foreigners, and particularly convert foreigners, had for the Pope. To an Italian Catholic, the statement “I converted to Catholicism because of Pope Benedict” makes zero sense, because the Church is 2000 years, of which 1992 non-Benedict years. Your Typical Italian Catholic, even if very devout, will regale such an enthusiastic pope-rooter with a wry smile, hope his awakening isn’t too harsh, and wish him well.

The slippery slope started decades ago, and did not stop with Benedict. If you don’t like Francis, you need to ask yourself why you ever liked his predecessors. They were the appetizers of Francis’ entree. They were the trailblazers for his heresies. Paul VI renouncing to the tiara, or JP II kissing the ground, had to produce a Francis at some point.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor!” – I hear you say – “This is unprecedented!”

No, it isn’t.

Vatican II is unprecedented! Paul VI is unprecedented! The Assisi gathering is unprecedented! Flirting with Modernism (as they all did: even your beloved Ratzinger, big time!) is unprecedented! The Rome-sponsored subtle rebellion against Catholicism is unprecedented! Francis is merely the very predictable byproduct of his predecessors!

Let me put it in a brutal way: likely since 1958, and most certainly since 1963, Popes have been farting over Catholicism with great gusto and for all the world to see. Francis is merely the one who, at last, produced the turd.

There, I have said it.

How does my rather realistic view of Pope Francis influence my Catholicism? I don’t know: like a nasty mosquito influences your day? I expect that an unprecedented rebellion against the truth of the faith should produce unprecedented bad popes. It does not help to look at what the Church has said, in the past, about the need to obey the Pope. Those commands implied a sound Pope! Was Archbishop Lefebvre bad when he did something unprecedented and refused to close his seminary? Are you all, every one of you, not glad that he did?

Unprecedented rebellion ( = V II) causes an unprecedented barbecue of Satan’s troops within the Vatican gardens. This generates a diffuse level of heresy, plus perversion galore. This, in turn, generates horrible prelates. This, in turn, generates horrible Popes. It has to be so, because Christ does not leave such a rebellion unpunished.

Therefore, let us open our eyes to the reality of our time. Let us recognise that we live in the time of the Turd Popes. Let us realise that this had to be the logical consequence of decades of Turd Theology, Turd Seminaries, Turd Bishops, and Turd Cardinals. Let us understand that this will only end when God decides we have been punished enough; and at that point, likely, with a cry from the people for the end of the Turd Era.

It was given to me to live in the time of Pope Francis. I will do the best I can with the times I have been given. It’s not all bad, either, and I have more opportunities to learn real Catholicism than most before me.

It makes no sense to ignore the facts under the sun. It is much wiser to understand, and put in the proper context, why we are plagued by such facts.

Turds stink. But truth shines.

Direct your gaze towards the latter and you will be just fine.

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