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Human Rights For Canines

We need a new religion, quick!!

I don’t know if it happening to you, too, but I am starting to notice it all right around me (this morning most recently).

You ask someone about his family and this person answers by including a pet in the family.

Now, this is something which has, in a way, always been done. Fido, or Felix, are part of the family because they live with it, in the same way as the au pair is said to be part of the family with the obvious, unspoken proviso that she actually isn’t. I am not talking about this.

What I am talking about is this kind of in-your-face “the family has three people, my wife, myself, and Fido” attitude, where it is clear that the pet is not merely a pet, but a full family member endowed with human rights.

It seems to me that this attitude is ripe among couples without children. Their dog is their child. Therefore, the dog must be promoted to the rank of human. This makes the couple forget that they actually did not want to undergo the inconvenience, expense, worry and perhaps sorrow of having a child, whilst posing as loving carers and, actually, parents in the eyes of the world.

This carries more consequences, which the “parents” will , rather likely, fully embrace.

If a dog is as much worth as a human, it will be cruel to slaughter cows, because at that point how can you humanise some animals and not others? Cue the army of vegetarians and vegans to whom Jesus must have had, at the very least, outdated views, not sufficiently reflective of the suffering he inflicted on those creatures.

In addition, if a dog is as much worth as a human, abortion becomes clearly a possibility; because you see, a baby becomes something you elect to have, or not, according to your life situation. The more sinister variation of this as also logical: let’s kill the unwanted baby and let’s get a dog from the shelter instead.

See what I am doing here? Saving a life! Yeah well, I caused another life to go. But hey, isn’t it a zero sum, of sort? Let’s kill Unwanted Baby Number Two, then. This time, we might get a poodle…

The theological implications are also vast. It being, at this point, simply inconceivable that Fido might not experience some sort of Beatific Vision (this would be, and I am not joking here, dogphobic), it follows that Christianity must be exclusionary. Therefore, the first Oriental fad that becomes fashionable in Fido’s circle of friends (see what I am doing here?) and promises a sort of Dog Nirvana where nobody is “left behind” and everything is “sacred” in the same way, will be readily adopted, particularly if it produced a most desired answer concerning not only the dog, but the aborted child, too.

There will likely be more ramifications than these ones here, because the desire to give human dignity to animals must create all sort of absurdities. Is the milk cow my slave? Is training a dog coercion? Do I have the right to live where bears using to roam freely?

You may laugh reading this; which would be consoling, because it would mean that, in your circle of friends, there are a lot of sensible people.

But I can assure you that the number of those who equiparate a dog to a human is growing steadily, and no sign of abatement.

I hope Pius XIII, if he comes up with the right ideas instead of only the right name, will be very vocal about this.

We need to recover proper Christianity before we start standing up for God.

How To Shut Up And Influence Noone

The Evil Clown has given us another example of the wonderful ways of his thinking:

The most important words are these:

Without practicing silence, our tongue can also ail. Instead of making the truth shine, it can become a dangerous weapon. Indeed, our words can become flattery, bragging, lies, backbiting and slander. It is an established fact that, as the Book of Sirach reminds us, “many have fallen by the edge of the sword, but not so many as have fallen because of the tongue” (28:18), the tongue kills more than the sword. Jesus said clearly: whoever speaks ill of his brother or sister, whoever slanders his neighbour, is a murderer (cf. Mt 5:21-22). Killing with the tongue. We do not believe this, but it is the truth. Let us think a little about the times we have killed with the tongue: we would be ashamed! But it will do us good, a great deal of good.”

The more I read this guy, the more I think that he was, all his life, a lying, cowardly, lewd, lazy hypocrite who has heard for decades the echo of his own character in a lot of people around him. He might, also, have been (and still be) a pervert. He has been, most certainly, a man without a shred of faith, lying even to his mother, boasting of it, and caring nothing for even a minimum of integrity in his life.

Hence, this obsession with making us just shut up with the denunciation of how evil he is. Sorry, Frankie boy, but we will give a pass to this. Evil must be denounced, and trying to hide behind the same Jesus on whose face you spit every day will not help, either.

Francis’ desire, though, might well go beyond his desire that an army of bloggers stops opening the eyes of Catholics and non-Catholics every day about the real nature of this man. I think it’s deeper than that.

Francis’ model of Catholic is a Catholic that puts up with everything, looks the other way all the time, and is happy to only have his Catholicism as a fuzzy feeling with no effect in real life. He wants all those dumb women, and even dumber eunuchs, going around with a stupid smile on their face, blathering about the “joy of Christ”, whilst around them faithlessness, blasphemy, heathenism, and perversion abound. If he can’t destroy Catholicism, at least he will try to have it neutered.

Don’t ever speak about the evil that you see around you, dear reader. It is muuuuuurrrrrder, see?

Sorry, Frankie boy, but this is not going to wash. We are going to speak, and we are not going to go soft on you. Because we really, really have had enough of your hate for Christ and the Church, and we are waiting for you to finally die and perhaps, after 72 hours in the coffin, start stinking a tiny bit less than you do now.

However, we can guarantee you this: that, bad as you are, we are going to pray for your conversion to Catholicism, and will not stop wishing you the grace of a happy death.

So no, you won’t have the satisfaction of trying to drag us in hell with you (your, by far, most probable destination anyway) either.

The Wexford Carol

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