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Good King Wenceslas

Meet The Vocation Terminator

“Go away, you and your vocation!”

And it came to pass that Francis abandoned himself to reminiscences about the time when he was an important person, perhaps the decisive one, in the decision of whom to admit to the Jesuit seminary.

It really is scary to think about.

A man who entered the seminary lying to his own widowed mother, who made sacrifices and sent money to a faraway son telling her he was studying medicine, cannot possibly have any affinity for honest, straight-shooting, good people actually accustomed to tell the truth. In fact, Francis must have seen these people as positively dangerous to him, as honest people tend to react unfavourably when being confronted with falseness and lies and might, who knows, blow the whistle on ten or twelve of his most alarming character traits. No, it was certainly better, for Francis, to promote the acceptance in the seminary of people like him, lying scoundrels with no shame, no dignity and no faith. In fact, such a one as Francis would have an interest in promoting people with a skeleton in the cellar (say: homosexuals, and even outright sodomites) , so that his own mediocrity, faithlessness, and who knows what else could not be denounced by anybody without his own skeleton coming out in the open.

Then there is the problem (for Francis) of vocations. A man who clearly had no more vocation in him than a badly behaved Dobermann, Francis must have been horrified at the sight of people showing him what faith really is, and what a strong vocation means for a person. Again, the contrast with these “rigid” Catholics could not have been most striking and, unavoidably, would have caused him an awful lot of trouble down the line. Strong, zealous, purely pre-Vatican II priests would have readily recognised the stench emanating by Bergoglio, and they would have acted accordingly.

No, the thing to do for the man was to be only one: admit people who are just as bad as he is, possibly worse, ideally much worse. I think this thinking (plus sheer sodomy) explains a lot of what has been going on with Jesuits at large in the last decades.

Bergoglio has certainly contributed to the loss of dozen, possibly hundreds of good future friars and priest, and to the infestation of his order with a great number of, well, Jesuits as we now know them.

Add this to the long list of deeds for which he will, hopefully soon, be called to answer.

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