And Just Like That…

And just like that, the Pope who has not answered the Dubia of the Cardinals about Amoris Laetitia for more than 1900 days finds the time and the evil energy to answer a series of utterly uncatholic Dubia about the Traditional Latin Mass, further restricting the use of the Traditional Latin Mass.

The scale of the evil is breathtaking, and further enhanced by the fact (certainly, not a coincidence) that it happens just before Christmas. This old hound certainly enjoys making you miserable.

In a way, this is sad news. It is a direct attack to Christ and to the anathema of Pope Pius V against those who attack the Mass.

In another way, I cannot but see a sign of hope. The Evil Clown has not acted against the Traditional Latin Mass for eight years. It may well be (though I am not an old, lewd scoundrel, so it’s difficult for me to think what the man thinks) that this is another consequence of Francis realising that he is on his way out, and wanting to go to his grave without one little petty revenge unaccomplished.

Cardinal Roche has been his willing executioner. May the Lord reward him as he deserves for this. Something tells me he will be sorry to discover, one day, that where he has landed there is no possibility of ice skating.

Everybody who can, attend Mass at the SSPX.

Everybody, please consider stop every kind of donations to the Vatican at least for as long as this SOB lives. Again, let the SSPX be the recipient of your Christian charity. I think exceptions for worthy organisations (last time I looked at least; I am terrified of looking in depth at their websites these days) like the Verona Fathers or Aid to the Church in Need are still warranted.

But not one penny to the diocese.

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  1. It is typical for the vile one to pounce at the most hurtful time for the faithful. I am also optimistic as I expect the triumph of our Lady’s Immaculate Heart to be imminent in the face of such desperation on the part of the enemy. Note well the sinister ber-gog always strikes on Marian feasts or in this case Ember Saturday. What a troll…
    Praying for you as always my friend. Please pray for me at Mass.

  2. Diabolical narcissism in all its hideousness.

  3. I agree with every word! Thank God for the SSPX!

  4. With all these posts with pictures of asses, a thought has been rolling around my brain like a marble over a tile floor. Did you know that — ironically — the ass is an extension of the good shepherd? A lot of ranchers and sheep farmers use asses as guardians for their herds and flocks. A good guardian donkey is murder on coyotes and other predators, charging them and scaring them off with their braying, or biting and kicking the crap out of them when they don’t have sense enough to run.

    Admittedly, not all asses are suited for this work, just as not all those who are appointed to be shepherds are suited for that work. Doubtless it is one of those layabout, wall-propping, hireling asses that is pictured above and not the noble guardian that makes mincemeat out of anything that tries to eat its flock.

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