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“I Gotta Take This”. The Papacy In The Francis Era.

“Shall I get the iPhone 13?”

Francis did it again. In an almost perfect replay of his stunt months ago, he let people wait as he went away to take a phone call from his mobile.

It really boggles the mind. A Pope going around with a mobile phone in his pocket and telling his people “I got to take this” is one who has not understood anything of his role as a Pope.

Even in a business setting, and at least in Europe, a person who interrupts a conversation with clients to take a phone call would be seen as rude; it would be seen as, the way the German put it, Wichtigtuerei, “making oneself important”.

A President of the United States might have an urgent phone call informing him that aeroplanes have crashed on skyscrapers; but a Pope has no such security concerns.

Even in the improbable case that Francis was expecting a call from his doctor with life-or-death news about his alleged cancer, this is something that certainly could have waited ten minutes.

The general picture is the one we already know: a boorish man with a complete lack of manners or a proper understanding of his role. A man going his way fully uncaring of the way it makes him look, perhaps even enjoying the way it makes him look.

Francis will make himself important, because he can. Nobody will reproach him, much less fire him. They will all have to endure him for as long as he is around.

I can picture this man getting a stroke and dying repeatedly screaming the “F” word, like a mediocre character out of a badly written Hollywood movie. Nothing would be more in tune with now almost 9 years of papacy.

There is nothing papal in him. He just does not do any kind of “popery”. He behaves like the butcher around the corner, or the fish guy at the market. He gives the impression that he has been parachuted in the Vatican without knowing why, buy hey, once there he decided he enjoyed the place.

2022 is the year when we know whether this cancer story and the alleged death sentence is true.

God knows I hope it is, and that his cancer, such as it is real, works like a champ to free us from this disgrace as soon as possible.

Merry Christmas, Father Jackson!

Father Jackson has pleaded not guilty.

This is good news, as I think that it would have been wiser for him, and the suggestion of his counsel, that he pleads guilty and tries to reach a back door agreement rather than undergoing the risk of a very public trial and a very exemplary sentence.

I wasn’t there, of course. But I have read around that Father’s computer wasn’t in his room, either, but rather in another room or office. It would not be difficult for an experienced hacker to hack the computer, either for his own purposes or in order to frame Father.

Again, I wasn’t there, and I do not know the man. I think it behooves me and everyone of my readers to reflect on the ways Satan can attack a priest. However, Father has received glowing character testimonies on this blog and elsewhere, and it’s not difficult to imagine that someone could be so evil that he wants to destroy an innocent priest, or so evil that he hacks a computer of another person for his disgusting purposes.

I think the presumption of innocence is well deserved in this case, and Father is no O J Simpson.

Please pray for him and join me in wishing him a Merry Christmas.

White Christmas

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