Merry Christmas, Father Jackson!

Father Jackson has pleaded not guilty.

This is good news, as I think that it would have been wiser for him, and the suggestion of his counsel, that he pleads guilty and tries to reach a back door agreement rather than undergoing the risk of a very public trial and a very exemplary sentence.

I wasn’t there, of course. But I have read around that Father’s computer wasn’t in his room, either, but rather in another room or office. It would not be difficult for an experienced hacker to hack the computer, either for his own purposes or in order to frame Father.

Again, I wasn’t there, and I do not know the man. I think it behooves me and everyone of my readers to reflect on the ways Satan can attack a priest. However, Father has received glowing character testimonies on this blog and elsewhere, and it’s not difficult to imagine that someone could be so evil that he wants to destroy an innocent priest, or so evil that he hacks a computer of another person for his disgusting purposes.

I think the presumption of innocence is well deserved in this case, and Father is no O J Simpson.

Please pray for him and join me in wishing him a Merry Christmas.

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  1. God love and keep you, Father Jackson. I believe in your innocence.

  2. I am happy also that he has pled not guilty which all of us who have known him for the 15 years that he was at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in Littleton, Colorado, know he is not.

    He was too successful for certain comrads in the Archdiocese to stomach. Have I mentioned that he is well-bred, well-spoken, always in control of his own demeanor, never rash or uncharitable?

    Did I mention that on one occasion about six years ago he had joined a group of us after Mass in the parish hall and he said that it was beyond him that anyone could view children as sex objects?

    And I wonder how much more to say because the enemy can twist everything to fit their point of view, but when asked by my husband if he still went to the local YMCA to work out, he told him no because women there were hitting on him.

    He is the epitome of Catholic manhood in a priest’s collar which he wore honorably. Not as a cover for evil as so many have done and understand no other use for that collar.

  3. I’ll happily and enthusiastically join you in wishing Fr. Jackson a very Merry Christmas and a speedy resolution to these charges. I cannot know with certainty but I can have a very strong opinion as to Fr. Jackson’s complete innocence of these charges. I have known Father personally for many years and know him to be a holy and just man. I have had the Clear Creek Monastery say a Mass for Father and wish others would do the same. Here is their address: ( A customary stipend of $10 is requested.)
    Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey
    5804 West Monastery Road
    Hulbert, OK 74441-5698

  4. Reminds me of what was done to Fr. Rutler!

  5. In my diocese, we had a retired priest who was caught with illegal drugs and a gigantic stash of what detectives called the most violent and sickening child porn they had ever seen. When the police raided his home (owned by the diocese) he was engaged in a filthy online chat with some guy from another country. He was charged with multiple counts of possession and distribution of child porn, as well as possession of controlled substances. In his case, there were a number of red flags:

    – thoroughgoing liberal
    – wreckovator-in-chief of the diocese, in charge of mutilating beautiful churches and installing hideous “art”
    – towering arrogance and viciousness toward anybody who disagreed with him on anything, which even his supporters, trying to make him sound good, brought out
    – had had a permanent deacon in his parish, about a dozen years previously, who got caught with child porn
    – last, but not least, published an editorial in the local paper denouncing the Church’s teachings on homosexuality (canonical consequences: zero)

    Now it is completely naïve to think that anybody who publicly denounces the Church’s law on sexual morality or anything else, privately considers himself bound by that same law that he says is stupid; or that anybody who loves ugliness and has contempt for his fellow man should not be held in suspicion, especially when he is a minster of the Gospel. Nobody who noticed these things about this priest was surprised when the news of the charges broke, and the man’s continuing and public arrogance, narcissism, projection of blame to others and self-delusion during the pendency of his case just clinched it. I do not know Fr. Jackson, but I can’t help comparing his situation, as related by those who do know him, to that of this priest in my diocese.

    Who, by the way, ended up pleading guilty to a few counts as part of a plea deal, got 25 years fixed (without parole), was deposed from the clerical state and died in prison in October of last year. If Fr. Jackson is truly innocent, may his fate be far otherwise.

    • Many thanks, A.M.
      One would also wonder what did the Bishop know? The same bishop who did nothing against the homo propaganda and employed this guy as wreckovator?

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