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Tomorrow Shall be My Dancing Day

It Is Christmas. Don’t Suffer Anymore.

The Christmas Carol I have posted for today is one very dear to my heart; a musical piece of such moving intensity that, as a child or an adult, I could never sing it without crying tears of consolation and tenderness.

The last part goes as follows:

E viene giù dal ciel, lento
Un canto che consola il cuor
Che mi dice, “Spera anche tu
È Natale, non soffrire più
È Natale, non soffrire più”

“and it comes from heaven, slowly/a song that comforts the heart/ which tells me: “you hope, too/It’s Christmas, don’t suffer anymore/ It’s Christmas, don’t suffer anymore”

(The song I have posted has a slight variation: “un dolce canto ammaliator”, “a sweet, enchanting song”, but it’s the same sentiment).

If you wish, you can find the lyrics in English and Italian here. It is moving from the first word to the last.

It is Christmas. Let us leave aside the suffering that that evil man, and his satanic helpers, have tried and will try to inflict on the Church and us all. Let us leave aside all the lukewarm, wannabe-pious Francishelpers, the homosocialist priests, the sellout bishops and the complicit cardinals.

Christ has already won. In this most tender among all Christianity’s feast days, let us not forget this.

It is Christmas.

Don’t suffer anymore.

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