Wow, Dude!! You Sure Look Ugly!!


I don’t watch much TV. I have no idea how the game Jeopardy is played, though I know of its existence.

What I did not know is that, in order to comply with the mantra of modern madness, a dude in drags has now been crowned the highest winning “dudette” ever.

The likely future suicide (yep, folks: this is how most of these people end up; and no, it’s not our fault…) was, of course, congratulated by one and all as if he were actually born with a vagina. In one of those shows of PC that are so fashionable nowadays, the female contestant who had won most before this dude congratulated him on his feat of winning more than her.

If you follow the linked article, you will be able to read the entire exchange, which makes clear that “real vagina” really want all of us to know that she congratulates “fake vagina” as a woman. It really makes one retch. It’s not only the obvious wrong that is “celebrated” here, it’s this whiff of Stalinian regime, or Saddam reign of terror, which clearly emerges: the woman being obviously aware of the impending cancellation if she does not show the “support” for the dude the PC crowd demands from her. This is what happens to you if you decide to label yourself a “progressive”: every madness supported by Party Headquarters will have to be approved of in warm and inclusive terms, or you’re screwed like you’re Elton John on an extremely, extremely courageous day.

They all need our prayer: the deranged dude, the woman enabling him, the TV channel broadcasting Satan (who, I am sure, is pretty disgusted himself; but I think he’ll take whatever he can get).

Three minus points to Breitbart for not telling us the name Dude went around as (say: Peter, or Paul; I very much doubt at birth he was called Georgina, or however he calls himself these days) before his madness persuaded him to go around in drags. As always, we see that a lot of “conservative” outlets always play it as safe as they can (hint: Breitbart also writes “gay” for “homo”).

This comes on the heel of that other dude winning a woman swimming competition by 40 seconds.

You really couldn’t make it up.

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  1. Faith IS opposed to reason… that is if your faith is in the revolution.

  2. “Ugly as hell” it has never been better applied that to this case. Both for the looks and for the consequences of the senseless rebellion against the logos, for both the main character and the cheerleaders who act as he is a female.

  3. “That ain’t no woman! It’s a man, man!”

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Shame on Breitbart. Schneider’s birth name is Thomas E., according to God made us male and female.

  5. I could NOT make it up. In my wildest imaginings I could not have invented this insanity. Many years ago, Jeopardy was a fun & somewhat educational evening game show. My family enjoyed it and there were always some difficult answers to the questions posed. Like everything else, it is now Woke. I haven’t seen it in years, as I don’t have network TV any more. I can tell from your post that I wouldn’t miss it if I did have network TV.

    I hope you will enjoy a new year with very little political or religious insanity. (See, that works for all of us!) And I hope there are far fewer of these foolish episodes of crazed ‘gender ambiguity’ in the world. That would be good for everyone.

    And I will remember you, as always, during the Asperges this weekend.

  6. This is the sort of thing feminists should be, but never are, up in arms about.

    As for myself, an actual woman, I do not accept that any man has the right to instruct me as to what constitutes a female. When this jerk has been through That Time of the Month, or Childbirth, or the Change of Life, then he can come talk to me about femaleness.

  7. Jeopardy has been on for over 50 years. It’s an intelligent game show but in the past few years it is becoming as debased as the wider culture featuring trannies more and more often. They must recruit contestants from LGBQT forums or publications it seems. It boggles the mind to consider how the host, the sponsors, the studio audience and viewers buy into the lie.

    Men have higher IQs than women on average and it’s not surprising this person is cleaning up and has surpassed the true female’s record. Every day the show is aired there is a brief, light interview with each of the three contestants, two of which are new. Wouldn’t it be grand if the host asked the trannie if “she” thought she would get so many correct answers if she didn’t have a phallus? One can dream.

  8. I wonder if Frank will invite the two sycophants to the Vatican?

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