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“Immoral As Well As Unjust”: How Modern “Inclusive” Society Helps people To Go To Hell.

“He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.” ~ Thomas Aquinas

This beautiful quote comes form my always very attentive – and obviously smart – reader Michael Dowd.

I invite my reader to read it several times, slowly, as I think that this is the way – at least, as far as my brain can discern – to let the concept “sink in” in a way that can be, when the occasion arises, remembered with friends and family.

The Angelic Doctor also points out to something that is, to me, one of the most shocking aspects of modern existence in an Anglo Saxon Country: the fact that things that were absolutely taboo when I was a child in Italy are now openly “celebrated” in the United Kingdom. In fact, I remember when the expression “men marrying men” was used, in Italy, as an example of total absurdity (like “flying pig”) but is now on TV advertisements you see in prime time.

You see: in those times, people were decent enough to instinctively know that if you condone immorality, you are yourself immoral. Even those who had not memorised the seven ways to be accessory to another’s sin (and I bet a number of people had) knew it in an implicit way, because it was the way society as a whole was organised. Not anymore, I must say.

What I say to people willing to listen (there are more of those than you think!), is that the modern culture of perversion is perverting even the straight people. Living in a world where sexual perversion is around one and being perfectly fine with it is a clear sign that one’s brain has become polluted by so much filth that common decency, or the natural instinct and appreciation for normality, finds no place there anymore.

We understand here, again, *why taboos exist* (or, rather, existed). Taboos protect not only the young and innocent, but also the decency and the way of thinking of everybody else. A wholesome society needs to reject *in the strongest terms* every kind of abomination. Freedom is nothing to do with it, nor is freedom a sort of superChristian value and Christianity something we profess as long as it does not conflict with freedom. As I have read that Lord Acton stated, freedom is “not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought”.

It is fitting – nay, it is necessary – that there should be no freedom, at all, to put a bomb under the chair of Christian society.

How much has the modern concept of institutionalised anarchy gone away from the sanity of our ancestors…

Reaping The Whilrwind: The Novus Ordo Has To Go.

I found it very funny – but also a little sad – that a priest should intervene to accuse Archbishop Vigano’ of being too harsh with the Novus Ordo. I found it funny – but also a little sad – for two reasons.

The first is that the good Archbishop clearly has extensive experience of both liturgical orders. He can obviously compare them and knows very well what he is talking about; if you ask me, his remarks are on point. Anyone who, at this point, has not understood that the Novus Ordo is the work of the Devil has clearly not been paying attention to what has happened in the Church in the last 60 or so years.

The second, and much more important, point is that the war against the Tridentine Mass waged by the Evil Clown will, unavoidably, lead to a backlash against the Protestantised, superficial, childish, emasculated mess the Evil Clown wants to push down the faithful’s throats in its place.

What did Francis think, that his attempts to murder the Mass of the Ages would not lead to a backlash against the Novus Ordo? If he was as dumb as that, it is high time we help him to get smarter at least in this matter.

Francis will reap the whirlwind that is coming to him. And when he dies, which I hope the Lord in His Goodness will cause to happen today, it will be for his successor, no matter how unworthy or corrupted, to live with and confront the mess Francis has created; and no, he will not get any discount because “it wasn’t him”.

This attack on the sacred liturgy cannot end simply with its repeal. It needs to become a counteroffensive pushing Catholicism towards sanity.

A sanity, I am sorry to add, that has started leaving the Church when the very idea that a different type of Mass was needed first began to get traction.

Francis needs to be thrown in the rubbish bin of history.

The Novus Ordo mass is welcome to follow him there.

What Would Your Grand-Grandpa Do? Suggestions To Pope Francis For When Sodom Visits A Family.

LGBT, properly intended

One thing off the bat: I do not have perverts in my family, either close or enlarged. A solid (cultural) Catholic environment, intact families, an environment where men are expected to be men and women women, and a strong feeling that sexual perversions are extremely disgusting taboos will do that to you.

Still, let us imagine that the neighbours had had one of those as, say, a young man. Out and proud, as these people say, and most of them do.

What I would have thought is that, whilst you can never really be sure of how your son will turn out, there’s very much the parents can do to keep even the suggestion of perversion away from their offspring. If it had turned out that the neighbour’s son was a fig-fog, or a dik-dak, I know my parents, my grandparents and myself would have looked at the parents first.

Same, of course, in case of thieves, drug addicts, sluts, etc. Apples and trees come to mind.

If the parents are known to be good people who have put a serious effort and were very, very unlucky, I would still wonder what they will do next. Because, you see, where I come from the responsibilities of the parents (both of them, the male and the female one) do not end when the son reaches adulthood, but extend to his entire life, and to the community in which the parents live.

This means that said parent, or uncle, or cousin, or brother, cannot just say they have done their best and it is now the time to be “inclusive”. Rather, they need to defend their values, their community, the good name of their family and, most importantly, Christianity as a whole, by cutting their ties with the unrepentant sodomite.

This is what our grand-grandparents would have done, without hesitation; bearing, all their lives, the shame of the disgrace that has befallen their family. There are things that come before your son, or brother, or cousin. Family, decency, and Christ are three of them.

Mind: the prodigal son must always know he will be accepted back, if he repents and reforms. But really, every family who accepts the pervert in its midst shows how the perverted member became that way in the first place.

There. In just some short sentences, your humble correspondent has given Francis all the support he needs, and all necessary information to give to the families afflicted by a Sodomite. H

e can, now, give precious Catholic advice to the families which, through their fault (most of the time) or without fault (the really unfortunate ones) find themselves in this horrible situation.

Writing Straight With Crooked Lines

Whatever someone might have told you, Constantine the Great was not a saint. In fact, he appears to have been quite the contrary. Concubines, murders, intrigues of all sorts went on during a good part of his life. The guy who called the Council of Nicaea was, in fact, not baptised yet. The suspicion of heretical sympathies (at least in order to preserve order in the Empire) is strong.

But you see: God writes straight with crooked lines. He does not send a MiniMe Padre Pio to both put a definitive end to persecution of Christians and encourage the diffusion of Christianity all over the Empire. He sends, instead, a ruthless guy like Constantine, and then works on him to unfold His providential plan.

We see this all the time. The (then) atheist Mussolini is the one who gave us the Patti Lateranensi, an absolute milestone in the history of Italy. A quite (cough) “determined” guy like Augusto Pinochet totally eradicated Communism from Chile (and please go elsewhere with your easy moralism, or get to know Communism, before you come here to complain about him). Another guy, who was also very Catholic, like Francisco Franco, needed to give a very robust medicine to his own Country; a bitter, but a salutary one.

For this reason, I am always surprised when I see people criticise Trump, or Putin, for their (real or imaginary) shortcomings. Everyone has shortcomings. What we need to ask ourselves is: “is God writing straight with this particular crooked line”?

In the case of Trump, or Putin, my answer is:

“No shit, Sherlock!”

In addition to this, it is important to put people in their proper context. If we think about financial corruption, we need to recognise that the immaculately clean Trump lives in a Country that is quite different, and affords him quite a different degree of protection, than a country like Russia. You are very naive if you think that Putin can live out of a civil servant wage and retire in his country cottage if he is removed from power.

Putin is, very clearly, smarter than this, and if he is toppled he will make it as difficult as possible to go after him. There is no guarantee, of course, and you should ask Gaddafi or Saddam whether money can always be the solution; but, in these things, money is always a great help.

I can’t say I blame Putin. In fact, I think he is being smart.

Compare this, if you please, with our very own, very Italian crooked line, the personally extremely honest Benito Mussolini (may the Lord have mercy on his soul, and please, in your charity, pray for him today) who, having lived a life in service to his Country without ever stealing a penny or even collecting his wage (like Trump!) could not buy himself a safe passage to Paraguay or Argentina and was, instead, murdered like a drug dealer, and hanged in the public square by the usual commie bastards afterwards.

It pays to be prudent. And it is always smart to put people in their proper context, knowing that God will, in His wisdom, write straight with the crooked lines of wretched sinners, like us.

The Ukraine And You, Part II

I have described in my previous post how I see the situation from a geopolitical point of view. I would like, here, to make some prediction about the future and give my two cents about what I think it’s happening.

First: there is going to be no invasion. Putin is intelligent. I’d say he can vastly outsmart the EU, let alone the Demented Thief. He could never invade the Ukraine with 100,000 people unless he expects no resistance and it would be a politically risky and very expensive proposition to go all-in. Perhaps the gender-uncertain people at the EU and NATO are worried because they know there would be little or no resistance?

Second: Putin wants to consolidate the long shadow he throws over the Ukraine and, possibly, make it darker. Both because of what I have written in the former post and because he wants to show the EU who has a Willie, and who has a Mangina. In fact, the EU does not even have a Mangina. They are merely trying to work on one.

Third: Putin wants to tests the waters, as he will likely gauge whether a coup d’etat in the Ukraine is feasible. If (big if) it’s feasible, he will need the current confrontation in order to house train the EU and NATO to limit themselves to the usual talk, but without any walk, when the time comes; if it’s not, he will still have asserted himself, and he will have made clear that the Ukraine is off-limits for both EU and NATO. He already has a couple of “independent republics” faithful to him. He could extend the gains and humiliate Kiev even more. I think when the microphones are switched off, everybody gets it.

Fourth: Putin wants every American to ask himself: do we want our soldiers to die for the Ukraine? The question is not a dumb one, as even my cat has amply realised that, in the very improbable event of an invasion, the Ukrainian army would fold before you can say “Putin”, and the extremely flat nature of the land would give them nowhere to run, either. Nor would the European NATO Countries go in, firstly because it would be politically suicidal and second because they would have, realistically, a very bad hand against the hardened and technologically savvy Russian army. Therefore, in the end it would be the old U S of A who, in various guises (“security advisers” or the like) sends down to the Ukraine ten or twenty battalions, just so Biden can play “freedom fighter “ whilst his son snorts so much white powder you could make pizza with it.

But again, this is all just not going to happen. Putin is not going to invade. What Putin is doing is, very simply, marking his territory.

This is, to me, so obvious, that I wonder if there is even one political operative who has not understood it yet.

Still: you, dear reader, will be deafened with the usual virtue signalling calls to peace and dialogue, after the aggressive expansion politics of the EU and the encirclement attempt of the NATO have caused the issue in the first place.

The Ukraine shall remain within the traditional cultural sphere of influence of the old Kievan Rus’.

It is fitting, prudent, even Christian that things should stay that way.

The Ukraine And You, Part I

Died a long time ago

Look, I am not Russian, or Ukrainian come to that. But I know that the entire region (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) shares a common cultural heritage, moulded by the same Christian matrix. They are the same historic cultural area, divided by political boundaries and moderate language differences.

When this starts to change, thing may get serious, because it’s not far away from, say, Sicily wanting to become Muslim. There will be resistance. There will be, likely, conflict.

It gets worse – and I would say much, much worse – when this process of cultural estrangement away from the historic cultural matrix is actively pushed by foreign entities. It is, to continue the comparison, as if the States of the Arab League tried to push the islamisation of Sicily. In this case, the reaction will be harsher still.

I am a Christian. I believe that a primary Good like Christ should always come before secondary values like the modern god, democracy, whenever Democracy has forgotten, or ever betrayed, Christ.

I also think that the European Union is a satanical machine bent on the total deChristianisation of Europe, in order to substitute it with a sort of oppressive, big brother dystopia where abortion, sodomy and euthanasia are human rights, and your betters can lock you at home, deprive you of every freedom, and subject you to any medical experiment they want, or else.

I don’t give a Biden for a democracy of this sort.

Give me Putin every day.

If this is what I, born and bred in a pre-EU democratic environment, think of the situation in the Ukraine, imagine what most Russians, and likely a sizeable majority of Ukrainians, think of it.

The EU has tried to make inroads in the Ukrainian society for very long now. The NATO has tried to encircle Russia for a couple of decades now. The perverted political project of the EU is marching hand in hand with a fully unnecessary military imperialism of NATO. I hope that it will not work, and I think that it will not work.

Oh and by the way, just in case you wonder: I am on Putin’s side on this, and hope that the EU and the NATO get the (unbloody) kick in the Low Countries they so, so richly deserve.

It should not be said that we support dystopian, semi-dictatorial overlords with a hang for forced medical experiments, baby killing and all sort of perversions over Christ.

The Unsinkable Azzam

The boat you see above is the Azzam, apparently the biggest motor yacht on the planet.

It is a beautiful, beautiful boat. Everything in it was made to be at the top, and you can imagine that its rich owner and his guests are not the kind of people who are easily satisfied.

It is, in everything, a magnificent boat.

Now let us imagine that for some strange concourse of circumstances (say: he is the brother of the owner’s mistress) some vulgar, extremely arrogant, spiteful guy were to become the captain of this vessel. The Captain would make the lives of all those around him miserable. He would likely surround himself with a crew a bad as himself. He would take any occasion to inconvenience the guests of the vessel.

If this happened, would anything change in the ship itself? Would Azzam become less magnificent just because of the captain who, due to unfavourable circumstances, is now in command?

No. The vessel would remain exactly the same; its beauty intact, its craftsmanship just as beautiful, its substance unchanged. With a bad captain and a bad crew, you would soon notice that the vessel looks more tired and is not in the shape it was designed to be. But the magnificence would remain the same.

Our captain is arrogant, stupid, does not understand anything of navigation, and hates the ship and everyone in it. Still, the magnificence of the vessel remains exactly the same and he will not be able to do worse than keeping it dirt and oily and greasy.

But the boat is still wonderful. And it is unsinkable.

Next time you hear this boor vomiting heresy out of his lewd mouth, think of the magnificence of the Barque, and that he cannot do anything to it besides leaving some grease, oil and dirt.

At Least A Bit Of Thinning, Or A Bit Of Yellow


Look, I don’t know what to believe. However, I can say this.

The rumours started in July. Fast forward six months, and he is every bit as fat and as arrogant as he was six months ago. Yes, he might have become more obnoxious because he knows he is dying; but he might have become more obnoxious merely because even he understands that he is getting old, and will not go on forever. I’ll also give you that he seems to have cancelled a couple of trips; but knowing the type, it might simple have been that he could not be bothered.

Before I believe the hype, I’d like to see at least a bit of thinning, or a bit of yellow.

I understand yellow must not necessarily be part of the equation; but I think we should see something.

No thinning, no yellow, no slowing down? Well, thank you for the hopeful news, but to me it’s not happening.

Call me a doubting Thomas if you want. I’d prefer to call it realism.

Very, and I mean very happy to change my mind if factual circumstances emerge.

What A Difference A Party Made

Bring your own booze, Boris…

I was asked in the comments whether anything changed the Government’s mind, as they have now announced the almost total lifting of restrictions (apparently, the NHS worker will keep being oppressed, we will know more about this in the next weeks I suppose).

I think we need to distinguish between posturing and will to act. If you ask me, the Johnson Government had long lost the will to act. This was abundantly clear during Advent, when the Government clearly refused to do what they said they would do, and avoided imposing further restrictions. This was done in the usually stupid way (with contradictory messages sent around), but was done in the end. The truth is, people have had enough, and that was easy enough to see.

What happened next, is the revelation of a “garden party” in the garden of 10 Downing Street in May 2020, already after the first, brutal lockdown phase, but with extremely severe restrictions still in place (you will remember those days: max one person, or max 2 people, or the like. I never followed the details, nor do I want to remember them).

The news of this happy “bring your own booze” partying (around 100 people invited, the place is not too shabby) enraged the Country, and Boris Johnson’s stand became more precarious than the one of a very drunken sailor. Stupidly, the man tried to defend himself saying that in offices there were different rules than in private homes, thus showing a tone deafness of Biblical proportions and causing, predictably, even more anger. The usual “independent” investigation is in place (led by a very high ranking Civil Servant and, thus, not really “independent”, as we learned from “Yes, Prime Minister!”) and I think that he will survive it, as the “independent” investigator will pretend to believe that Boris was not warned by several people about how stupid the idea was. However, Boris knew this cannot be enough.

This is, if you ask me, the reason of the current “freedom offensive”, giving the peasants, sorry, the people, something they dearly want, thus defusing as much as possible the risk of peasant revolt that is now a clear and present danger.

The timing of the freedom offensive has not escaped anyone. Still, as it yielded something that the great part of the Country wants, not many have complained.

Boris will likely survive, if you ask me, because if the Party had wanted to take him down, they would not have awaited the result of the investigation. To say “let’s wait for the Gray Report” is the same as to say “we’ll make this go away if we have someone behind whom we can hide”; which, if you ask me, is exactly what is going to happen.

Still, I think that the Freedom Train is unstoppable now. The voices of dissent will be drown in a sea of voter discontent. We are now, happily, marching towards normality and sanity.

I think it’s objectively evident that the garden party, whilst not really a reversal of course, helped our cause. Without giving information about my life and whereabouts, I can tell you with absolute security that the tide has been turning since November and, very strongly, since December.

We will be able to live fully normal lives again soon. Certainly, an occasion to party.

Bring your own booze.

Karen Suffers A Great Loss

Far too big, but you get the idea…

In a disastrous piece of news for all the Karens and assorted virtue-signalling females of both sexes, the British Government has, yesterday, announced the imminent end of almost all restrictions concerning the couf.

If you have the couf, you will still have to stay home a while. That’s all.

No, I have said that’s all.

Please go buy a very, very small violin and play it to console all the professionals of tyranny and prophets of doom. We are free again. I know, it’s so sad for them, but hey, it’s how these things always end up in the end.

How will the Karens react? Will they give in, accept reality, and realise that they were very stupid, or criminally insane, for a long time? I doubt.

They will go through a period of grief, of course, as they mourn the loss of that very dear friend of them, fear, who had allowed them to feel so important, try to lord over us normal people, and show everybody their towering moral superiority for such a long time. It will, also, be the end of that delicious sensation, the knowledge that as they don’t have a life, nobody else should have one, either. It will be hard. However, I think they will overcome it, and devise a new strategy.

My hunch is that they will keep signalling virtue like their self-esteem depends on it, because it actually does. They will also keep covering their ugliness with their masks, silently and implicitly reproaching us, the normal people, for being so unconscionably reckless. They will not tire of warning us of more Greek letters to come, and how dangerous it is, and how terrible it was to know that their 89 years old aunt (with stage IV pancreatic cancer) had died of…. the couf! They will keep predicting our imminent demise for the fourth time, never stopping to wonder how it is that said demise never came the first three times.

Pity the Karens. Their wound will never be healed. I wonder how many of them will lose the will to leave, and die of some flu, like so many did before them. I have no doubt that, on their death bed, they will take it as vindication that they were right all the time, and that their innocent blood is on our hands.

Their tombstone will read: “Blessed Karen Of The Mask, Martyr, Died 1922 of a Broken Heart. Please wear a mask while deposing the flowers”.

I am sorry for the Karens. I really am.

Only two years of fun in their miserable lives, and now it’s all about to end.

The Unity Of Christians, Explained.

And it came to pass the Evil Clown received an “ecumenical” multi religious delegation from Finland. He loves to undermine Catholicism as he tries to look oh so inclusive and us, by contrast, so narrow-minded.

As you would expect, Francis piddled outside of the potty. He said, in so many words, that the Catholic Church does not “possess” God. Boy, and I thought Christ is the Bridegroom and the Church is the Bride! Francis’ words are particularly grave because said in front of Protestants and Schismatics, in an official capacity. This guy never loses the ability to be shockingly wrong.

He also invited everyone to the usual “work”, of course “in humility”. Again, this makes you look arrogant if you think, as every Catholic should, that the work is actually done, it resulted in a wonderful barque and those who are out of the barque are well advised to embrace the truth and get in.

If you have not had enough of scandals yet, he indicated that 2030 will be an important year, because it marks the 500th anniversary of Luther’s Augsburg Confession, a milestone in Luther’s Satan-driven journey towards a dark realm of violence, heresy and (much) horniness. It’s all to improve mutual understanding, you see.

Yea, pal. It’s important to “understand” what the heck you are doing with that white habit, because from where I sit it seems clear you are sitting there to insult the Church and undermine the Faith.

It appears that Francis sees himself as the Head of the Ministry of Half Truth Number 1. Others have various positions in other Ministries of Half Truth, numbered 2,3,4 etc. All these people should work together to make the administrative machine work. This is as Protestant as can be, and Francis has not even the excuse of being stupid, because whilst I am satisfied that he is stupid, I don’t believe that he is that stupid.

I will allow myself here to indicate a wonderful, wonderful path towards the unity of all Christians. It is so logical that it is unassailable. It is so simple that even Francis understands it. It is so easy to explain that it only needs four words.

Everybody converts to Catholicism.


It does not get more ecumenical, understanding, or humble than that.

Romance In The Landfill, Or: The Harsh Reality Of Faggotry.

The brother of the former mayor of Miami and “hero” of the Florida quest for so-called “gay marriage” has been found, fairly dead, in a landfill.

This so romantic end makes me reflect, once again, on the reality in which these people live. Their rate of suicide and psychosomatic diseases vastly exceed the ones of the normal population, and in order to find a higher suicide rate you need to find people pushing their perversion to a higher degree of lunacy.

I will give you a proper Catholic explanation of why this is so.

A homosexual has already allowed Satan to make big inroads in his consciousness. If he, like many of them do, also engages in sodomy, the situation is even more compromised.

At this point, Satan wants this soul, and he sees himself well on his way to get the prize. He will, however, want to secure his prize as soon as may be, lest an unexpected conversion ruins the party for him.

He will, therefore, proceed to instil in the already perverted soul further incitements to ruin and self-destruction. According to situation, it could be pedophilia or ephebophilia, drugs, lust, money, or mental issues of all sorts. The guy, whose all being is now fundamentally out of whack, will find himself vulnerable to all the diseased ideas the devil puts in his mind. Plus, his fundamental self-hatred (homophobia) will cause his entire body, every cell in him, to suffer, with the consequences described above.

What will be found, to counter these tendencies? Prayer? The sacramental life? Sincere repentance and change of life? Hardly. On the contrary, the homo in person will, in most cases, keep digging his grave with reckless abandon, perhaps becoming an activist of the same perversion that makes him hate himself so much. At that point, all bets are off.

Pierpaolo Pasolini was killed in the middle of the night, in a squalid, forlorn place, after quarrelling with one or more fag prostitutes. Gianni Versace was killed in his own, extremely tacky, home by a male prostitute he used for his lurid purposes. Countless other met the same tragic, sordid end, and in fact I wonder how many times the media inform us of some “murder” and don’t tell us that homosexuality plays a part in it.

In this case, it is difficult to think that the Floridian section of the Ku Klux Klan is behind the murder. My bet is on some sordid story of prostitution, or jealousy, or some other kind of strife, among fags and, in fact, I would be very, very surprised if the so-called lifestyle would not be at the root of the tragic event.

Nor should anyone think that being murdered attenuates the guilt of being sodomite. The sobering reality is that he who dies in mortal sin goes to hell, and being murdered is just one of the ways to meet your maker. A pig who gets killed does not become a lamb. A pig who gets killed becomes, as it is natural, pork.

I’d also love to have some serious, realistic statistics of the percentage of the male population who is given to sodomy, and to compare their probability of becoming murderers, victims of murder, suicides, pedophiles, or precociously diseased to death to the relevant percentages of the normal population.

I think it would open a lot of people’s eyes.

Which is why we will continue to be lied about the reality of this horrible perversion.

Some Useful Information About This Blog

Blog. Not News.

I think it is fitting to make a couple of clarifications about how this little blog works and operates.

First: I have written thousands of blog posts, for which I hope the Blessed Virgin will, one day, help me in my our of need. I have no way to collect, catalogue, or access them without going manually through them. If, for example, I write about Bergoglio’s Buenos Aires priest dying in a car accident in the early hours of the morning driving Bergoglio’s car, I might – or not – be able to trace the original blog post and the original linked article out of a search engine. In this particular case I have tried, and I haven’t managed it, as I don’t even remember the year of publication (Francis has been Pope for far too long!). But I know what I read, and what I wrote. If you don’t believe me, tough luck or, actually, good luck searching the blog.

Secondly: whilst I will always publish a link if the information is so damning that it might attract accusations of libel (examples from my blog: the priest mentioned above, or Bergoglio caught in the airport with drugs in his luggage, or Bergoglio lying to his mother about his going to the seminary and bragging about it), there will often be no links in blog posts that simply reflect on what has been linked to in another post, or in blog posts reflecting on something that is everywhere on the Internet. The fact is, I often write in circumstances that do not allow for easy linking of external articles, and therefore prefer to publish my little reflections without the embellishments and accoutrements that a professional outlet will always have. In addition, at times I choose not to publish the link, because I don’t want to add clicks to the publication in question.

This one is not a news site. It’s more like the notes of a rather angered Catholic. You will not find, here, a professional level of editing (it goes also for the typos, an issue made worse by my dyslexia). You will also not find the comprehensive links to past events, even events happened years before, that you find in professional outlets. It’s just not the way a blog, and certainly my blog, works.

If a reader wants a link to a recent event I am writing about, he will likely be able to find it by searching for the most relevant words when the news are still fresh. Years later, it will be far more difficult. Still, I have also noticed that a good number of my readers are informed about Catholics things and do not use this blog to be informed about current events, but to read one particular take on them.

This is, to be honest, the level of effort I am willing to put on this little effort. I have no intention of spending countless hours looking for old links, or creating a catalogue of links, or even waiting to publish a story until the time when I post the link.

Some people are accustomed to professional news sites and perhaps expect for me to provide a comparable level of service.

Alas, it’s not going to happen.

Atomic Boor II: The Sequel

“Look! He is so humble! So Humble! And the car with lights on, security opening the door, and chauffeur waiting! I am so impressed! That’s how I do it myself!”

A French blogger (who calls me impitoyable; I’ll take it as a compliment, though I am not American) has reported an article from an Italian newspaper about another Francisstunt. Once again, the hypocrisy of the man is on show. Well, and the stupidity, too.

The link (text in Italian, it also has a link to the original Vatican News link) debunks the latest attempt of Atomic Boor to look educated. In pure Sherlock Holmes style, the guy finds a way to be “casually” found by a photographer as he goes out of a well-known music shop in Rome.

His oh so humble Fiat 500 is also visible, so we don’t think the guy is one for showing off. No, he isn’t. He is so folksy, you see. Instead, he takes his humble Fiat 500 in white (matches the clothes) and then, very casually, finds a parking spot just outside of the store. The luck of the Argentinians, I think it’s the saying…

A photographer, says Regime News, finds him “casually” and catches the magic moment, in pure Cartier-Bresson style. How serendipitous! Are you not so, so impressed by the everyday accessibility, by the simple spirit, by the sheer intellectual thirst of a guy who needs to have a little ride in Rome to buy his so, so precious classical music? Is it a surprise that the picture of the humble Pope Franciscus Wheelcharius went, as Regime News wants us to know, “viral in less than 30 minutes”?

Problem: someone in Sherlock’s entourage has not paid attention to a detail: that if – as Regime News itself reports – among the people who “casually” note that the Pope is having a folksy stroll is, also, the personal photographer of the Pope, then you will need Greta Thunberg levels of retardation to believe the tale of the serendipitous event.

The readers of this forum, however, have no Greta Thunberg levels of retardation. Most of them have, I think, Mundaborian levels of allergy to this kind of cheap – and stupid to boot – stunt. I am, therefore, pretty sure that said readers will agree with me on the following:

  1. Cardinal Ravasi sends out word that Francis has the 2000 CDs collection. It might be that Ravasi himself wanted to make himself beautiful as the “curator” of the collection; however, as Ravasi’s love for music is not questioned, this seems the less probable scenario, and I rather suspect that this was Sherlock Bergoglio instructing his trusted lapdog to find a suitable Catholic outlet and yap a bit about what a cultivated intellect and keen sense of beauty Sherlock has.
  2. The article goes out on CNA. People laugh, because it’s as if Beria had sent out word that Comrade Stalin is very fond of the Flemish Primitives, and a great admirer of Hieronymus Bosch.
  3. Francis has a spittle-flecked nutty, utters the C-word with reckless abandon, insults everyone around him for not doing things properly, and then proceeds to instruct his personal photographer to be, very casually, in the right place at the right time so that the old, lewd boor can go “viral in less than thirty minutes”.

Am I being uncharitable here? Or am I just looking at reality for what it is? Am I the only one who thinks that if you go out with security and chauffeur (just look at the picture), and have your car parked just in front of the shop, you should – out of sheer decency – avoid the little “humbleness theatre” with the Fiat 500? Am I the only one who thinks that it is entirely hypocritical, and entirely stupid, and therefore entirely like Francis, to mount such little stunts? Am I the only one who thinks that bringing a throng of journalists with you to witness that you pay the bill of a hotel which now, as the Pope, simply belongs to you, is the height of falseness and virtue-signaling?

You be the judge.

I, for myself, have no doubt whatsoever about who this man is.

The Pope, The Fuses, And The “C”-Word.

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Long Live Inequality

Never, ever, complained about inequality.

I can’t tell you how much it grates me that there should be politicians, actually now in the US more often than in Europe, whining about inequality.

The complaining about inequality is illogical, tyrannical, and Unchristian.

Humans have been made by their Creator with vast differences in, inter alia, intelligence, inventiveness, ability to work hard, ability to overcome difficulties, and many traits more. It is perfectly logical that this, alone, would create vast differences in people’s wealth.

But it is much, much more than that. How do you want to fight inequality? There is only one way: ferocious taxation of both earnings in life and inheritance after death. This is one of the most tyrannical ideas ever devised – which is why Communists specialise in it – as it deprives the human activity of that natural impulse to do better for ourselves and transmit the fruits of our labour to our children. It is difficult to imagine a worse compulsion and limitation of basic freedoms, short of North Korea.

Most of all, inequality is God-given and God-willed. The one is born the son of a penniless peasant. The other is born the son of a King. The social mobility the Church has always encouraged (many Popes of the past had quite humble origins, something that did not happened in secular government) and of which we see Old Testament examples (think of David) does not negate the premise: God wants some to be born rich, or powerful, or intelligent, or strong, or beautiful, and others poor, not powerful at all, dumb, ugly, or weak.

God does so, of course, in order to execute His Providential plan, giving all of us those special graces that are good for us, and asking us after death whether we have used those graces wisely or have squandered them away.

Of course, we need a fair society, which makes it impossible or extremely difficult for someone to enrich himself with devious, criminal, or fraudulent means; something in which, again, Communist Countries excel. And no, corruption and criminality are not given to us by God, they are merely allowed, like any other evil.

If all goes well and you have a well-ordered, corruption-free, efficient society which tries to give opportunities to those who deserve them, what do you get? You get huge inequality, as the emergence of the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, of the Henry Fordses, of the Jeff Bezoses and of the Elon Musks of the world will be, in fact, encouraged. This is not only legitimate. It is wonderful. It is God-given inventiveness, innovation, resilience, patience, genius, and sheer determination at work. Are these people perfect? Of course not. But neither you nor I are, and still no one asks whether we should be allowed to exist or have money.

Believe me I know what poverty is. Believe me I never had the privileges of the US underprivileged. I never bought $200 training shoes. I went to school with broken shoes. I know what it is not having the money to ask a girl out. I know what it is is to be scared about the future. And you know what? I think it was all God-given and providentially arranged, every bit of it.

Inequality is a toy , or rather a weapon, for people who want to become privileged themselves, profiting from the envy and the mediocrity of the lazy and dumb.

Embrace inequality. Embrace Christ.

Frankie The Music Lover? Not So Fast…

Loves Schubert, apparently…

And it came to pass we were informed that the Evil Clown has a 2000 cd strong collection. I don’t post the link, because it comes from a publication that should not be linked to.

It sounded strange to me that the pope of the poor would have a music collection costing, by and large, north of $40000. However, what indicated that something clearly wasn’t right is the other piece of information, that most of the 2000 CDs are of classical music.

2000 CDs of classical music? An atomic boor like this one? Please.

As it turns out, there is a very simple explanation for the unusual fact: the CDs are not the fruit of Francis’ boundless love for beauty, but the result of donations from all over the world.

Now, this makes sense. If Francis loved music, and beauty, he would be enchanted by every sung or musical version of the Traditional Mass, from the usual High Mass to, say, Requiem masses. But Francis does not love Traditional sung masses, most likely because they remind him of Christ.

I am, however, fairly sure Francis feels comfortable with the effeminate, sugary, childish attempts at music of the Novus Ordo; those horrible stuff that makes us try to zone out whenever it is inflicted on us in church. That stuff, I am sure, he calls “music”.

So, what do we learn from all this? We learn that the sycophantic fake Catholic press loves trying to make Francis look educated, sophisticated, lover of the finest expression of the human mind.

The reality is one of an insufferable, vulgar, ignorant boor. One who not only does not care for music, but actively tries to destroy the wonderful musical patrimony of our Sacred Liturgy.

Frankie, the music lover?

Epic fail.

Latin America: How To Stop Losing

The Wall Street Journal has written an article about the exodus of Catholics in Latin America. Whilst I think there is much worse around than the Wall Street Journal, I thought I would give my perspective on the issue.

The WSJ seems to identify some issues behind the loss of Catholics in South America, namely the fact that the Protestants a) are more directly concerned about solidarity, for example with distribution of beans and rice, b) are better at organising free time activities like soccer clubs, and c) are better at offering a “personal relationship with Jesus”, a typical – if wrong – Protestant “selling point”.

I will agree that solidarity is important. In Italy, for example, what the WSJ mentions has always been part and parcel of “being” Catholic. I am not sure that this should be much different in Latin America.

Similarly, in the Italy of my youth – and in the Italy of several generations before mine – the parish-sponsored sport activity has always been big. The soccer field near the church has always been a common trait of Italian communities, and the parish were directly involved in sports activity. It is not clear to me what has changed in that.

The “relationship with Jesus” part lead us, in my eyes, much nearer to the real issue: Catholics leave the Church when a) they have been poorly instructed and b) the local clergy fails to give them the spiritual nourishment they crave.

The Church has a wonderful, extremely involving, absolutely beautiful, wildly successful spiritual patrimony to give to his faithful, even including their prayer life and “personal relationship with Jesus. But this patrimony must be cherished, must be properly transmitted, and must be believed in the first place. A priest interested in social justice, striving to be “cool”, afraid of looking “stuffy”, and perhaps even plagued by spiritual issues of his own is a recipe for disaster.

One of the things I do whenever I see a new priest celebrating Mass is having some fun – in the midst of the penance and suffering that is attending a Novus Ordo Mass – trying to gauge whether the guy believes in God. Several times I have come to the conclusion that the guy gives the impression of not believing in God. More than a couple of times I have come to the conclusion that the guy is deeply troubled in much, much worse ways than being uncertain in his faith. It is no surprise that, confronted with such shepherds and badly instructed in the first place, Catholics would leave for ecclesial communities promising a deeper, fruitful, fulfilling religious experience.

Father Pablo, who always talks of social justice and his fears of seeing the ocean levels rise, will see his attendance numbers sink. Father Pedro, who always sounds like his voice is just a tad too shrill, will soon discover that Catholics want their pastor manly. Father Gonzalo, whose masses resemble a circus for the under nine years old, will notice in time that his children, once grown up, consider him nothing more than a nice kindergarten clown.

Catholicism is restored by being Catholic. There is nothing wrong with the recipe. The problem is with the bad cooks who don’t follow it. In order to stop losing, it is necessary to embrace Catholic tradition in everything.

Proper liturgy, proper catechism, proper militancy, proper attitude. This is how you reverse the destiny of Catholicism in South America. It’s not even about beans, or soccer, important as these side activities might be.

In the end, it is always about how one treats both the Bridegroom and the Bride.

Homo Is Who Homo Does, Or: Manipulating Catholics

You are not fooling anyone, old man…

Bill Donohue, the more than somewhat milquetoast professional writer leader of the controlled opposition Catholic League, has launched himself in one of those very disingenuous, dangerous, utterly misleading accusations that the “usual suspects” would be “manipulating” the Evil Clown in the matter of sodomy.

The tactics is very simple: a) systematically ignore all that Francis does. b) pick selectively something that Francis has said, once or twice, in the midst of countless acts and statements that directly contradict the selectively picked statement. c) assume that Francis lives on a different planet, where there is no Internet, no common sense, no simple observation of facts, and that he is completely dependent on what those around him tell him. d) assume that he is, therefore, “manipulated”.

This is disingenuous because at this point, even the Gold Medalist at the Pollyanna Games has understood how deeply Francis is involved in the cover up of homosexual activity.

Whether it is the obvious support given to the curas villeros and their toy boys, or the homosexual priest who died in a car accident driving Francis’ car, after remaining in the house of Francis until deep in the early morning; whether it is the fact that Francis chose to move to a hotel run by a notorious homosexual, whom he left in place and even promoted to a prestigious position at the Vatican bank, or the other fact that he chose to receive Father Georgina and other notorious supporters of perversion; whether it is his mocking assertion that the homo lobby members in the Vatican don’t wear a badge, or the even more notorious “who am I to judge?”, this guy has made it evident to a retard on steroids on what side of the issue he really is, albeit, still being the Pope, and having a passion for fooling people and lying undisturbed and unchallenged, he also once or twice interspersed his 100 deeds in help of perverts with some vague statements which, actually, sounds Catholic.

And this is, in the end, the problem with the professional, well-fed, controlled opposition of the Catholic League. Whilst they pretend to defend Catholic thinking – and they are certainly right in that – they also refuse to address the elephant in the room, merely because the elephant dresses in white and the old women love to be told that said man in white could never be a satanical, evil, petty, lewd, possibly perverted old scoundrel, but is, at worst, “manipulated”.

I say, enough with this rubbish. Homo is who homo does.

The duty of these well-paid professional Catholics is not to work as the accomplices of a clearly evil Pope, nor is it to actively hide the evil of this man from their own readers. Their duty is to do what so many of us do without any compensation, on our own dime and on our own time, gratis et amore dei: denounce an obviously evil Pope so that everybody can see that the Emperor is wearing a tutu and ballet shoes.

The one who is being manipulated here is not Francis.

It’s the readers and supporters of the Catholic League.

Cognitive Dissonance, Swimming, And Popcorn: Why The Battle For “Biological Females” Is Self-Defeating

Something is moving in the case of the swimmer dude who wants to win by competing against the girls. A group of parents has stated that the dudes are “trampling all over biological women”.

The problem is, the parents want to eat their cake and have it, and it’s just not going to work. The very mention of “biological women” can only mean one thing: that there are two kind of women, of which one is biological and the other is, somewhat, not biological (try to wrap your brain around that!). The parents themselves say it very clearly when they state that the relevant sport authorities must (emphasis mine) “find a way to include transgender women without trampling all over biological women.”

It just does not work that way. Either dude is a woman, or he isn’t. If he isn’t a woman, the parents need to wake up to reality and start saying out loud that he is a dude. However, as long as they keep stating that the dude is a woman of sorts, then any other place for him that is not among women would be discrimination and, delightfully, “transphobia”.

Inviting the sports authorities to “find a way” is just stupid. You can’t “find a way”, out of thin air, when there just isn’t one. You can’t find a way out of sheer reality. Reality states that there are male and women competitors. To decide that there should be a tertium genus is self-defeating, as the trannies would be relegated into something that no liberal parent could justify for as long as he or she remains blind to reality.

I have stated many times, and repeat today, that all liberal parents should reap what they sowed, and have their daughters’ dreams of glory shattered by the mentality they themselves have created. The daughters, then, will be either innocent of woke thinking – and then they will have only their own parents to blame – or subscribers to the madness – and then they will also have themselves to blame -.

This battle is self-defeating. It is the expression of a colossal cognitive dissonance that these liberal parents just refuse to see.

Let them pay the price of their own stupidity and political correctness. Virtue signaling has consequences.

I have a solution for these concerned parents. They won’t like it, but hey… The solution is:

  1. Shut up and get fully on board with the madness. Tell your daughters that to even think that they are being unfairly treated is transphobic. In fact, tell your daughters that, at this point, they might as well think of spending no time anymore in the swimming pool, and far more time in the kitchen.
  2. Wake up to reality and decide that a dude is a dude is a dude. When that has been understood, all the rest comes from itself.

I wish *no* good luck to the parents.

In the meantime, I will have some popcorn.

Nothing Compares To Exodus 20:5, Or: Sinead O’Connor, A Cautionary Tale.


Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

Exodus 20:5

The sad news is now everywhere, that the son of Sinead O’Connor committed suicide at 17.

Whilst it is fairly obvious what the likely destination of the young man is (two other attempted suicides in the last weeks. Do not deceive yourself: either he was completely bonkers, or Satan was strong with him), I think a prayer is in order. God has judged him according to His Goodness. We still hope that he made it, some way, to the right side of the Great Divide. We hope, by the way, the same for Sinead O’Connor. As always, God’s will be done.

So, let us see what hand the young boy had been handed.

He was born of a vocal lesbian, a pot addict, a woman unable to relate to others in any meaningful way, unstable to the utmost but still managing to put four children into the world. A sort of woman-child, if you would call her a woman. But boy, such a loud one… He was, also, born of a woman who famously tore up a picture on JP II on TV in a blatant attempt to criminalise the entire Catholic Church (and, by reflection, Catholicism) for an issue common to most complex organisations, like the teachers, or the so-called Church of England. However, the likes of O’Connor would refuse to see it. Why would she, you might ask?

If you ask me, because she was a pot-smoking pervert taking pride in calling herself a “dyke”, asking three popes to be excommunicated, taking pride in being made a mickey-mouse priest, changing her name because it is connected to “the patriarcheeee”, then changing it again when she apostatised (of all the bonkers acts of this human wreck, certainly the worst one). Just as an aside, she then informed us that she finds every non-muslim “disgusting” and that conversion to Mohammedanism is “the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey”; which, coming from such an oracle, should really give food for thoughts. The one who first says that even in her pot-ravaged state still believed in the Most Holy Trinity and then proceeds to deny the same Most Holy Trinity is, apparently, the smart one. We are, however, all stupid. Oh, and disgusting, too.

And then there are the constant about-faces. Be it Prince, or Christians, she is always ready to recant what she once shouted; but, somehow, she never seems to stop shouting.

Well, it seems that God has some very harsh news for this woman: the sins of the mothers shall be visited upon the sons. Whilst it would be unfair to blame her directly for an act for which the responsibility must rely on the one who made it, she cannot call herself innocent of this immense tragedy, as it is difficult not to conclude that being the son of such a clown and growing up a normal adult is not an easy job at all.

In my old post, linked above, I wrote:

That’s a bad’un; and mind my words, if she doesn’t change she will come to a very bad end.

The phrase did not require any special divinatory quality, as the woman has been on a path to self-destruction for many years; one that was, and is, as evident as it is shouted.

Almost ten years after that blog post, things have come to a very, very bad end indeed; but this has not involved her directly, but a young man she should have nurtured, protected, and helped to grow up a responsible adult with – because this is her obligation, whatever her character – the fear of the Lord.

Among the many delirious things this woman can never stop spouting is the belief that God sends everyone to heaven. I don’t think I am the only one reflecting that this is the stuff out of which suicides are made. These people work on their own tragedies every waking hour. Still, I am sure she will blame someone else for it, too. The Patriarchy, perhaps? Or the Church?

Rabidly anti-Catholic. Lesbian (let me quote: “dyke”). Pot addict for decades. Wannabe priestess. Apostate. Insulting of all followers of Christ. Am I the only one who thinks that the tragedy that has just unfolded is a huge cautionary tale, or a kind of 2+2=4 for the use of every Christian?

O’Connor has managed to share, not directly but certainly as a parent, clear responsibility for the self-destruction and very probable damnation of her own son. As in this little space we don’t do fake kindness (which would be uncharitable), and as it will be extremely difficult to find shepherds willing to do what, fifty years ago, would have been thundered from every pulpit ( that is: the use of this episode as a cautionary tale for the sheep), I think that it behooves little efforts like this one to encourage you to say, in your charity (let us say it once again) a prayer for the young man and for his mother, but to also point out very forcefully that this is what comes out of being Sinead O’Connor for an entire lifetime, and no, picking a new name every three month will not change anything, either.

I wish it weren’t that way. I wish that I lived in solidly Catholic times, where one can rely that the message will be relayed to the sheep promptly and forcefully. As things stand, I dread the amount of sugary your-son-is-now-with-the-angels-ism and other similar lies that might be propagated by laymen and priests, possibly even by bishops. When it is about looking good, I see it far too often that Christ becomes an afterthought, when He is considered at all.

Before I go, let me clear the air with some conciliatory, soft, soothing, charitable considerations:

  1. Let it not be said that Sinead O’Connor has “the heart in the right place”. When you apostatise, your heart has been conquered by Satan.
  2. Let it not be said that she should be left alone in this tragic hour. Her mentality, her entire life work, her whole Weltanschauung leads to suicide. As she has always been very good at shouting iniquity she should not be protected, now, from the shouting of reason.
  3. Let this be a cautionary tale. You reap what you sow. What happened now is what Sinead O’Connor has been sowing for three decades.

The Second Carpet Bombing Of Francis, By The Same Dutch Squadron.

Look, it’s the Dutch Bomber Squadron… again!!

Bishop Mutsaert did it again.

After carpet bombing Francis last summer, soon after the release of Traditionis Custodes, the good Bishop spoke again and, again, he wasn’t shy about saying what he thinks.

His observations are very Catholic and very smart. Particularly intelligent is the reflection that, whilst Francis demands that those who want to celebrate the TLM declare their allegiance to the Second Vatican Disaster, the Novus ordo priests are not asked to accept the Council of Trent.

This would, in fact, be a very interesting game to play with Francis on the next aeroplane:

“Your Holiness, do you accept the Council of Trent?”


“Your Holiness, as you know, in Quo Primum your holy predecessor, Pope Saint Pius V, declared:

“Let all everywhere adopt and observe what has been handed down by the Holy Roman Church, the Mother and Teacher of the other Churches, and let Masses not be sung or read according to any other formula than that of this Missal published by Us. This ordinance applies henceforth, now, and forever, throughout all the provinces of the Christian world”.

He also solemnly stated:

“No one whosoever is permitted to alter this notice of Our permission, statute, ordinance, command, precept, grant, indult, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. Should anyone dare to contravene it, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.”

Do you agree with the words of your holy predecessor?”

That would be, authentically, fun to behold and would rapidly become a “cult” video clip if filmed. My take is that you would see the unholy lewd guy change colour in the face, get all angry and flustered, and then precipitously interrupt the journalist and start screaming in panic, just like Don Abbondio did when Renzo wanted to marry Lucia in a “surprise marriage” against his will. After which, he would answer with some insults to the journalist posing the question.

Later, the Vatican PR machine would run to the “rescue” (actually: try to limit the damage) and assure us that the Evil Clown did not actually intend to mean what he says, but rather that bla, bla, and more bla.

This guy lives in a world consisting entirely of hypocrisy and deception. He lives in a huge pram, out of which toys are thrown incessantly. Lying and hating are in every cell of his. He is too evil to respect Catholicism, too far gone to realise how dumb he looks, and too arrogant to care for anything but his own little revenge of the day. His pettiness and record-shattering petulance are a typical mark of the old homosexual.

This guy is vulgar, ignorant, dumb, lewd, and evil.

And I suspect him of being a homo.

I suspect him of being a homo.

Two Old “Men”, Or: A Judgmental Blog Post

Not really inclusive of those who insist in staying out…

And it came to pass that I was walking, just minutes ago, on a busy street I will, for obvious reasons, not mention.

Two old men (both older than me, and I begin my age with a “6”) were standing one near the other, deciding something.

They were, both of them, and without a doubt, belonging to that category of men commonly known as “fudge packer”, “pillow biter”, , “bugger”, “fairy” or, more commonly, “faggot”.

How did I understand their particular situation? Not being one of those, it is difficult for me to pinpoint a particular feature. They were both attired in the same way, and both of them reminded me of the late, famous German comedian, and bugger extraordinaire, Dirk Bach (google him and you’ll understand what I mean).

Their entire demeanour was, well, faggy. It was as if the entire reserve of testosterone they once possessed had been taken away from them with a huge syringe. The way they stood on their feet, the little gesticulating they had, the entire countenance reminiscent of an old, wrinkly, scared Faggobambi waiting to be startled by some car light literally screamed about the sorry state of their rectal orifice.

And they were miserable.


I might, or might not, have given them “the eye”; as I might, or might not, like the kind of “micro aggression” that says “be glad I am not in power, girl”. But as I walked past the two strangely standing people, I could not avoid thinking what kind of life stories I had just left behind me, as I walked with (by God’s grace) vigorous, manly, self-assured steps to my destination.

It is not only an entire life of very grave sin that goes in front of you like a mini movie. It is the filth, the stench, the manure they must have wallowed in during, very possibly, a lifetime. A lifetime now slowly, but surely, approaching its end, and – if nothing changes – leading to an amount of pain compared to which all that back side activity must look a walk in the park.

Why do I say this to you? Because, my dear readers, I am fed up with non-judgmentalism. I will make every effort to judge with right judgment; but after that, I will most assuredly judge. Nor will I indulge in that most beloved sport of our time, which I will call “Perhapsism”.

Perhaps they weren’t fags. Perhaps Father Georgina isn’t a homosexual. Perhaps Francis is in good faith. Perhaps God makes people perverts. Perhaps I am being bad.

They were fags. Father Georgina is as homo as they come. Francis is a lying, lewd scoundrel. God does not “do” perversion. I am being Catholic.

There. Cancel me from your Facebook now (hint: I am not there). Post this blog post on your oh so inclusive Twitter account. Call me a Trump guy!! (Thanks!). Call me “phobic” (I prefer “Christian”, kindly…).

I am on the side of 2000 years of Catholicism. I am on the side of Padre Pio, Saint Pius V, Saint Peter Damian, and Saint Bernadine of Siena. I am, warts and all, on the side of Christ, n.o.t. “inclusion”.

Pray for the two old buggers.

But don’t give them any discount.

Faithful, Whatever The Cost


For those of you who don’t know, Sanremo is a beautiful city on the Italian Riviera, known as “the city of flowers”. If you are on holiday in Italy, you can do much worse than Sanremo.

Sanremo is, now, in the Catholic news because of a local Benedictine community. These brave Catholic monks have read Traditionis Custodes. Then they have looked at their own Constitution, which was approved by Rome. I suspect they have also made one consideration or two regarding the potential luciferian influence on a certain guy known to us all.

After these considerations, the monks have decided, before Christmas, that it’s not going to happen and they are going to go on as usual. In January, the Prior, Father de Belleville, reiterated the refusal and said the Monks are going to “remain faithful, whatever the cost”.

The monks have also issued an appeal to other similar orders, encouraging them to do the same.

Boy, it looks like the good monks are really Catholic! Francis will get the conniptions, no doubt about that!

This will be one to watch. Francis has likely thought that the TLM communities all over would just shut up and obey. If this does not happen, he will have to lose face (provided he ever had one) or enforce his tyrannical diktat. Then it might get really funny, because if the Friars remain hard (I suppose they will: a monk tends to be different from a politician, or a Bishop) there is no way Francis can force them, and any action against them will be doomed to fail.

What can Francis do? Smash them on the street? Him, the popeofmercy ™ himself, doing such a thing? It would not look good. Still, if he tries, the Monks will receive more support and money than they will ever need, in no time. Heck, they might even – depending from the legal framework governing their organisation – bring the monastery and all the real estate with them! That would be really fun!

The history of the Church shows us that, whenever a tyrant tries to persecute Her, there is always a minority of hardcore faithful who ruin the party for him. Whether Diocletian or Julian the Apostate, Henry VIII or Paul VI, there were always the St Lucia’s, the Moores, the Fishers or the Lefebvres of the day to make sure everyone – even the tyrant of the day – knows what is what.

I am trying to translate the lawful and righteous resistance of the good Monks in colloquial English, and one expression that comes to mind is “shut up, bitch!”; albeit I am absolutely sure that the good monks, whatever their thoughts on Francis’ canine tendencies, would never express themselves in that way. Never. Ever.

Never mind. I will do it for them. You are welcome.

Let us pray for the good monks. Gloria TV, which had the news (I can’t link now) will certainly report on the further developments and the coordinates for donations if the need arises.

Faithful, whatever the cost. An encouragement for us all.

Die soon, evil clown. Haste on your way to the place the Lord’s Justice has appointed for you.

May you enjoy it, and its delights, for all eternity.

Of Fags, Wheelchairs, And Confessionals.

Recently canonised

As not only Frankie, but apparently other people are confused about the tragedy of sexual perversion, I think it will be good to explain a couple of things.

Firstly: homosexuality is not a sin. Homosexuality is a perversion. The person who is homosexual has a huge problem in what he is, because homosexuality is something one is, not something one does.

The sin of sodomy is the sin that perverts practice when they act on their perverted attitude. Sodomy is not something a pervert is, it is something a pervert does.

Being homosexual does not compel anyone to engage in sodomy any more than being a pedophile compels one to rape children. Perverted humans are still human. They do not become animals compelled to a certain behaviour like a sporty cat seeing a mouse, or a hungry lion spotting a gazelle. Humans have agency. Homos are humans. Homos have agency.

From this follows that no homo is ever more justified in engaging in sodomy than a pedophile is justified in engaging in child rape. If this does not make perfect sense to you, you are already advanced in the ways of Father Georgina, and I can smell the brimstone from here.

Saint Francisco Wheelcharius was recently quoted with saying that many homos can access the sacrament of penance (which they clearly can) and the church “helps them to move forward in their lives”. What he has not said is how this moving forward would actually happen.

The homosexual approaching the confessional should do so in horror of the horrible sin of sodomy and in disgust of the horrible perversion of homosexuality. If this horror and disgust are not there, how can said homo “move forward in his life”? If the homosexual does not deeply loathe his perversion, how can he present himself in front of Christ and hope for a valid absolution? Such a person would be a person who approves of his perversion, and therefore condemns Christ as homophobic. This seems a moving backward to me; it seems, to me, a sacrilege.

I wonder now: when Saint Francisco Wheelcharius speaks of moving forward, does this entail that total rejection of both the perversion and the sin? If this is the case, the guy could bloody well mention it, as this is not a trifling matter. In fact, if this is not said with very clear words, it would almost look like, for Francis, homosexuality unavoidably means sodomy, and the “moving forward” is a motion of a sodomite who remains such.

Am I being harsh here? I don’t think so. Why would I give any slack to a man who keeps living under the roof of a notorious homosexual and receives screeching pro-homo Jesuits who talk, look and gesticulate as deviant just as Stalin looked communist? As I have read somewhere, if he talks like a fag, walks like a fag and quacks like a fag, he is very probably a fag.

There. I have said it. Saint Francisco Wheelcharius will hate me. But then again, he might be a fag himself, so I not sure I will be impressed.

The “Dark Inner Stables” And The Darkness of Creepy Francis

Dark, indeed…

The Angelus of the 2nd January had Francis blathering about his usual stuff: Jesus comes to you; if you shut him out, he waits; but please let him in and invite him in your “dark inner stables” and you will be quite fine.

This guy is always “off”, even when he does not insult Catholicism directly, exactly in what he does not say. It’s as if his Catholicism, even when it is to be found, always missed one leg.

You read about his Angelus, and it looks like this: if you invite Jesus he enters, and when he enters… that’s it. Your job is to invite. When you invite, all is done, because hey, Jesus does not require anything more, does He now?

This creepy religion of salvation for the asking is very much in tune with all the rest that Francis says. The constant hammering of the idea that Jesus forgives everything (repentance not required, change of life not necessary) is a recurring theme with him.

From the automatic salvation to the smell of sheep, the step is a small one. If Jesus forgives me just for the asking, why would I actually make an effort to change? If the aim of Jesus’ relationship with me is that he is allowed in, not that I conform myself to His Commandments, why would my behaviour need to change?

Francis himself said it in the past in the most explicit way, when – years ago – he referred to the penitent in the confessional as the one who says “I have sinned, and I will sin again!”. The confessions of this guy must be somewhat between the cringeworthy, the heretical and the satanical.

When you understand this, you also get the real message within the “dark inner stables” talk. Francis is very fine with the stable remaining darkened by sin, just as he is expects the sheep to keep stinking. In Francis’ Gospel, Jesus says “if you love me, you can keep ignoring my commandments”.

Hey, you have invited, so you have done all that Jesus desired of you.

Mind, the guy does and says worse things. You read his blathering, and it looks like he is merely being mediocre at the first part (the one when Christ enters); however, the second part (the one when you keep His Commandments) never comes. Francis’ all-inclusive, buffet-salvation only asks you to fill your plate.

That’s it.

Feel free to keep stinking.

I wonder how dark and creepy Francis’ dark inner stables are. He has no qualms with protecting an obvious homosexual, under whose roof he lives.

Methinks, his dark inner stables are full of shit, stink like hell, and are very dark indeed.

Padre Pio: Two Books Compared

I have now finished “Saint Padre Pio, Man of Hope” in the latest version of Renzo Allegri. I had bought it some time ago, but never came to reading it, likely because I found the Ruffin book (“Padre Pio, The True Story”) so well written that it would be difficult to surpass it.

All in all, I’d say that that the Allegri work is a good one, but the Ruffin one is a much better one and, if you want to buy a book about the life of Padre Pio, I would recommend the latter.

The difference between the two books I can easily discern (I have read the Ruffin years ago, though I keep coming back to it again and again for single parts) are the following:

  1. The Ruffin book gives a very vivid description of the environment in which Padre Pio found himself to operate. The explosive mixture of ignorance, superstition, arrogance, violence, poverty and corruption the saintly man had to endure is very vividly present to the mind of an Italian reader, who knows his people with their good and bad sides. However, without the description of all the, ahem, “quirks” of the local populace it is difficult to understand why the Holy Office would see Padre Pio with suspicion, or try to protect him from the fanaticism of the mob, or try to avoid the hysterical “cult” (and the frauds, with the awful “relic” business) that was developing around the saintly man. Renzo Allegri’s work says very little about it, and frankly describes it in a rosewater way that makes a reader wonder how the Holy Office could “persecute” Padre Pio (fact: Padre Pio had enemies and slanderers, but a lot of what was done from Rome was done to, actually, protect the man).
  2. The Allegri book is a revised version, modified in the last years, and it’s too much V II for my liking. You are told how good the future JP II was to Padre Pio (good for him!), and how devout Francis is of the guy! You don’t say, Renzo, old boy!! I must say, I vomited a little bit inside my mouth as I read that.
  3. The Ruffin goes in detail about Padre Pio’s opinion of the Aggiornamento. There are brutal sentences there. There are moving episodes. Not one word on this in the other book. You’d think the entire V II process did not make any impression, or cause any reaction, in the great Saint.
  4. The Ruffin book has several more instances of Padre Pio’s frank and very direct behaviour than Allegri’s one. One can clearly see that Allegri did not want to give his readers the sharpest angles of the everyday Padre Pio, the one who slapped people in the face, shouted in church, or threw sandals around the classroom (however, it has the delightful episode of the woman left by her husband…). I am Italian, and I assure you that a saint who slaps people in the face (when it has to be), shouts in church (when it has to be to get people to shut up: see above about the antics of the populace), and throws sandals around the classroom is as authentic, as unashamedly Italian, and as wonderfully tasty as Tiramisu’; but, in the case of a saint, it is obviously better still.
  5. Ruffin goes where Allegri does not: the militant anticommunism and anti-homosexualism of Padre Pio are not really mentioned. Big minus points here.
  6. Ms Pyle is mentioned, in the lesser book, only once. I don’t think this is a honest representation of a collaboration that went on for decades.
  7. The last chapters in Allegri’s book want to make the Church look bad for putting Padre Pio’s beatification on ice for ten years after his death, as if the Church had to be worried about beatifying great saints in double quick time so that their followers are not upset. I think this is unfair, and a worrying indication of a “santo subito”– mentality. Again, so very V II. We have seen where that goes…

Mind: I am not saying that the “man of hope” book is wasted money. However, to me this is the book you read *after* you have read the Ruffin, just to have a different perspective.

Be it as it may, delving into the life and times of this great Saint is always a very instructive, edifying, and unforgettable experience. It’s amazing that, in the midst of the godless XX Century, God gave us a Saint of such colossal, and I mean colossal magnitude.

A Saint who will help us, too, who have to live in the midst of the utterly mad, and utterly perverted XXI Century.

2022: Here’s Wishing For The Turning Of The Tide

We need this event first…

Many are the events that 2022 could bring to the Catholic world, both bad and good. As I am an optimist by nature, I want to keep a realistic, but solid view of what I think could, with God’s help, happen in 2022.

I have expressed on this little effort, many times by now, the idea that the horrible situation we are living is but the reflection of the rebellion which both the faithful* and the clergy have staged since the beginning of the so-called aggiornamento; a word which, in itself, reveals the subversive potential which, then, ended up unfolding under our very eyes for now many decades.

I do not think that the laity* can call itself innocent of what has happened. In fact, I think that what has happened was a vicious circle of both laity* and clergy reciprocally encouraging each other. The clergy is, of course, the bigger culprit, as they are supposed to be the shepherds. But no sheep has any right to be as willingly blind and unforgivably stupid as the Catholic sheep have chosen to be* in these past six decades.

This rebellion had to cause a punishment. This punishment had to be visited upon both the clergy and the laity*, because both of them are culpable. This punishment had to lead to a horrendous disfiguration of the Church at Her very core, and in Her most sacred institutions, so that it is finally understood what monstrous disfiguration of Catholicism the machinery put in motion by V II was and still is.

We are, collectively*, living a punishment we have, collectively*, amply deserved.

It is perfectly logical that it should be this way. Why would God allow His Clergy and His faithful to stray to such an extent and not punish their insolence? And if this must, necessarily, be so, how could this punishment be anything other than a terrible spiritual plague on both of them, until the madness finally causes the clergy and the faithful to demand that the course be reverted?

No, the explanation was too long; so let me put it in a different way: how can we, collectively intended*, spread so much shit over the Church and the Doctrine, over our Catholic thinking, our Catholic liturgy and our Catholic traditions, and then expect that we will not be made to eat all this shit, until we have been punished enough?

No. The more I get old, the more I see an inescapable relationship of cause and effect between V II and what is happening now, in a way that seems to me as obvious as the hangover after the drunkenness.

Therefore, let us come back to the actual topic of this post, that is: what we can hope for 2022.

What I hope for 2022 is not a big, sudden, explosive change of thinking in the Church. Too corrupt is the clergy for this to reasonably happen, and whilst God can do everything, He normally acts in more subdued, subtle, gradual ways.

What I hope we will have in 2022 is, first, a Conclave. Then, I hope that from this conclave will come out someone who is, at least, not quite horrible (say: one who is JP II bad, or B XVI bad). Someone who, as we say in Italy, “has scabies” (language tip: the Italian saying to describe a group of corrupted people is “the cleanest one has scabies”….) but is, at least, not worse than that.

In time, slowly perhaps, this new “scabies Pope” might, with God’s Grace, steer the Church to a point where the desire for the recovery of traditional Catholic thinking and practice has become more widespread, the Father Georginas of the world either shut up or are slowly driven out of the Church, and people start to see a noticeable difference between the Age of Shit (Francis), and the Age Of Manure (Scabies Pope), where the excrement content is now visibly reduced.

From there, and in the time and ways decreed by God Almighty, we might slowly start to get out of the mess, and the following Popes might be, gradually, better and better ones, until at some point – likely, after many of us are already dead – it is begun to be noticed that the Church is, in fact, properly run again.

Mind, it might get worse than this. Much worse, in fact. We have been told by the apparition of Our Lady of Quito that the point will come when everything seems lost. Well, if we are lucky we will remember Francis’ pontificate as the time when everything seemed lost. If we are unlucky, we will see much worse than even him. I suggest we prepare ourselves for the worst, and hope for the best.

And hope I will, therefore, do. I will allow myself to hope, and will wallow in the beautiful, fresh, exhilarating feeling, that 2022 might mark, as Tolkien so famously said, the turning of the tide.

Together, of course, with a year rich in blessings and spiritual gifts for all my readers.

*Obviously, dear reader, this is in general and does not concern every single individual or, actually, you.

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