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2022: Here’s Wishing For The Turning Of The Tide

We need this event first…

Many are the events that 2022 could bring to the Catholic world, both bad and good. As I am an optimist by nature, I want to keep a realistic, but solid view of what I think could, with God’s help, happen in 2022.

I have expressed on this little effort, many times by now, the idea that the horrible situation we are living is but the reflection of the rebellion which both the faithful* and the clergy have staged since the beginning of the so-called aggiornamento; a word which, in itself, reveals the subversive potential which, then, ended up unfolding under our very eyes for now many decades.

I do not think that the laity* can call itself innocent of what has happened. In fact, I think that what has happened was a vicious circle of both laity* and clergy reciprocally encouraging each other. The clergy is, of course, the bigger culprit, as they are supposed to be the shepherds. But no sheep has any right to be as willingly blind and unforgivably stupid as the Catholic sheep have chosen to be* in these past six decades.

This rebellion had to cause a punishment. This punishment had to be visited upon both the clergy and the laity*, because both of them are culpable. This punishment had to lead to a horrendous disfiguration of the Church at Her very core, and in Her most sacred institutions, so that it is finally understood what monstrous disfiguration of Catholicism the machinery put in motion by V II was and still is.

We are, collectively*, living a punishment we have, collectively*, amply deserved.

It is perfectly logical that it should be this way. Why would God allow His Clergy and His faithful to stray to such an extent and not punish their insolence? And if this must, necessarily, be so, how could this punishment be anything other than a terrible spiritual plague on both of them, until the madness finally causes the clergy and the faithful to demand that the course be reverted?

No, the explanation was too long; so let me put it in a different way: how can we, collectively intended*, spread so much shit over the Church and the Doctrine, over our Catholic thinking, our Catholic liturgy and our Catholic traditions, and then expect that we will not be made to eat all this shit, until we have been punished enough?

No. The more I get old, the more I see an inescapable relationship of cause and effect between V II and what is happening now, in a way that seems to me as obvious as the hangover after the drunkenness.

Therefore, let us come back to the actual topic of this post, that is: what we can hope for 2022.

What I hope for 2022 is not a big, sudden, explosive change of thinking in the Church. Too corrupt is the clergy for this to reasonably happen, and whilst God can do everything, He normally acts in more subdued, subtle, gradual ways.

What I hope we will have in 2022 is, first, a Conclave. Then, I hope that from this conclave will come out someone who is, at least, not quite horrible (say: one who is JP II bad, or B XVI bad). Someone who, as we say in Italy, “has scabies” (language tip: the Italian saying to describe a group of corrupted people is “the cleanest one has scabies”….) but is, at least, not worse than that.

In time, slowly perhaps, this new “scabies Pope” might, with God’s Grace, steer the Church to a point where the desire for the recovery of traditional Catholic thinking and practice has become more widespread, the Father Georginas of the world either shut up or are slowly driven out of the Church, and people start to see a noticeable difference between the Age of Shit (Francis), and the Age Of Manure (Scabies Pope), where the excrement content is now visibly reduced.

From there, and in the time and ways decreed by God Almighty, we might slowly start to get out of the mess, and the following Popes might be, gradually, better and better ones, until at some point – likely, after many of us are already dead – it is begun to be noticed that the Church is, in fact, properly run again.

Mind, it might get worse than this. Much worse, in fact. We have been told by the apparition of Our Lady of Quito that the point will come when everything seems lost. Well, if we are lucky we will remember Francis’ pontificate as the time when everything seemed lost. If we are unlucky, we will see much worse than even him. I suggest we prepare ourselves for the worst, and hope for the best.

And hope I will, therefore, do. I will allow myself to hope, and will wallow in the beautiful, fresh, exhilarating feeling, that 2022 might mark, as Tolkien so famously said, the turning of the tide.

Together, of course, with a year rich in blessings and spiritual gifts for all my readers.

*Obviously, dear reader, this is in general and does not concern every single individual or, actually, you.

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