Nothing Compares To Exodus 20:5, Or: Sinead O’Connor, A Cautionary Tale.


Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

Exodus 20:5

The sad news is now everywhere, that the son of Sinead O’Connor committed suicide at 17.

Whilst it is fairly obvious what the likely destination of the young man is (two other attempted suicides in the last weeks. Do not deceive yourself: either he was completely bonkers, or Satan was strong with him), I think a prayer is in order. God has judged him according to His Goodness. We still hope that he made it, some way, to the right side of the Great Divide. We hope, by the way, the same for Sinead O’Connor. As always, God’s will be done.

So, let us see what hand the young boy had been handed.

He was born of a vocal lesbian, a pot addict, a woman unable to relate to others in any meaningful way, unstable to the utmost but still managing to put four children into the world. A sort of woman-child, if you would call her a woman. But boy, such a loud one… He was, also, born of a woman who famously tore up a picture on JP II on TV in a blatant attempt to criminalise the entire Catholic Church (and, by reflection, Catholicism) for an issue common to most complex organisations, like the teachers, or the so-called Church of England. However, the likes of O’Connor would refuse to see it. Why would she, you might ask?

If you ask me, because she was a pot-smoking pervert taking pride in calling herself a “dyke”, asking three popes to be excommunicated, taking pride in being made a mickey-mouse priest, changing her name because it is connected to “the patriarcheeee”, then changing it again when she apostatised (of all the bonkers acts of this human wreck, certainly the worst one). Just as an aside, she then informed us that she finds every non-muslim “disgusting” and that conversion to Mohammedanism is “the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey”; which, coming from such an oracle, should really give food for thoughts. The one who first says that even in her pot-ravaged state still believed in the Most Holy Trinity and then proceeds to deny the same Most Holy Trinity is, apparently, the smart one. We are, however, all stupid. Oh, and disgusting, too.

And then there are the constant about-faces. Be it Prince, or Christians, she is always ready to recant what she once shouted; but, somehow, she never seems to stop shouting.

Well, it seems that God has some very harsh news for this woman: the sins of the mothers shall be visited upon the sons. Whilst it would be unfair to blame her directly for an act for which the responsibility must rely on the one who made it, she cannot call herself innocent of this immense tragedy, as it is difficult not to conclude that being the son of such a clown and growing up a normal adult is not an easy job at all.

In my old post, linked above, I wrote:

That’s a bad’un; and mind my words, if she doesn’t change she will come to a very bad end.

The phrase did not require any special divinatory quality, as the woman has been on a path to self-destruction for many years; one that was, and is, as evident as it is shouted.

Almost ten years after that blog post, things have come to a very, very bad end indeed; but this has not involved her directly, but a young man she should have nurtured, protected, and helped to grow up a responsible adult with – because this is her obligation, whatever her character – the fear of the Lord.

Among the many delirious things this woman can never stop spouting is the belief that God sends everyone to heaven. I don’t think I am the only one reflecting that this is the stuff out of which suicides are made. These people work on their own tragedies every waking hour. Still, I am sure she will blame someone else for it, too. The Patriarchy, perhaps? Or the Church?

Rabidly anti-Catholic. Lesbian (let me quote: “dyke”). Pot addict for decades. Wannabe priestess. Apostate. Insulting of all followers of Christ. Am I the only one who thinks that the tragedy that has just unfolded is a huge cautionary tale, or a kind of 2+2=4 for the use of every Christian?

O’Connor has managed to share, not directly but certainly as a parent, clear responsibility for the self-destruction and very probable damnation of her own son. As in this little space we don’t do fake kindness (which would be uncharitable), and as it will be extremely difficult to find shepherds willing to do what, fifty years ago, would have been thundered from every pulpit ( that is: the use of this episode as a cautionary tale for the sheep), I think that it behooves little efforts like this one to encourage you to say, in your charity (let us say it once again) a prayer for the young man and for his mother, but to also point out very forcefully that this is what comes out of being Sinead O’Connor for an entire lifetime, and no, picking a new name every three month will not change anything, either.

I wish it weren’t that way. I wish that I lived in solidly Catholic times, where one can rely that the message will be relayed to the sheep promptly and forcefully. As things stand, I dread the amount of sugary your-son-is-now-with-the-angels-ism and other similar lies that might be propagated by laymen and priests, possibly even by bishops. When it is about looking good, I see it far too often that Christ becomes an afterthought, when He is considered at all.

Before I go, let me clear the air with some conciliatory, soft, soothing, charitable considerations:

  1. Let it not be said that Sinead O’Connor has “the heart in the right place”. When you apostatise, your heart has been conquered by Satan.
  2. Let it not be said that she should be left alone in this tragic hour. Her mentality, her entire life work, her whole Weltanschauung leads to suicide. As she has always been very good at shouting iniquity she should not be protected, now, from the shouting of reason.
  3. Let this be a cautionary tale. You reap what you sow. What happened now is what Sinead O’Connor has been sowing for three decades.

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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    This was very personal to me since my own grandson committed suicide three years ago at 18. I will pray for him every day for the rest of my life. My husband and i have kept a candle lit for him every day for the past three years and we have Masses said for him almost every month. He was a wonderful young man who loved babies and always had one on his lap at family gatherings. When the counselor at his big public high school was looking for seniors to mentor younger students, he was the only one who responded and talked one of his friends into volunteering as well. I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to experience the grief of suicide. Please pray for Brendan in your charity. As i will pray for this poor boy growing up in a crazy nihilistic world with a poor, sad, sinful, broken mother.

  2. 11 years ago I regaled the internet with similar thoughts on the subject of a local guy who, having led a life of criminality and dissolution, ended it by his own hand after attempting to murder the police officers who came to pick him up on a felony warrant. There were sentiments expressed by a “relative” of his of gratitude that he was “no longer suffering.” I guess that means she believed in either soul annihilation or universal salvation; either way, nothing we do matters! Which, of course, must mean that we ourselves don’t matter, in which case Jesus Christ either didn’t die for our salvation, or He was a sap for having done so. We probably don’t want to know the true number of people in the world who think this way.

  3. To reject God is to reject reality and invite insanity. Appears to be the case here.

  4. In the post I read, she blamed Ireland for his death. She said she will never forgive Ireland. She blames Ireland because her son was released from a mental hospital just before his suicide. Anyone who has worked in a mental hospital knows how clever a deranged person can act. If he assured the staff that he was finally ‘recovered’, (and they being typically so Caring and Loving) why would they not believe him? Anyway, blaming Ireland is an easy way to ignore her own guilt, I imagine.
    Yes, prayers for both.

  5. Mary Ann, what a special boy, what a loss, I’m so very sorry.
    This situation is repeated again and again today because suicide rates are exploding. Children need certain things in life such as love and security, they need to be shown the way toward faith and civility and rational living, and so many parents are completely lost themselves, there is no one to show the poor children. Now we lose another poor boy.
    Sinead O’Connor has struggled with mental illness for decades at least. It is amazing she is alive herself. What a pity for her she had a hit song, it probably did not help her. Nor did it help her that our world is so insane it rewards insane behavior.
    Mental illness is a terrible burden and cross. People typically become alcoholics or drug addicts as they just try to ease the pain of it. If a child does well it is against all odds.
    God be merciful to him, and to her, and to all the poor children of broken people who brought them into the world and have no idea how to raise them well, or people who just gave up too soon.

  6. Mental illness is truly awful. Mary Ann, I am SO very sorry for your loss. There are no words. My daughter struggles with depression/anxiety/autism and it is so very hard everyone. As far as Sinead, I agree with Kate – too bad that Sinead had a hit and decided that the world should care about what she thinks. Interesting that Sinead, with years of drugs, wild behavior, etc. chose to leave the Catholic Church and after much study – become a muslim! Islam could only make sense if your brain is a mess.

  7. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Thanks for your prayers, Mundabor, and for your kind comment, Kate. I depend on God’s mercy and the love Our Lady has for us that all will be well with our dear Brendan.

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