The Second Carpet Bombing Of Francis, By The Same Dutch Squadron.

Look, it’s the Dutch Bomber Squadron… again!!

Bishop Mutsaert did it again.

After carpet bombing Francis last summer, soon after the release of Traditionis Custodes, the good Bishop spoke again and, again, he wasn’t shy about saying what he thinks.

His observations are very Catholic and very smart. Particularly intelligent is the reflection that, whilst Francis demands that those who want to celebrate the TLM declare their allegiance to the Second Vatican Disaster, the Novus ordo priests are not asked to accept the Council of Trent.

This would, in fact, be a very interesting game to play with Francis on the next aeroplane:

“Your Holiness, do you accept the Council of Trent?”


“Your Holiness, as you know, in Quo Primum your holy predecessor, Pope Saint Pius V, declared:

“Let all everywhere adopt and observe what has been handed down by the Holy Roman Church, the Mother and Teacher of the other Churches, and let Masses not be sung or read according to any other formula than that of this Missal published by Us. This ordinance applies henceforth, now, and forever, throughout all the provinces of the Christian world”.

He also solemnly stated:

“No one whosoever is permitted to alter this notice of Our permission, statute, ordinance, command, precept, grant, indult, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. Should anyone dare to contravene it, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.”

Do you agree with the words of your holy predecessor?”

That would be, authentically, fun to behold and would rapidly become a “cult” video clip if filmed. My take is that you would see the unholy lewd guy change colour in the face, get all angry and flustered, and then precipitously interrupt the journalist and start screaming in panic, just like Don Abbondio did when Renzo wanted to marry Lucia in a “surprise marriage” against his will. After which, he would answer with some insults to the journalist posing the question.

Later, the Vatican PR machine would run to the “rescue” (actually: try to limit the damage) and assure us that the Evil Clown did not actually intend to mean what he says, but rather that bla, bla, and more bla.

This guy lives in a world consisting entirely of hypocrisy and deception. He lives in a huge pram, out of which toys are thrown incessantly. Lying and hating are in every cell of his. He is too evil to respect Catholicism, too far gone to realise how dumb he looks, and too arrogant to care for anything but his own little revenge of the day. His pettiness and record-shattering petulance are a typical mark of the old homosexual.

This guy is vulgar, ignorant, dumb, lewd, and evil.

And I suspect him of being a homo.

I suspect him of being a homo.

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  1. There are other moral and intellectual perversions that can support a kind of diabolical narcissism but they are not inimical to the homosexual slap in the face of God’s natural order.

  2. He’s certainly not heterosexual & the evil portrayed on his face is demonic. As we were warned by Our Lady of La Salette – Rome has lost the faith & become the seat of the Antichrist. Those Cardinals who refused to sign the Dubia have prolonged our agony by their false obedience to this apostate, heretic, idolater. Thanks be to God for Bishop Mutsaert!

  3. excellent as usual Mundabor! I agree completely.
    Prayers for you my friend.

  4. Wow!

  5. sixlittlerabbits

    Agree with you on Franny being a homo. He revealed it early in his “Who am I to judge” comment. I guessed he was referring to himself.

  6. Or more immediate, simple, direct – how about he just answer the five basic Dubia questions, asked directly of him by five senior Cardinals? It’s been 1,938 days. How much time does he need to research his yes or no answers? We can’t expect him to tackle Trent if he can’t answer the Baltimore Catechism I level Dubia.

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