Homo Is Who Homo Does, Or: Manipulating Catholics

You are not fooling anyone, old man…

Bill Donohue, the more than somewhat milquetoast professional writer leader of the controlled opposition Catholic League, has launched himself in one of those very disingenuous, dangerous, utterly misleading accusations that the “usual suspects” would be “manipulating” the Evil Clown in the matter of sodomy.

The tactics is very simple: a) systematically ignore all that Francis does. b) pick selectively something that Francis has said, once or twice, in the midst of countless acts and statements that directly contradict the selectively picked statement. c) assume that Francis lives on a different planet, where there is no Internet, no common sense, no simple observation of facts, and that he is completely dependent on what those around him tell him. d) assume that he is, therefore, “manipulated”.

This is disingenuous because at this point, even the Gold Medalist at the Pollyanna Games has understood how deeply Francis is involved in the cover up of homosexual activity.

Whether it is the obvious support given to the curas villeros and their toy boys, or the homosexual priest who died in a car accident driving Francis’ car, after remaining in the house of Francis until deep in the early morning; whether it is the fact that Francis chose to move to a hotel run by a notorious homosexual, whom he left in place and even promoted to a prestigious position at the Vatican bank, or the other fact that he chose to receive Father Georgina and other notorious supporters of perversion; whether it is his mocking assertion that the homo lobby members in the Vatican don’t wear a badge, or the even more notorious “who am I to judge?”, this guy has made it evident to a retard on steroids on what side of the issue he really is, albeit, still being the Pope, and having a passion for fooling people and lying undisturbed and unchallenged, he also once or twice interspersed his 100 deeds in help of perverts with some vague statements which, actually, sounds Catholic.

And this is, in the end, the problem with the professional, well-fed, controlled opposition of the Catholic League. Whilst they pretend to defend Catholic thinking – and they are certainly right in that – they also refuse to address the elephant in the room, merely because the elephant dresses in white and the old women love to be told that said man in white could never be a satanical, evil, petty, lewd, possibly perverted old scoundrel, but is, at worst, “manipulated”.

I say, enough with this rubbish. Homo is who homo does.

The duty of these well-paid professional Catholics is not to work as the accomplices of a clearly evil Pope, nor is it to actively hide the evil of this man from their own readers. Their duty is to do what so many of us do without any compensation, on our own dime and on our own time, gratis et amore dei: denounce an obviously evil Pope so that everybody can see that the Emperor is wearing a tutu and ballet shoes.

The one who is being manipulated here is not Francis.

It’s the readers and supporters of the Catholic League.

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  1. About time thus was said.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    You hit Donohue out of the ballpark. I lost all respect for this clown years ago. He deserves your rebuke. Thanks for exposing him to those who may not be aware of his perfidy.

  3. I am Argentine and here we knew Bergoglio since the very beginning. He did not fooled us: Or maybe he did. We knew he was not Catholic, we knew his evil intentions, we knew his liaisons with the masonic circles. But what we never knew is that he was a sodomite. The Ricca affair did not rang our alarm. It was too much. Now we know.

  4. Rowdy Windwalker

    Manipulated? This is a different kind of “prisoner in the Vatican” thesis, which was used fifty years ago to explain some of the more bizarre statements of Paul VI. And it reminds me of a book I read about Nazi Germany. When some ordinary citizen heard of a Nazi atrocity, the word was “If der Fueher only knew, this wouldn’t be allowed.”

  5. vincent capuano

    I appreciate your comments. I would like to see footnotes- links to the evidence you cite.

    • If you scour this blog, you will find stories – with links – about both the curas villeros and the homosexual priest who died driving Bergoglio’s car after remaining at his place until the little hours of the morning. This being a little one man band rather than a professional effort, there are no resources to pick every time from the many thousands of blog posts that have been published. A search engine and some patience should yield the results you want.

  6. Some people still think it’s 1982 and Catholics don’t know things. Maybe the cover for Francis still works with old ladies and gents. It must. But the rest of us have seen and heard enough. I had not heard about that accident with the pope’s car. Will Mr. Donahue be covering that?
    Who was that person driving the car. We need deets.

  7. You’re so right, Mundabor, and you cannot stress this issue too much. Straight lines are straight, until they become a little bent: then we call ’em circles.
    Fight the good fight. Prayers assured.

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