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Long Live Inequality

Never, ever, complained about inequality.

I can’t tell you how much it grates me that there should be politicians, actually now in the US more often than in Europe, whining about inequality.

The complaining about inequality is illogical, tyrannical, and Unchristian.

Humans have been made by their Creator with vast differences in, inter alia, intelligence, inventiveness, ability to work hard, ability to overcome difficulties, and many traits more. It is perfectly logical that this, alone, would create vast differences in people’s wealth.

But it is much, much more than that. How do you want to fight inequality? There is only one way: ferocious taxation of both earnings in life and inheritance after death. This is one of the most tyrannical ideas ever devised – which is why Communists specialise in it – as it deprives the human activity of that natural impulse to do better for ourselves and transmit the fruits of our labour to our children. It is difficult to imagine a worse compulsion and limitation of basic freedoms, short of North Korea.

Most of all, inequality is God-given and God-willed. The one is born the son of a penniless peasant. The other is born the son of a King. The social mobility the Church has always encouraged (many Popes of the past had quite humble origins, something that did not happened in secular government) and of which we see Old Testament examples (think of David) does not negate the premise: God wants some to be born rich, or powerful, or intelligent, or strong, or beautiful, and others poor, not powerful at all, dumb, ugly, or weak.

God does so, of course, in order to execute His Providential plan, giving all of us those special graces that are good for us, and asking us after death whether we have used those graces wisely or have squandered them away.

Of course, we need a fair society, which makes it impossible or extremely difficult for someone to enrich himself with devious, criminal, or fraudulent means; something in which, again, Communist Countries excel. And no, corruption and criminality are not given to us by God, they are merely allowed, like any other evil.

If all goes well and you have a well-ordered, corruption-free, efficient society which tries to give opportunities to those who deserve them, what do you get? You get huge inequality, as the emergence of the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, of the Henry Fordses, of the Jeff Bezoses and of the Elon Musks of the world will be, in fact, encouraged. This is not only legitimate. It is wonderful. It is God-given inventiveness, innovation, resilience, patience, genius, and sheer determination at work. Are these people perfect? Of course not. But neither you nor I are, and still no one asks whether we should be allowed to exist or have money.

Believe me I know what poverty is. Believe me I never had the privileges of the US underprivileged. I never bought $200 training shoes. I went to school with broken shoes. I know what it is not having the money to ask a girl out. I know what it is is to be scared about the future. And you know what? I think it was all God-given and providentially arranged, every bit of it.

Inequality is a toy , or rather a weapon, for people who want to become privileged themselves, profiting from the envy and the mediocrity of the lazy and dumb.

Embrace inequality. Embrace Christ.

Frankie The Music Lover? Not So Fast…

Loves Schubert, apparently…

And it came to pass we were informed that the Evil Clown has a 2000 cd strong collection. I don’t post the link, because it comes from a publication that should not be linked to.

It sounded strange to me that the pope of the poor would have a music collection costing, by and large, north of $40000. However, what indicated that something clearly wasn’t right is the other piece of information, that most of the 2000 CDs are of classical music.

2000 CDs of classical music? An atomic boor like this one? Please.

As it turns out, there is a very simple explanation for the unusual fact: the CDs are not the fruit of Francis’ boundless love for beauty, but the result of donations from all over the world.

Now, this makes sense. If Francis loved music, and beauty, he would be enchanted by every sung or musical version of the Traditional Mass, from the usual High Mass to, say, Requiem masses. But Francis does not love Traditional sung masses, most likely because they remind him of Christ.

I am, however, fairly sure Francis feels comfortable with the effeminate, sugary, childish attempts at music of the Novus Ordo; those horrible stuff that makes us try to zone out whenever it is inflicted on us in church. That stuff, I am sure, he calls “music”.

So, what do we learn from all this? We learn that the sycophantic fake Catholic press loves trying to make Francis look educated, sophisticated, lover of the finest expression of the human mind.

The reality is one of an insufferable, vulgar, ignorant boor. One who not only does not care for music, but actively tries to destroy the wonderful musical patrimony of our Sacred Liturgy.

Frankie, the music lover?

Epic fail.

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