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Atomic Boor II: The Sequel

“Look! He is so humble! So Humble! And the car with lights on, security opening the door, and chauffeur waiting! I am so impressed! That’s how I do it myself!”

A French blogger (who calls me impitoyable; I’ll take it as a compliment, though I am not American) has reported an article from an Italian newspaper about another Francisstunt. Once again, the hypocrisy of the man is on show. Well, and the stupidity, too.

The link (text in Italian, it also has a link to the original Vatican News link) debunks the latest attempt of Atomic Boor to look educated. In pure Sherlock Holmes style, the guy finds a way to be “casually” found by a photographer as he goes out of a well-known music shop in Rome.

His oh so humble Fiat 500 is also visible, so we don’t think the guy is one for showing off. No, he isn’t. He is so folksy, you see. Instead, he takes his humble Fiat 500 in white (matches the clothes) and then, very casually, finds a parking spot just outside of the store. The luck of the Argentinians, I think it’s the saying…

A photographer, says Regime News, finds him “casually” and catches the magic moment, in pure Cartier-Bresson style. How serendipitous! Are you not so, so impressed by the everyday accessibility, by the simple spirit, by the sheer intellectual thirst of a guy who needs to have a little ride in Rome to buy his so, so precious classical music? Is it a surprise that the picture of the humble Pope Franciscus Wheelcharius went, as Regime News wants us to know, “viral in less than 30 minutes”?

Problem: someone in Sherlock’s entourage has not paid attention to a detail: that if – as Regime News itself reports – among the people who “casually” note that the Pope is having a folksy stroll is, also, the personal photographer of the Pope, then you will need Greta Thunberg levels of retardation to believe the tale of the serendipitous event.

The readers of this forum, however, have no Greta Thunberg levels of retardation. Most of them have, I think, Mundaborian levels of allergy to this kind of cheap – and stupid to boot – stunt. I am, therefore, pretty sure that said readers will agree with me on the following:

  1. Cardinal Ravasi sends out word that Francis has the 2000 CDs collection. It might be that Ravasi himself wanted to make himself beautiful as the “curator” of the collection; however, as Ravasi’s love for music is not questioned, this seems the less probable scenario, and I rather suspect that this was Sherlock Bergoglio instructing his trusted lapdog to find a suitable Catholic outlet and yap a bit about what a cultivated intellect and keen sense of beauty Sherlock has.
  2. The article goes out on CNA. People laugh, because it’s as if Beria had sent out word that Comrade Stalin is very fond of the Flemish Primitives, and a great admirer of Hieronymus Bosch.
  3. Francis has a spittle-flecked nutty, utters the C-word with reckless abandon, insults everyone around him for not doing things properly, and then proceeds to instruct his personal photographer to be, very casually, in the right place at the right time so that the old, lewd boor can go “viral in less than thirty minutes”.

Am I being uncharitable here? Or am I just looking at reality for what it is? Am I the only one who thinks that if you go out with security and chauffeur (just look at the picture), and have your car parked just in front of the shop, you should – out of sheer decency – avoid the little “humbleness theatre” with the Fiat 500? Am I the only one who thinks that it is entirely hypocritical, and entirely stupid, and therefore entirely like Francis, to mount such little stunts? Am I the only one who thinks that bringing a throng of journalists with you to witness that you pay the bill of a hotel which now, as the Pope, simply belongs to you, is the height of falseness and virtue-signaling?

You be the judge.

I, for myself, have no doubt whatsoever about who this man is.

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