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Some Useful Information About This Blog

Blog. Not News.

I think it is fitting to make a couple of clarifications about how this little blog works and operates.

First: I have written thousands of blog posts, for which I hope the Blessed Virgin will, one day, help me in my our of need. I have no way to collect, catalogue, or access them without going manually through them. If, for example, I write about Bergoglio’s Buenos Aires priest dying in a car accident in the early hours of the morning driving Bergoglio’s car, I might – or not – be able to trace the original blog post and the original linked article out of a search engine. In this particular case I have tried, and I haven’t managed it, as I don’t even remember the year of publication (Francis has been Pope for far too long!). But I know what I read, and what I wrote. If you don’t believe me, tough luck or, actually, good luck searching the blog.

Secondly: whilst I will always publish a link if the information is so damning that it might attract accusations of libel (examples from my blog: the priest mentioned above, or Bergoglio caught in the airport with drugs in his luggage, or Bergoglio lying to his mother about his going to the seminary and bragging about it), there will often be no links in blog posts that simply reflect on what has been linked to in another post, or in blog posts reflecting on something that is everywhere on the Internet. The fact is, I often write in circumstances that do not allow for easy linking of external articles, and therefore prefer to publish my little reflections without the embellishments and accoutrements that a professional outlet will always have. In addition, at times I choose not to publish the link, because I don’t want to add clicks to the publication in question.

This one is not a news site. It’s more like the notes of a rather angered Catholic. You will not find, here, a professional level of editing (it goes also for the typos, an issue made worse by my dyslexia). You will also not find the comprehensive links to past events, even events happened years before, that you find in professional outlets. It’s just not the way a blog, and certainly my blog, works.

If a reader wants a link to a recent event I am writing about, he will likely be able to find it by searching for the most relevant words when the news are still fresh. Years later, it will be far more difficult. Still, I have also noticed that a good number of my readers are informed about Catholics things and do not use this blog to be informed about current events, but to read one particular take on them.

This is, to be honest, the level of effort I am willing to put on this little effort. I have no intention of spending countless hours looking for old links, or creating a catalogue of links, or even waiting to publish a story until the time when I post the link.

Some people are accustomed to professional news sites and perhaps expect for me to provide a comparable level of service.

Alas, it’s not going to happen.

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