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At Least A Bit Of Thinning, Or A Bit Of Yellow


Look, I don’t know what to believe. However, I can say this.

The rumours started in July. Fast forward six months, and he is every bit as fat and as arrogant as he was six months ago. Yes, he might have become more obnoxious because he knows he is dying; but he might have become more obnoxious merely because even he understands that he is getting old, and will not go on forever. I’ll also give you that he seems to have cancelled a couple of trips; but knowing the type, it might simple have been that he could not be bothered.

Before I believe the hype, I’d like to see at least a bit of thinning, or a bit of yellow.

I understand yellow must not necessarily be part of the equation; but I think we should see something.

No thinning, no yellow, no slowing down? Well, thank you for the hopeful news, but to me it’s not happening.

Call me a doubting Thomas if you want. I’d prefer to call it realism.

Very, and I mean very happy to change my mind if factual circumstances emerge.

What A Difference A Party Made

Bring your own booze, Boris…

I was asked in the comments whether anything changed the Government’s mind, as they have now announced the almost total lifting of restrictions (apparently, the NHS worker will keep being oppressed, we will know more about this in the next weeks I suppose).

I think we need to distinguish between posturing and will to act. If you ask me, the Johnson Government had long lost the will to act. This was abundantly clear during Advent, when the Government clearly refused to do what they said they would do, and avoided imposing further restrictions. This was done in the usually stupid way (with contradictory messages sent around), but was done in the end. The truth is, people have had enough, and that was easy enough to see.

What happened next, is the revelation of a “garden party” in the garden of 10 Downing Street in May 2020, already after the first, brutal lockdown phase, but with extremely severe restrictions still in place (you will remember those days: max one person, or max 2 people, or the like. I never followed the details, nor do I want to remember them).

The news of this happy “bring your own booze” partying (around 100 people invited, the place is not too shabby) enraged the Country, and Boris Johnson’s stand became more precarious than the one of a very drunken sailor. Stupidly, the man tried to defend himself saying that in offices there were different rules than in private homes, thus showing a tone deafness of Biblical proportions and causing, predictably, even more anger. The usual “independent” investigation is in place (led by a very high ranking Civil Servant and, thus, not really “independent”, as we learned from “Yes, Prime Minister!”) and I think that he will survive it, as the “independent” investigator will pretend to believe that Boris was not warned by several people about how stupid the idea was. However, Boris knew this cannot be enough.

This is, if you ask me, the reason of the current “freedom offensive”, giving the peasants, sorry, the people, something they dearly want, thus defusing as much as possible the risk of peasant revolt that is now a clear and present danger.

The timing of the freedom offensive has not escaped anyone. Still, as it yielded something that the great part of the Country wants, not many have complained.

Boris will likely survive, if you ask me, because if the Party had wanted to take him down, they would not have awaited the result of the investigation. To say “let’s wait for the Gray Report” is the same as to say “we’ll make this go away if we have someone behind whom we can hide”; which, if you ask me, is exactly what is going to happen.

Still, I think that the Freedom Train is unstoppable now. The voices of dissent will be drown in a sea of voter discontent. We are now, happily, marching towards normality and sanity.

I think it’s objectively evident that the garden party, whilst not really a reversal of course, helped our cause. Without giving information about my life and whereabouts, I can tell you with absolute security that the tide has been turning since November and, very strongly, since December.

We will be able to live fully normal lives again soon. Certainly, an occasion to party.

Bring your own booze.

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