At Least A Bit Of Thinning, Or A Bit Of Yellow


Look, I don’t know what to believe. However, I can say this.

The rumours started in July. Fast forward six months, and he is every bit as fat and as arrogant as he was six months ago. Yes, he might have become more obnoxious because he knows he is dying; but he might have become more obnoxious merely because even he understands that he is getting old, and will not go on forever. I’ll also give you that he seems to have cancelled a couple of trips; but knowing the type, it might simple have been that he could not be bothered.

Before I believe the hype, I’d like to see at least a bit of thinning, or a bit of yellow.

I understand yellow must not necessarily be part of the equation; but I think we should see something.

No thinning, no yellow, no slowing down? Well, thank you for the hopeful news, but to me it’s not happening.

Call me a doubting Thomas if you want. I’d prefer to call it realism.

Very, and I mean very happy to change my mind if factual circumstances emerge.

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  1. I think it’s strange that Regina Coeli would make that claim when we can’t see any evidence of his slowing down, or any lessening of his vindictive nature. He still seems to me like his usual (unpleasant) self.

  2. Who is this about? Papa Frank?

  3. The ship is badly listing. Not only is the captain a terror, but the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has the vessel on a collision course. As does the Congregation for Liturgy. Many of the lambs are locked below deck, unable to access the sacraments. Ill-nourished, scurvy beset, many will die. It’s a frightening state of affairs. Oh yes, the bones of our glorious first captain, once housed aboard the ship, have been given as a gift to a group of heretic marauders. It’s an absolutely dreadful state of affairs. Lord Jesus, captain of the Universe, have mercy on us!

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