The Ukraine And You, Part I

Died a long time ago

Look, I am not Russian, or Ukrainian come to that. But I know that the entire region (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) shares a common cultural heritage, moulded by the same Christian matrix. They are the same historic cultural area, divided by political boundaries and moderate language differences.

When this starts to change, thing may get serious, because it’s not far away from, say, Sicily wanting to become Muslim. There will be resistance. There will be, likely, conflict.

It gets worse – and I would say much, much worse – when this process of cultural estrangement away from the historic cultural matrix is actively pushed by foreign entities. It is, to continue the comparison, as if the States of the Arab League tried to push the islamisation of Sicily. In this case, the reaction will be harsher still.

I am a Christian. I believe that a primary Good like Christ should always come before secondary values like the modern god, democracy, whenever Democracy has forgotten, or ever betrayed, Christ.

I also think that the European Union is a satanical machine bent on the total deChristianisation of Europe, in order to substitute it with a sort of oppressive, big brother dystopia where abortion, sodomy and euthanasia are human rights, and your betters can lock you at home, deprive you of every freedom, and subject you to any medical experiment they want, or else.

I don’t give a Biden for a democracy of this sort.

Give me Putin every day.

If this is what I, born and bred in a pre-EU democratic environment, think of the situation in the Ukraine, imagine what most Russians, and likely a sizeable majority of Ukrainians, think of it.

The EU has tried to make inroads in the Ukrainian society for very long now. The NATO has tried to encircle Russia for a couple of decades now. The perverted political project of the EU is marching hand in hand with a fully unnecessary military imperialism of NATO. I hope that it will not work, and I think that it will not work.

Oh and by the way, just in case you wonder: I am on Putin’s side on this, and hope that the EU and the NATO get the (unbloody) kick in the Low Countries they so, so richly deserve.

It should not be said that we support dystopian, semi-dictatorial overlords with a hang for forced medical experiments, baby killing and all sort of perversions over Christ.

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  1. Well said Mundy. I agree 100%.

  2. Agreed. I am with Putin on this too…and give me Vlad ANY day over the bat crazy globalists. You don’t mess with Putin. His virility should be an example for modern leaders to follow not attack. If they do, watch the pathetic kick in the teeth they will not only get but deserve. God bless~


    While I very much like your blog I differ on your view of Ukraine/Russia. The aggressor is not NATO which is a defensive alliance. Many countries in Eastern Europe, having endured over 70 years of totalitarian Soviet atheistic communism, understandably sought protection in NATO from the Russian bear. It is also the reason Ukraine currently seeks entry into the defensive alliance. NATO countries spent trillions of dollars during the decades of the Cold War maintaining standing armies to deter massive Russian tank armies from advancing over the north German plain.

    Putin is a billionaire KGB thug and kleptocrat leader of the KGB billionaire oligarchs who seized the Russian economy at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. They operate the Russian economy as a kleptocracy. In 1989 the Communist Party (political arm) collapsed but the KGB (Security arm) did not.

    Furthermore Putin invaded and currently occupies Ukrainian Crimea and eastern portions of this sovereign country. He also invaded Georgia in 2008. He adheres to the “salami tactics” he learned in his KGB days.

    Russia’s neighbours understandably see NATO as benign and Russia as the threat. Of course you may believe that Putin should have the right to dictate to sovereign nations which alliance they may or may not enter. I do not. (Look at a map. Russian is not “encircled” by NATO.)

    Frankly, I believe NATO will not do much about Russian aggression in Ukraine. The EU is too dependent on Russian oil and gas. That said, WWI started with the assassination of one Austrian Archduke in Sarajevo by a Bosnian Serb student.

    I am not a fan of the ghastly EU leadership, nor of the illegitimate, incompetent, Biden regime by the way, but Putin lighting a few candles in Orthodox churches is the malevolent wolf masquerading as a Christian lamb.

    • You need to wean yourself out of the globalist talking points. Crimea was Russian before the Soviets gave it to Crimea. Calling Russia a cleptocracy is very 1998. Georgia and the Ukraine have “independent republics” exactly in order to avoid the NATO encirclement. I doubt the Czech Republic is scared of Russia. The Soviet Union is no more. NATO was certainly useful against the Soviets, but again you are living in the past.

  4. And I, as an English- born member of peoplekind, wish that the Romans would come back to England, reclaim their excellent roads, baths, and border walls, and bring their Roman Faith with them. But I think that a little matter of English nationalism will prevent that.

  5. I remember the first time, about 10 years ago, I came upon the strange knowledge that almost every time Putin spoke on a topic and my own President Obama spoke on the same topic, I agreed not just a little but a lot with Putin over my own President.

    As a former member of the military who trained specifically to fight our primary enemy, communist Russians; and my patriotic allegiance to my Constitutional government was not just supreme but bound by an oath – that was not just strange … but disorienting.

    But yet – there was Putin praising Russia’s Christian heritage, building new Churches, naming Jesus Christ, advancing ancient Russian culture. And there was Obama setting fires to and desecrating all Western traditions and insulting our Christian heritage and destroying our Christian morals.

    Russia has removed (it seems) the communist demon spirit from their body politic. America has embraced it. The answer to all our problems is to reassert the rights of Christ our Lord over our Constitution, our Institutions, our culture. As Russia did, so must we do … or we will surely perish as a nation.

  6. I have long thought that the EU is just a velvet-upholstered Soviet Union.

  7. President Biden is hopeful that this turns into World War II.

  8. Joseph D'Hippolito

    The EU may be everything you say but Putin is not a Christian. He might have a facade of Russian Orthodox devotion but it’s a facade, at best. He knows the Russian Orthodox allowed themselves to be co-opted by the tsars and he knows they’ve done the same with him. He knows he can exploit them for all they’re worth.

    Putin might oppose the “deep state,” New World Order, Great Reset or anything you might want to call it but we should have no illusions about who and what he is. Nor should we have any illusions about how he governs or what his long-range political goals might be.

  9. You don’t make much mention of the old Soviet satellites, (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). They cling to NATO for protection against not necessarily Putin, but Russia. I doubt Putin would attack Poland, but if he did I wonder if NATO would respond with full force. I doubt it. Your thoughts?

    • I understand them. I also deny that Poland & Co. are part of the traditional Kievan Rus culture. They simply aren’t, and their NATO membership is, if you ask me, prudent and justified.

  10. The Ukrainians would appreciate their common heritage with Russia much more if it weren’t for the millions of Ukrainian dead during the Holodomor (the Ukrainian version of the Holocaust, where they were deliberately starved to death by Russia). My uncle was there at the time, although as an American visitor he got food packages which he shared as he could. So I heard about it directly from him. Horrible stories. Ukrainians like Russians as much as Jews like Germans.

    • Tough luck. You don’t cancel a 1000 years cultural heritage because o& one episode. Still, I feel confident that a Russian invasion would carry half of the Ukrainians with it.

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