What Would Your Grand-Grandpa Do? Suggestions To Pope Francis For When Sodom Visits A Family.

LGBT, properly intended

One thing off the bat: I do not have perverts in my family, either close or enlarged. A solid (cultural) Catholic environment, intact families, an environment where men are expected to be men and women women, and a strong feeling that sexual perversions are extremely disgusting taboos will do that to you.

Still, let us imagine that the neighbours had had one of those as, say, a young man. Out and proud, as these people say, and most of them do.

What I would have thought is that, whilst you can never really be sure of how your son will turn out, there’s very much the parents can do to keep even the suggestion of perversion away from their offspring. If it had turned out that the neighbour’s son was a fig-fog, or a dik-dak, I know my parents, my grandparents and myself would have looked at the parents first.

Same, of course, in case of thieves, drug addicts, sluts, etc. Apples and trees come to mind.

If the parents are known to be good people who have put a serious effort and were very, very unlucky, I would still wonder what they will do next. Because, you see, where I come from the responsibilities of the parents (both of them, the male and the female one) do not end when the son reaches adulthood, but extend to his entire life, and to the community in which the parents live.

This means that said parent, or uncle, or cousin, or brother, cannot just say they have done their best and it is now the time to be “inclusive”. Rather, they need to defend their values, their community, the good name of their family and, most importantly, Christianity as a whole, by cutting their ties with the unrepentant sodomite.

This is what our grand-grandparents would have done, without hesitation; bearing, all their lives, the shame of the disgrace that has befallen their family. There are things that come before your son, or brother, or cousin. Family, decency, and Christ are three of them.

Mind: the prodigal son must always know he will be accepted back, if he repents and reforms. But really, every family who accepts the pervert in its midst shows how the perverted member became that way in the first place.

There. In just some short sentences, your humble correspondent has given Francis all the support he needs, and all necessary information to give to the families afflicted by a Sodomite. H

e can, now, give precious Catholic advice to the families which, through their fault (most of the time) or without fault (the really unfortunate ones) find themselves in this horrible situation.

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  1. Short. Sweet. Correct.

  2. Fr. Flanagan (Boys Town) once responded to a query about how he justified his oft quote that there was no such person as a ‘Bad Boy’ by stating, “There are Bad parents. Bad schools. Bad friends. Or a combination of the three. But no bad boys!

  3. Cutting off the unrepentant sodomite is not what the current apostolate Courage and their sister organization, Encourage (for family and friends of those lost in sodomy) says to do. At first it was “just don’t go along with the people they call their ‘partners’ but keep inviting them to the family home, parties and keep in touch.” Then it was “invite the sodomite they call their ‘lover’, ‘friend’, ‘spouse’ etc to family parties and functions but just don’t let them sleep in the same room/beds.” I dumped Encourage when they spouted that junk. What makes you any different than what the world is saying? I began my own Catholic support group for family and friends of people lost in sodomy. We don’t allow the person they act out with (ptaw) into the home and help the Catholic loved one to not go along with it in any way. We call the lost person back to Christ which they usually refuse. We uphold the boundaries of not going along with the evil and most of the time they dump us. Detachment, forgiveness, creating and upholding proper boundaries, prayer, fasting, penance, etc and trusting in God’s way and not ours is our current method. I do agree that cutting them off is probably better…but Scripture does say in Mt 5:34 that Our Lord ate with sinners in order to call them back…which is what we promote. Much cleaner and easier to cut them off. Hard to set the hard boundary and keep watch over it. Thanks for the insight:+) God bless~

    • Congratulations for your unpopular stance. In my culture, eating with someone is a sign of social approval. We are all sinners, and there is no problem with eating with others who are also sinners, *if there is the implicit understanding that we share the same values*. The out and proud sodomite cannot be compared with Christ eating with sinners, nor can he claim any right to eat with decent people.

      I know of families who have completely cut off papa for leaving mamma for a younger mistress. I think they were right. One cuts himself out of the system of values, one cuts himself out of those who defend it.

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