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Baghdad Bob, UK Version

The UK defence minister stated, yesterday, that on the first day, Russia had “ failed to take any of its objectives”. Go around 8:25 am in the timeline to read his exact words and other entirely reality-free assertions of him.

This is a completely ridiculous statement for anybody, but most of all for a Defence Minister, who should know a thing or three about warfare.

Today is the second day, and Russian tanks are already in Kyiv. In fact, Russian helicopter were flying over there yesterday. If this is not a stunning success, I don’t know what is. But no, Mr Clown decides that the Russians want to take Kyiv airport on the first day, and cries victory when they don’t. It reeks of more than desperation, it reeks of North Korea.

I stopped a moment at the enormity of this guy’s propaganda. Then, I reflected. Why not?

In the last years, the level of deception and open lies in British politics has become such, that the Baghdad Bob/Comical Ali statements of this guy pale in comparison to all the shameless lies we have been told since March 2020. This, without considering the attempted betrayal of the Brexit vote, with countless politicians telling us that what the people have voted for cannot be given to them.

We have allowed a generation of politicians to start giving air to their teeth and spout every lie they find convenient, which is why they continue to do it, with gusto.

In the last years, we have also allowed our Democracies to become more and more like the dictatorships to which they claim to be so superior.

Being locked at home and having your account frozen for taking part to a pacific movement are things inconceivable in any Democracy.

If we allow this to happen, let us not be surprised if things get worse and worse, and our own Ministers behave like Saddam’s cronies, hoping for an applause from the stupid crowd.

Vlad, Joe, And Me.

He features in this story

I was sitting in a beautiful garden, outside a wonderful mansion, somewhere not far away from Moscow.

Near me, Vlad was sipping his cola, and looked at me with a smirk that said “I know what you are about to say”. It was a beautiful afternoon, with the sun gently going down the cypresses and beeches in the background. Whilst it was February, the garden looked like a late summer triumph.

I spoke and said: “Vlad – I called him, of course, Vlad – don’t get me wrong, I understand that the NATO imperialism needs to be stopped, and I think you have done very well up to now. With no territorial integrity and an obvious military threat at the border, the Ukraine will never be able to join the EU or NATO. You have reached your objectives. You won”.

Vlad was sitting there, petting a Yorkshire Terrier. The dog had a face strangely resembling Joe Biden. Vlad was caressing the dog, and the dog was happily saying something muffled, muddled and incoherent. I decided to ignore the dog when Vlad said: “you know, Mundabor, I think there should be no Ukraine as such. I think there should be Russia, as it was before”.

I smiled condescendingly. “Come on, Vlad – I said whilst letting the ice cubes gently dance in my glass of Gin and Tonic – you really are not telling me that you plan to swallow a country of 40 millions whole? You can’t do that with 150,000 soldiers, surely? You would need double that number, at least! Plus, all the expenses to win the “hearts and minds”, the unavoidable guerrilla (not so much, but still a pain), the reconstruction of the war damage, and – not that it would be much – the international outcry!”.

“What do you suggest, M?” Said Vlad, with a mischievous smile, as he poured himself some lemonade.

“Well, Vlad, to me it’s very simple. For now, you obtain all your aims and let the situation deflate. Then you start working on a coup, and when you have your guy in Kyiv things will go on famously for a long time. Cheap, smooth, clean.”

“Hhhmmmm – muttered Vlad – I understand your point. But you see, the President of the United States is sitting here in my lap, happy to be petted; the Country has no foreign debt and healthy finances, big dollar reserves, all the resources and commodities we want, and tip-top armed forces. I think of it and wonder: if not now, when? Yes, with 45 it would have been very different. This is why I waited and decided to bide my time. But now… isn’t it true, Joe?”

Joe looked at him in a confused, sheepish way. He said “woof”, and “fgrdtesdkjgtf”. He let go a very feeble “yes, let’s go, Brandon!” Then he became silent.

“What about the sanctions?” I asked, with a bit of irony in my voice.

Vlad looked into his glass, for a little while, pensively. Then he slowly, slowly raised his head, and let his serious face gradually morph into a very, very broad smile. I couldn’t avoid smiling, too, and then we started to laugh, until the laugh became a roar.

As we were thunderously laughing, Vlad regained his composure and asked: “now seriously, Mundabor. Who do you think is the greatest Russian leader, ever?”

“Ah, that’s very easy – said I – Peter the Great must surely get the biscuit, no?”

He looked at me calmly, but very seriously.

“ I agree with you”, he said.

He made another pause, clearly gravid with meaning. Then he said, with a firm voice:

“Up to now”.




And then I woke up, and heard the news.

Bishop Zangaytta And His Very Unholy Protector

“Zanchetta? One of those? Well I never….!”

Gloria TV has an article about the disgraced appointment of Francis, which so much headlines has already caused.

The article is impressive because it puts all Francis’ “mistakes” (more on that later) neatly in a row, showing a degree of incompetence, arrogance, and sheer banana republic attitude that surprises even in a man like him.

I have linked the article, so you can follow the timeline for yourself. I will only add a couple of reflections that the article does not contain.

This is another close friend of Francis who turns out to be homosexual. How many homofriends does this guy have? Don’t you find it, I should say, alarming that the guy should have homofriends anyway?

Francis fishes this guy out of his suspension, and gives him a cushioned position in Rome. At that point Zanchetta was already accused of homo abuse. How stupid, how tone deaf, how unbelievably arrogant is this? This is, clearly, Francis peeved that his favourite Fairy Bishop had to be thrown out of the bus (of sort, “health reasons…”) and showing everybody he is still the one in charge. That Zanchetta was also accused of embezzlement makes things even worse but oh, oh so Francis…

Where do you think is the homofriend of Francis placed? But…. in Santa Marta, of course! Where else would you put a homo Bishop, if not in an establishment run by another notorious homo? Am I the only one here who thinks that Monsignor Ricca is there to ensure the undisturbed coming and going of fig-fags of all sorts, and Francis knows it perfectly well?

Zanchetta is now awaiting sentence, and I am pretty sure Frankie awaits the sentence with some fernet-laced trepidation. Having a buddy of yours convicted for homo offences after you promoted and protected him at every step certainly does not look good.

Amazingly, the secular press does not seem to find the story very interesting, rather preferring to “investigate” what movement Benedict’s eyebrow might have made 42 years ago. I would almost think this is because Francis is a darling of the homo lobby, but I had better let this thought go, lest I should sin.

Be it as it may, denying Francis’ links to the gay lobby is slowly, but surely, becoming like denying Hitler’s link to the Holocaust.

Actually, in the case of Francis we have all the signed orders, too…

Obedience, properly intended.

So, so meek…

Predictably, the victory of the FSSP on Traditionis Custodes might lead some dovish individual to reflect that asking politely (FSSP) is better than disobeying (SSPX).

I wholeheartedly disagree, for many reasons I will explain here.

The manoeuvre of the FSSP likely worked because the SSPX exists in the first place. It is quite naive to think that, without the SSPX, there would be anything resembling Catholic liturgical tradition, anywhere. The FSSP’s “obedience” is merely surfing the wave of the SSPX’s “disobedience”. Quite ironic, for sure, that an order (the FSSP) would have to thank, for its survival, the order (SSPX) it was born to destroy.

We also don’t know what happened behind the scenes. It does not need a genius to realise that the FSSP was on its way to a lot of trouble: split in two at the very least, and perhaps siding with Christ altogether; again, because the very existence of the SSPX gave them a clout they would otherwise not have, and balls they would otherwise never grow. Francis wanted to make his capitulation appear like a concession, but there was no hint of concessions in the last months. I will be, therefore, forgiven to think that his hand was forced, not gently guided.

Whether this was from an unofficial promise of revolt inside the FSSP, or from somewhere else, we may never know; still, we know it happened, because Francis isn’t the kind of wolf who suddenly, one day, wakes up a lamb.

I love to think – and I have no evidence for this, but I love to think it anyway – that pressure from wealthy donors might also have played a role. When more and more Bishops start calling Rome and warning that the donors are promising to give their money to the SSPX (the SSPX, again! See where I am going here?) someone starts to listen. Why do I think this? Because I know for a fact that many Bishops care for money more than for Christ, and I believe in Providence. This one seems, to me, a fairly reasonable avenue for said Providence to get to work.

But more in general, I disagree with the rather childish idea that with good manners you can get anything you want. Tyrants, monsters, and evil people in general aren’t much impressed by it. Chamberlain wanted to be nice to Hitler – and be it only to hide his own cowardice and incompetence – and we all know how that went, and how nicely was Hitler, years later, gently moved to put a bullet in his brain; nor did anyone stop to ask Ceauceascu whether he would, kindly, consent to resign. A decade of “diplomacy” got absolutely nowhere with Saddam.

The most effective way to deal with a bully is, and always shall be, to crush him. When Justin Trudeau’s hour comes (hopefully in this life, certainly in the next), he might remember Ceausescu, and the one tyrant may keep company to the other in more ways than one.

The fact is, evil must be confronted to its face, and thinking that diplomacy will win the day denotes a profound ignorance of how the mind of evil people works. Francis, and his minions, are all evil. A sound kick in the balls is the only language they are guaranteed to understand. Plus, obedience is always to Christ first. If Francis stands in Christ’s way, let him feel the pain.

My conclusion from all this is evident: Francis got kicked in the balls, and changed his tack. Whether the kick came from the FSSP, or the bishops, or the donors, or somewhere else, we will never know. But it sure worked because, once again, an old lewd ass does not lose his spots, or something like that.

It is said that the old man might be gravely ill. It should not be said that I closed this blog post without wishing the man, in my charity and well-know Christian spirit, a sudden death today, and eternal salvation if God in His Goodness has mercy of the old, lewd scoundrel.

The Wall, The Tide And The Bucket: Francis Backpedals on Traditionis Custodes

It was this little fella against Francis…

The Evil Clown has recently received some representatives of the FSSP. On that occasion, he has made clear that

institutes such as the Fraternity of St. Peter are not affected by the general provisions of the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes, since the use of the ancient liturgical books was at the origin of their existence and is provided for in their constitutions.

This guy really is a show all by himself. Suddenly, none of the traditionalist orders linked to the V II Church are affected by the Excrementation, provided they celebrate their Latin Masses in their own churches and oratories; otherwise, they have to ask the Bishop. But wait, they can keep celebrating private Masses everywhere.

I have always said, and will say to the end, that this guy is very, very stupid. However, he belongs to that most dangerous type of stupid: the stupid who thinks himself intelligent.

This is a massive backpedaling, particularly from the way things had gone since the Autumn. TC is now limited to the attempt to block the growth of diocesan Traditional Masses. However, what is the long-term use of doing that, if all tradition-loving V II Institutes can keep doing their own thing? Does Francis not reflect that this will lead to an explosion in the membership and following of the existing traditional orders, and in the requests for the creation of new ones? he can get some years of suffocated growth, but he will pay for his arrogance with an explosion in fervour for the Latin Mass. As we say in Italy, this guy is like a child wanting to stop the tide with his bucket.

Yes, he will keep harassing a lot of good diocesan priests. But barring an all-out war against the TLM, the only effect this will have is to encourage the faithful to seek a TLM near, or to welcome the establishment of new orders dedicated to it.

Meanwhile, the very fact that the FFSP & Co. can keep celebrating the TLM will make it the more evident that the diocesan priest are being harassed, and their faithful persecuted.

What happened behind the scenes, I don’t know. But I suspect that Francis was bombarded, for months, with constant warnings about the enemies he was making, and about the damage he was doing to his own anti-clerical cause, and with constant request to at least limit the damage as much as can be without losing face completely.

Mind, this is not “I am suddenly a Catholic”-Francis. This is “I can’t damage the Church with TC”-Francis! Like Julian the Apostate, he is seeing that he can’t win this one!

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! You are being oh so devious!! Of course this was Francis’ plan from the start!”

Francis’ plan from the start, my foot. If this had been the plan from the start, the meeting I mentioned at the start would have never been necessary in the first place, and the situation for the FSSP & Co. would have been extremely clear from day one. One line in the Excrementation would have been enough. That line was not there.

I am not saying, yet, “we win, he loses”. I think Francis will have to die for the next chance of real change, at least in this. But it is clear to me that Francis has smashed his big nose against the wall and has not liked the feeling.

In the end, the FSSP will not be forced to make the ultimate choice, and perhaps they hinted to Francis that their ultimate choice would not have been for him. Others have done the same (I have written about it). They are all safe from Francis The Hun for now.

Hopefully, God will soon do the rest.

Understanding History

Read here an interesting article about English Catholics and Fascism.

This is a beautiful reinforcement of the points I have made very often on this blog: Fascism was good for Catholicism, it was good for Italy and it was, in fact, so successful as a model for 15 years that many English Catholics were quite impressed. The mutual admiration and pen friendship between Winston Churchill and Benito Mussolini will, here, remain unmentioned.

Now, a couple of things must be clear, and I have also made them clear several times here: the Fascist experience was a (brilliant) reaction to particularly troubled times, but cannot and should not be taken as example of what should happen today. Whether we discuss Putin or Napoleon, Caesar or Pinochet, Franco or Mussolini, we must put things in their own historic , religious and cultural context, without which we are guaranteed to not understand anything of anything.

The Italy going out of the First World War was an Italy not only ravaged by an extremely taxing war, but deeply wounded in its social structure. For two years (which are remembered as the biennio rosso, the “two red years”) the Communist made a factual bid for a revolution, ultimately not succeeding but certainly managing to complete a stage rehearsal for it. Up to one thousand violent deaths a month witness a situation of creeping civil war.

The creeping, slowly mounting civil unrest was finally stopped by the inept, indecisive, politically correct, cowardly and sheer incompetent Liberal government in the Summer of 1921, as it became clear even to them that the time of posturing and positioning for political advantage had gone and decisive action was now urgently required. Calm came back in the Country.

But at that point, something had been irremediably broken. The relationship of trust between many Italians (particularly the “haves”) and their elected rulers had been broken, even as the recently introduced universal suffrage showed the devastating potential of giving the vote to masses of angry “have nots”.

When a new, very violent, at that time clearly anti-clerical, but fiercely anticommunist force began to emerge, they met the approval of great part of the middle class, who understood that they might not escape so well a second attempt of the Communists to get in power and simply did not trust the State to protect them against it. Suddenly, the very efficient Fascist cudgel appealed to teachers, lawyers, managers, army and police officers, even little employees. The Italian Democracy died not of violence, but of moral and political bankruptcy.

The successful end of the March on Rome was, also, certainly not the start of the dictatorship. Mussolini’s power after becoming Prime Minister was rapidly consolidated by his decisive action, the rapid liquidation of the Communist menace, and a clear sense of accomplishment as the Italians gradually noticed that these guys could deliver. The events from Summer 1924 to January 1925, which led to the start of the proper dictatorship, once again showed the Italian people that between Fascists and Liberals it was, really, a no-brainer. The rest is, as they say, history, and gave us a wonderful social, economic, and religious run.

Knowing what I know of Italy, I can see parallelisms with modern Russia. In both cases, an inept democracy followed by a strong man gradually persuaded people that a failed democracy isn’t worth renouncing to a brilliant autocrat; and in both cases, the new guy united a very sensible economic policy with an even more sensible religious one, amassing more and more support as the years go by.

Most of my readers come from the Anglo-Saxon space, where democracy is simply ingrained and every other form of government considered evil. But the rest of the world does not have such robust democratic traditions, and I fully understand them. Democracy is not my religion, Catholicism is.

Give me Putin over Yeltsin, and Benito Mussolini over Luigi Facta (who wasn’t even the worse of them) every day.

Fairy Lands And Potato Fields

Simple goodness…

There is a well-publicised article on the “American Thinker” mentioning that almost 40% of the 20 to 38 years old “identify as” alphabet people; that is, perverts of some sort or other.

First of all, an obvious clarification: these are, most of all, not perverts. Not real ones, at least. What they are, is unbelievably naive and astonishingly stupid people who “identify” as a gesture of “solidarity”, in order to feel good with themselves and kow-tow to their “ghei” friends.

It truly is a North Korean pressure to societal conformism without the concentration camp. These cretins, who really think they are helping someone else than Satan, can’t wait to show just how brainwashed they are; and mind, the poll was likely skewed and made to look in a “certain way”, but the gravity of the situation remains.

In part, this is clearly due to the loss of Christian values. It’s easier for the MSM to spout their propaganda, and for the groups of assorted perverts to push their perverted ideas, and for the dumb sheep to be brainwashed and made to bend the knee, if there is no Christian culture pushing against it; because then, the dominant religion will be pleasing your friends, being part of the group, and feeling good with yourself.

However, I agree with the author of the article, that this is a typical issue that comes up when people have too much comfort and security.

For three decades now, my suggestion to those who spoke to me about their mental issues and unresolved conflicts has been to work 12 hours a day in a potato field, for six months at least, and then reassess the situation. This, I have done because of the personal observation that people who actually have to work hard for a living and to take care of their families seem to never have unresolved mother issues, which their well-paid shrink somehow never seem to solve, though he will constantly say that the patient is “making progress”; patient who is, invariably, enough well off that either he or his papa can afford said shrink, and whose days affords him plenty of hours to think about himself, himself and, obviously, himself. If you ever had a friend or acquaintance like that, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I feel that I can easily recommend the same approach to everybody who has come to the point of “identifying” himself as a pervert.

Twelve hours a day in a potato field, under the merciless sun. No tractor and no automation. No food without work. In bed with the hen, awake with the cock. No TV, no books beside a Bible, and most of all no shrink. Ideally, one slap in the face every time he starts talking about himself, but I’ll have the get this green lighted by the Legal Department.

It would work miracles. At some point, the percentage of perverts would be the one Satan always had, perhaps half a percent. All others would be, well, just normal.

We are getting to the point when it is a relief to know that someone is normal.

But then look at who is pope and realise we live in very prosperous, but quite disquieting times.

Appeasement, Fights, And The Unwritten Rules: The FSSP And Traditionis Custodes

The new, environmentally friendly containers for NO Mass (red), ecumenism (green) and inter religious dialogue (yellow).

The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (or at least some of his members) have shown very clearly that they like the thinking in the Italian Army.

As I have written here also in the past, the Italian Army has a so-called, not written anywhere, used ironically, but still very real “unofficial first rule”. The rule goes: gli ordini sbagliati non si eseguono, or “wrong orders are not carried out”.

It appears that this is exactly what happened in Kansas City, where the FSSP (or some of their members) showed very clearly and very publicly what they think of the motu proprio mockingly called Traditionis Custodes.

When I read the news of the new consecrations according to the Old Rite, the first thing I thought was “I hope their assets are well protected”. In fact, I cannot imagine that The Frankie will allow this obvious display of Catholicism to “go unpunished”. Therefore, the order – if, that is, the entire order is compact in its defence of the Kansas City consecrations – better be prepared for any of the countermoves coming from Rome, from the seizing of assets to the sudden deposition of the current leadership to a far more innocuous “visitation” to save Francis’ face until he dies (please, God: “soon, soon!”)

My second thought was, instead, “time is a gentleman”. In fact, if the Fraternity decides to resist an unjust order of the Pope, they will be in exactly the same position in which the SSPX was in the Seventies. I must say, I find it ironic, and quite funny within the very sad framework of the events; as if Jesus was telling us that there is no alternative to obedience to Jesus, and compromises in this will never be long-lived.

I will await the next months before I formulate a judgment as to the reaction of the FSSP to Traditionis Custodes, as I don’t remember any statement of the order making clear that Christ comes before Clowns. Still, it seems to me that something is moving, and the order might be put in front of the choice of either be split in two, or face the Evil Clown as one.

But the irony is evident here. Appeasement does not work with any bully.

At some point, there will have to be a fight.

Perversion Creep, Or: Be Vigilant

One of the phenomena that I have been noticing in this now more than eleven years of blogging is the danger to the faith not through open heresy, but through the slow, unnoticed creeping of secular mentality in the minds of the faithful. In this phenomenon, language certainly plays a role, habit another, and conformism plays the rest.

Articles about trannies even in conservative publications are worded in such a way that the real sex of the trannie is not easy to discern. Sodomites are called “gay” even by people who are evidently opposed to sodomy. Words like “wholesome” disappear slowly, because the demand for wholesomeness also disappears. Sins are diminished or qualified in strange ways, for example when stating that homosexuals are called to chastity like everybody else, thus comparing normal instincts to perverted ones.

This “perversion creep” can be even more dangerous that the outright attack to decency and morals, because it can penetrate the mind more effectively than the open provocation. It will insinuate itself into the mind by way of constant repetition, and “adoption” in one’s inner circle. Suddenly, taking drugs becomes “making wrong choices”, and being a slut becomes “not being guarded”.

“My son keeps making wrong choices”. “I am sorry to hear that, Mrs Johnson. Have you thought about a rehab clinic for drug addicts?”. “I am shocked by your language, Mundabor”. “Oh, so he is not a drug addict anymore, Mrs Johnson? I am so happy to hear that!”. “Well, er, no, he is still making wrong choices, Mundabor”. “You mean he is still a cocaine addict, isn’t it? I seem to remember you mentioned it once”.

Make no mistake: Mrs Johnson will hate you with a passion. But in the end, slowly, the concept will creep into her head:

Son is not “struggling with substance abuse”. He is a drug addict.

Again, language is first and foremost, because we are shaped by the language we use. Therefore, we need to constantly watch our choice of words in order to improve the cleanliness of our brain. This will upset some, because their brain is already full of rubbish. But you shouldn’t be so concerned with upsetting someone now; you should be concerned with giving him a salutary shock which might, in time, contribute – by God’s grace – to this upset person actually avoiding hell.

Let the others be upset. But you, when you die, you want to know that you have been a good broom.

The Double-Tongued Commie Pope Who Can’t Read The Gospel.

Blessed Be The Poor!!

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
4Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
5Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the Earth.
6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be satisfied.
7Blessed are the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy.
8Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.
9Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called the Sons of God.
10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
11Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.
12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Oh boy, Frankie The Evil Clown did it again. Once again, he decided to touch about the Beatitudes (above in their real text and meaning, for your convenience) and, as if by magic, transformed Christ in a proto-communist. At least, for the sake of the media (keep reading…).

If you follow the link, you will realise the full scale of the lies this guy goes around peddling. He just makes the Gospel up as he goes along.

In the new Gospel of Satan, Pope Francis Edition, it appears that:

  1. Those who are blessed are the poor. Forget being poor in spirit. No: in Francis’ Commie Land, you have to be poor to be blessed. All others don’t need to apply.
  2. The poor are blessed because they are poor. It’s poverty that makes you blessed, dummy. If you get out of poverty, that was it with the blessing.

I know, you don’t believe me. Therefore, let me post the quote:

“Jesus says two things to His people: that they are blessed and poor, and that they are blessed because they are poor.”

Yeah. You did not believe me, did you? This will teach you..

One question pops out automatically: if poverty is so good, why does Francis constantly rants against inequality?

I know the answer, and so do you. Unfortunately, the answer is unprintable, and I will therefore leave it at that.

Of course, even a dumb guy like Francis is not so dumb that he does not know that people will, on occasion, actually open the pages of a Gospel and see that he has blatantly lied to them.

Therefore, after the obligatory commie propaganda and condemnation of wealth, he proceeds to qualify this poverty in a way that makes it sounds strangely different from what he has just said.

Being poor, said Pope Francis, means Christians find our joy in the gifts we receive daily from God—like life, Creation, and our brothers and sisters—and not in money or other material goods.

Oh boy, this sounds, actually, Catholic! It sounds, in fact, a lot like that poverty in spirit that Catholicism has been praising and preaching for two thousand years! Why, then, has Francis not said, from the start, that the poverty he is blathering about is poverty in spirit? Because he knows that the headlines will be all about material poverty.

In fact, I can easily imagine that whoever drafted the original script exclusively used the qualifier “in spirit”, and that Francis, being the faithless rascal he is, decided to take it out in order to give to his Angelus that Castroite flair he likes so much.

Make the test, and add “in spirit” to all that Francis said about poverty from the start. Suddenly, it all becomes Catholic.

It is not the first time that I see this at work. It is as if the guy were concerned that that the material that has been prepared for him is too catholic and does not allow him to be on the side of Stalin. Therefore, he tweaks it on the spot, and knows that the tweak (that is, in fact, the novelty) is what will grab the attention.

I would bet my pint that very few will be the outlets giving to his word a proper Catholic meaning and a correspondent title. “Popes praise poverty in Spirit at Angelus”, “Pope Francis says that Poverty in spirit is accepting God’s daily gifts”, or “Pope Praises Poverty in Spirit, Extols Beatitutes”. The fact is, quotes have become very precise in the last years (as you can see from all those […] in modern quotes) and whenever an outlet wants the literal quote, it will find the proto-commie statement.

Alas, Francis is dumb, and the game old. At this point, even squirrels are doubting his orthodoxy. He keeps going on and on because he enjoys angering us Catholics, but it’s not working anymore with anyone not bent on being deceived.

I am sure the guy has said more stupid things, but I don’t have the time to clean up after this guy all the time. He should try to keep his heretic and socialist diarrhea in check, but I doubt he ever will.

Oh well.

One day, the undertaker will take this one, too.

The Honey, The Vinegar, And The Flamethrower

In this documentary we can see a Catholic soldier in his natural habitat, dealing with V II.

I am told that I (and many other Traditionalists) use too much vinegar and too little honey. We should smile more. Be more positive. Convey a life-affirming attitude.

All fine in principle and, in fact, I am, myself, put off by the prophets of gloom, who have been believing for the last 1000 years that the world is about to end and are, in general, negative about everything under the sun. You know the type.

However, I would also like to point out the following:

1. Honey must be used in moderation, and only when appropriate. Too much honey ruins your teeth, and it’s not good for your insuline level. A bad Bishop should not be offered any honey, ever. Actually, he should be drowned in – nay: waterboarded with – vinegar until he gets the darn lesson.

2. There is a big difference between being a sunny boy and smiling whilst you are being kicked in the Low Countries. The first one is a positive person, the second is an idiot, and a weakling at that. Francis loves the latter types. We despise them.

3. The alternative is not between the honey and the vinegar. It’s between the vinegar and the flamethrower. A proper, well-instructed, Traditional Catholic should, whenever asked about Vatican II and all that has happened since, leave such an amount of scorched land that his listener is in no doubt whatever about where things stand. Not, mind, with the attitude of the grumpy old guy for whom nothing is as good as it used to be (that would be the vinegar), but with the attitude of the positive, intelligent guy who has seen through the rubbish of V II and will have absolutely none of it, because Christ comes before looking all sweet and joyful.

It seems to me that I am being very reasonable here.



Almost sweet.

Still: my flamethrower is always at the ready, and when I am finished with the job my interlocutor will think “well, things are not what I thought they are”.

There. Mission accomplished.

Carry some honey with you wherever you go.

But always have a flamethrower ready for action.

Sh*t House? Reflections On The Death Of A Famous Comedian.

A recently emerged news leads me to considerations which, if often made on this modest platform, would bear repeating every day.

Let us say, your life is just fine. You are 65; pretty much as healthy as a fish; successful; wealthy; smart; admired wherever you go.

You fall and knock your head somewhere in your hotel room. You think nothing of it, and go to sleep as if nothing had happened because, to you, nothing has happened.

Then you die in your sleep due to the consequences of the fall.

This is what happened – as it was confirmed, actually, yesterday – to the famed US comedian Bob Saget.

There is really so much to say here. The guy was, without any doubt, a celebriteeeee in his native Country and, I would say, beyond the US boundaries. He was raised a Jew, which means that, behind the success and fame, there was already a clock ticking fast there. He was also, as far as I can discern, fit as a fiddle. Finally, he was, if the rumours are true, a guy not averse to inordinate pleasures. Then he knocks his head, in a very last, forceful, memento mori moment. He shrugs it off as a “bad stuff happens” moment.

Then he goes to sleep, and he never awakens.

You can, of course, see it in the other way; that is, see it in the light of the improbable (make no mistakes: my pint is on him finding himself surrounded by strange, red guys with pointed tails, poking him and crying “surpriiiiseeee!”) but not impossible scenario in which Mr Saget is, for reasons it is not given to us to question, actually among the Elect. It is, in fact, fascinating to think how things might, in this improbable but not impossible scenario, have played out.

Perhaps the guy had had doubts for a while, unconfessed to others and even timidly recognised by himself. Perhaps he was, slowly, coming around to the idea that the public would have had to deal with Bob Saget The Convert. Perhaps he had been ruminating on this stuff for a while, unbeknownst to everybody around him. Perhaps the knock on his head was, on a man already so predisposed, the definitive wake up call; the reflection that, harmless as the accident was supposed to be, life can end at any moment, and the choice for Christ is made, there and then, with a full contrition, and a lot of tears. After which comes, with a never before felt serenity, and a new found sense of peace, the welcome rest, and a sweet sleep, and the road to Purgatory.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and the Lord can call time on us at any time. I normally do not let a day pass without an Act of Contrition, then life has taught me that the day of the Lord does come like a thief in the night.

I would love that at least some of my readers would take this post as an encouragement, and decided to take the habit of reciting an Act of Contrition every day.

Together, if you can, with a Hail Mary for Yours Truly; also a sinner, and one who could be called to his redde rationem in three minutes time, on his way back to work.

The Christianity-Free Pope: Frankie And The Problem Of Suffering.

“I am more stupid than you’ll ever know, you darn Catholics!”

After yesterday’s post, let us discuss what Jokester In Chief actually said when he played celebrity with Fabio Fazio.

The guy, in a word, admitted that he has no answer for the suffering in the world. He spoke of children, but the issue is obviously of universal relevance, it not being clear why the suffering of an innocent adult should be more understandable than the suffering of a child.

Once again, Francis shows that his head is a Christianity-free space.

I was five when I was informed, in detail, about the original sin. I mean, I knew about it before, but at 5 I was informed about it in detail. In fact, I distinctly remember that on that occasion I was informed that the original sin is exactly the reason why people get: 1) ill and 2) old.

It does not take a genius to understand the lesson here. In fact, one does not even need to be intelligent, so that even Francis is not exempt from knowing the basics. Plus, the guy has scrounged an existence in a Jesuit seminary for several years, so he actually should know a bit more than a children of five in Kindergarten.

There was no illness in the Garden of Eden. No old age. No suffering. No war. No ugliness. Not even taxes.

Suffering is the price of disobedience, and this explains its existence perfectly well.

Naturally, one might ask why God allowed disobedience in the first place. But this is a discussion about the mystery of iniquity, which has perfectly reasonable answers (as far as a mystery can have them) and can only be properly understood once the discussion has been framed within the proper context: the Fall.

Francis gets nothing of it. The guy simply has no Christianity in his arrogant, thick, lewd, Church-hating head. He talks of suffering like he is a savage in the Amazon Forest, or an atheist in northern Sweden. He just has no clue about what Christianity is.

He also has no idea in his (dumb) head that does not come from the atheist world. When asked about the suffering of the innocent, an average Christian would likely retort (and a decent Pope would instantly retort) “you are clearly talking here about the millions of children killed in their mother’s womb every year, deprived of life for the convenience of their mothers”.

None of this. Not one world. This idiot talks with an atheist and he only shows he thinks like an atheist.

This unspeakable clown has been pope almost nine years now.

Truly, he will be taken as an example of the indefectibility of the Church long after he has gone where God has decreed he should go after his miserable sojourn on this earth.

Pray that he dies a painless death as soon as may be. Ideally, today.

Away with this clown.

He has made enough damage already.

Bucket List? Meet Frankie, The Wannabe Celebritee

At least he was drunk, and no Pope…

The Evil Clown went to a leftist TV show in Italy and spouted the usual nonsense. I will leave what he said for another post. First, I would like to focus on what he did.

The very fact that a Pope would appear on a TV show for the entertainment of the masses is, in itself, an indication of how bad things have become. Even if – incredibile dictu – Francis had gone there and had told nothing wrong, his action would still have been worthy of condemnation for the banalisation of the office such a stunt most obviously represents.

Also, I cannot avoid noticing that even a jokester full of himself like this one had never, in his quest for easy popularity and in his desire to show how much he hates the church, stooped as low as this. This truly is a first.

I wonder what happens next. My pint goes on his apparition in a cooking show, his being active as a judge on “dancing with the stars”, his being shipped into some strange island for a reality show, and his dancing the tango in St Peter’s square with an old, Argentinian, transsexual prostitute to crown it all with the smell of very smelly sheep. The old idea – of which I think he would have been capable – of dancing in a tutu in St Peter’s square is likely off the table now, as no one knows what kind of tubes would become visible.

Who on earth would behave the way this clown is behaving? One who does not believe in the sacredness of his role as a Pope, because he just does not believe in God; one who delights in scandalising Catholics, because he hates them; one who desires to throw as much mud on the Church as he can, because he despises Her; and – possibly, but without hoping too much – one who is going through his hateful “bucket list” as long as he has the ability to do so.

If the latter is the case, we must prepare ourselves for even more horrible stuff, because this guy has already shown that he has no decency, no dignity, and no shame. His entire Pontificate has been a horror Francisshow in which his own, peculiar – others might say satanical – world view has been put on show countless times, and by which the only boundaries that were put to his antics were his fear to be deposed – alas, our Bishops and Cardinals are too cowardly for that – and his desire to keep a certain “profile” in order to better damage the Church he so much hates.

If, however, he is terminally ill, then both issues are going to become moot points. Whatever he does, there will be no time to depose him; and if he sees he can no longer influence much – because the funeral director is already discreetly asking what his favourite wood is – there is really no deterrent to the Trannie Tango anymore.

Still, we should draw hope from wherever we can. This last breaking of an obvious papal taboo could – please, God!! – really mean that the guy is on his way out – and, most likely, down – and wants to use his last months to become what he always wanted to be: an icon of transgression and a leftist “celebrity”.

At this point, I don’t even care if the guy sings the “International” with all the air he has left in his 1.5 lungs. I don’t care if he starts giving sex counseling on the radio. I don’t care if he wants to sing “Bandiera Rossa” (search it up!) on primetime TV.

I hope he dies soon, and I hope – I sincerely do – that God gives him the grace to save his sorry, atheist, commie ass from damnation in the end.

This guy is more outrageous when sober, than Yeltsin was when drunk.

And Yeltsin wasn’t Pope, either.

Fake Talks

Spot the tough guy

The “historic” talks between France and Ukraine are about to start, and I would like to make some reflections.

The first: I know, you know, and everybody knows that there will be no invasion and no war. You can’t invade a country made of 600,000 square kilometres and 40 million inhabitants with 100,000 solider, or with 150,000 come to that. I am sure Putin can easily win if he invades; but not with a pocket army. To me, the pocket army is a clear sign this is about sending a signal, not invading a country. It’s flexing one’s muscles, not preparing to throw a punch.

The second: what, exactly, can the EU put on the table? Sanctions, and that’s pretty much all there is. Hardly an existential threat for Putin. Besides, the game was tried after Crimea, and was a massive fail. The sanctions would damage the EU (and the US) as much as Russia. Probably more the EU than Russia, as Russia is far more resilient to economic crisis than the EU (hardened, though guys; no foreign debt; all the resources you want; so much nuclear weapons to make boullabaisse out of Europe ). Plus, the Germans would have to start buying blankets, because when Putin closes the tab that sends the natural gas they depend upon, it’s going be Scheisse without end.

Third: in which universe can a continent of people who locked themselves home because of a virus scare one of the toughest people on earth, leads by the toughest head of state in existence? The pictures of Macron sitting with Putin makes one smile, and pray for Macron’s physical integrity.

In short: I don’t think much will come out of it. The EU and NATO will have to accept the principle that Ukraine is off limits for them, thus giving Putin 100% of what he wanted. In turn, Putin will offer them a way to save face and go back to Brussels with a semblance of dignity.

Joe Biden will ask what is all about, will vaguely remember when he got the prosecutor fired, and then will forget everything again.

These “talks” seems fake news to me. They will end with the result everybody expected from day one, at the time both parties consider appropriate for their own purposes. When this time is, we will know at the appropriate juncture.

I’d say anywhere between tomorrow and the next four weeks, depending on how much traction the Winter Olympics take.

Pants on Fire? Or, Dare We Hope That Bishop Barron Is Not A Homo?

I dare say Bishop Barron likes this guy a lot

So, dare we hope? Follow the link and judge for yourself.

There is an awful lot of stuff there. Not coincidences. Not episodes. A whole picture.

In the very, very, VERY best of cases, Barron is a Bishop with a clearly unhealthy passion for culturism, which leads him to wrong choices and to give the money donated to his organisation to his not-very-Catholic-looking pals irrespective of qualifications. This sounds unprofessional and, again, a strange environment for a Bishop as one certainly prone to unhealthy narcissism; a narcissism so pronounced, in fact, that most women will tell you it makes such men unattractive to them. Go figure… in more than one sense.

In the worst case, this is just another closeted faggot blathering heresies because he has lost the faith, and the shame, a long time ago. One, also, in the hands of the Gaystapo.

I reflect here, like the author of the linked article, that the Bish praised Father Georgina and wrote an endorsement approving not only one of his books, but him as a person.

Oh dear… let me dare some reflections here…

Who, endowed with normal feelings about sodomy, would ever express himself in a positive way towards an obviously effeminate promoter of it?

Mind: in contrast with the author of the linked article, I am not in the least interested in the question whether Bishop Barron is a factual sodomite.

If he is homosexual, he has to go both as a Bishop and as a priest. Homosexuality is not compatible with the priesthood, period.

I will, here, dare doing something daring and, in fact, dared by many a daring commenter before me. I will , in fact, dare to make the hypothesis that Bishop Barron a) belongs to the same parish as Father Georgina, b) is allowed to make a career as “controlled Catholicism” of sort and fake (but still heretical) “conservative”, but c) is controlled at every step by those who can ruin him at all times. This daring supposition would explain the absolutely stupid act – in a guy who wants to appear conservative to the badly instructed – of d) endorsing Father Georgina; one who, I dare say, looks, sounds, and writes like he is the second coming of Pierpaolo Pasolini (who, take it from a mother tongue, was an obscenely bad writer, too).

Let nobody say, here, that I am giving scandal. Bishop Barron is giving scandal. I am merely the guy who is sickened by it, the more so as the guy promotes heresy under the guise of conservatism.

Let us, also, not hide behind the usual finger of “perhapsism”. Perhaps it’s all a strange coincidence; perhaps the Bishop does not know what Father Georgina goes around saying all the times; perhaps he is so innocent that he lives together with hunky men and does not think anything of it; perhaps he is just naive; perhaps he is just so darn thick; perhaps, perhaps, and more perhaps.

I dare to hope that he is not like that, merely very stoopid.

But a much bigger intelligence than me once said that if it walks like a fag, swims like a fag, and quacks like a fag, he is very likely a fag.

God 2.0, Or: The Communion Of Saints According To Frankie.

Die soon. No, really. Die soon.

During his audience of 2 February, Francis piddled out of his potty in such a grievous way that, if we did not know how evil he is, we would think he has gone gaga. I am referring, as you have certainly understood, to Francis’ out-of-this-planet fantasies about the Communion of Saints.

Of the Communion of Saints we know this: that, whilst they are on earth, heretics, schismatics, apostates, and excommunicated are in no way part of it. There is no discussion about this. The only discussion that is possible is about the scale of evil Francis carries in his – hopefully terminally diseased – fat person.

Of course one can say that, say, a heretic who manages to save his ass in the end (and we hope many do) becomes, at death, a Catholic and part of the Church Penitent in Purgatory. However, as long as he is a heretic he is, emphatically, not part of the Communion of Saints.

Similarly, one can, unless I am mistaken, say that a person who is baptised and a member of the Church in good standing is part of the Church Militant, however big his shortcomings, for as long as he is a member of the body of the Church and wants to be one. However, when this person, even if baptised, puts himself out of the communion, for example by committing apostasy, then he is not part of it anymore.

This isn’t difficult stuff. It also follows common sense. Why does Francis, then, try to confuse yourself into believing absurdities such as the apostate (no less!) who would still part of the Church Militant? The answer seems pretty obvious to me: To Francis, it is perfectly irrelevant whether you are schismatic, heretic, apostate, or excommunicated. In his propaganda, God treats everybody in the same way, and the bond you have with him is entirely unconditional. You could not put yourself out of the Communion of Saints more than you could put yourself out of the Milky Way.

There is no other explanation to his words. As to his motives, they are, by now, entirely obvious. The guy does not believe in God, and he will do all he can to make you lose your faith and substitute it for his cult of social hatred and globalism. However, he does not call it that way. He calls it being “surprised” by the “spirit”, as if a Perfect and Immutable Good could have “surprises”.

In God there is no change, because change implies imperfection. In God there is no movement, because movement implies change. God and His Truth are so unchangeable, that they are even outside of time. The very idea that God would “surprise” you today with something new that wasn’t there yesterday is a complete denial of everything that God is.

I think a seven year old boy, in good faith, understands this. Every adult not willing to lie to himself grasps it immediately.

The problem here is the old, lewd atheist who wants you to forget Who God is, and the multitude of adulterers and perverts, or their relatives, yearning for God 2.0, courtesy of a buffoon in white.

Satan’s Preys Splatter, Or: The Activist, The Skyscraper, And The Walkway.

It’s a sad, sad life…

The Wall Street Journal informs us that a BLM activist lawyer, called Cheslie Kryst, who rose to fame for becoming a very woke Miss USA in 2019, committed suicide in the most gruesome way, plunging to her death from the roof of the Manhattan skyscraper where she lived, and splattering her undoubtedly beautiful face and body on the very expensive walkway below.

Make no mistake: she is very likely in hell, where many of these Satan Preys Matter people will, also, end their miserable existence. Still, I have said an eternal rest for her. Not because I am a soppy guy, but because I pray for my enemies.

There are so many things that are just wrong here. The BLM activist lived in a very expensive place in Manhattan, actually showing that elite professions and elite neighbourhoods are not precluded to Blacks. Alas, she could not switch her brains on hard enough to understand the fact, and chose to downplay the hard work she had put into her studies and profession in favour of easy virtue signalling. That she would support a Marxist, besides racist, organisation to booth adds to the deafening cognitive dissonance or, if you prefer, the breathtaking hypocrisy.

But it does not end here. Marxist activist decides to participate to Miss USA; which, try as you will to make it woke, remains the very embodiment of the patriarchy and of a mentality that encourages women to be beautiful and desired by men. Nothing wrong with that, for me; but for a Marxist feminist racist lawyer, again, this is hypocrisy at its very finest.

We also know from the WSJ and from another article (I think it was from the Gateway Pundit. I might be wrong) that the woman was, in short, looking for purpose at the age of 30 when Christian girls, attractive or not, are full of purpose at the age of 4.

In addition, we know that she, in pure feminist bitch style, had implicitly criticised the organisation who made her Miss America because she was, at 28 years of age, among the oldest winners, also touching on the fact that she was now approaching thirty (again, something that is never traumatic to any person of faith). But mind, this criticism did not prevent her from posting, on her social media account, very slick, most likely professionally shot pictures of quite an attractive woman. More hypocrisy, then, and more narcissism. But hey, if you are a BLM activist the only one who will pay attention is… Satan.

The article has the usual whining about what a wonderful person everybody says she was. She looked grand, I’ll give you that. As for wonderful, I beg to differ. I see a very narcissist, attention-seeking, full of herself, and full of other things besides, personality. And no, don’t tell me that I do not know her. I know her based on the way she chose to present herself and wanted to be seen.

Playing feminist and taking part to a beauty contest; crying racism and being the very evidence of the absence of it; looking for validation in a Marxist, perverted, anti-American, divisive movement when working in the very opposite sector of activity, and criticising ageism and patriarchy whilst constantly promoting her very good looks are, to me, signs of a stunning hypocrisy; the kind that, again, Satan promotes and tries to turn to his advantage.

With obviously no faith, and no other god than the constant search for self validation and attention, as the “glory” of a largely forgotten title fades and ages promises to soon start ravaging a great beauty, it is no great surprise that a cold walkway should be where this particular journey ends.

The splattering of a Black Life that clearly did not Matter to its very owner is a reminder to all of us of what can happen when Christ is substituted for self validation with every possible means, and for shallow virtue-signalling that leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

I am glad nobody else was hurt.


If she had hit, upon her “landing”, another BLM professional, that would have been a very fitting end to the story.

Service Announcement: No Link Dumping, Please

This is a service announcement.

Kindly avoid dumping on my comment box links to external pages without a short explanation of content and reason for the link.

Link dumping will lead to comment deletion.

Repeated link dumping will lead to a ban.



The Emperor Is A Betaboy, An Idiot, And A Failed Wannabe Tyrant.

God willing, not anymore.

In what is the last and, most likely, final victory against the fakedemic, the British Government has decided that the last piece of tyranny that remained (the planned compulsory vaccination of care workers) will be scrapped.

The Regime wants you to believe that the scrapping is due to how good said Government is (they were very fast on boosters) and to the sudden, world-shattering discovery that Omicron is not as bad as initially advertised.

However, everyone with a brain understands that the real reason is hidden in these two numbers: 90,000+ vacancies among care workers, and 80,000+ employed care workers determined to lose their job rather than comply with their tyrannical government. In a country of 66 millions this is an awful, awful lot of people.

The extremely stoopid, extremely tyrannical clown government of Boris “bring your own booze” Johnson had to capitulate to an army of nurses and, certainly, a number of doctors, telling him in no uncertain terms where to shove it.

What does this tell me? It tells me what a shaky ground Democracy rests on in the oldest major democracy of the modern world. All safeties of freedom have failed bar the last one: the people. Neither the British Government, nor the British Parliament, much less the totally useless Crown Prosecution Service, have done anything to protect the British people from tyranny. Boris Johnson is currently being investigated by the police for parties given whilst we were all prisoners, but no one investigates him for keeping us all prisoners or half prisoners, for many months, without any respect for our freedoms.

This may seem trivial, but it isn’t. The same people who rage against Fascism accepted something no Fascist regime ever dreamt of imposing. The same people who criticise Putin fail to realise that a Government thinking it can tell you whether you can get out of your home isn’t much better than Russia’s “managed democracy”. Scariest of them all, a sizeable percentage of the British population clearly do not care for freedom, nor do they understand it, preferring instead a tyranny of the (assumed) majority in which everything at all, even compulsory mass medical experiments explicitly forbidden by human rights conventions, can be imposed on the (thinking) minority.

At the centre of this debacle and failed attempt at freedom deprivation, Boris Johnson has covered himself in shame twice. Firstly, for even entertaining the idea of tyrannical restrictions like those currently in place in Italy. Secondly, for flaunting the very rules he was imposing on us.

I doubt he will be made to resign. The rot runs very deep in the Country, and the very understanding of what it means to be free has been deformed almost beyond recognition. Plus, too many Members of Parliament do not want that the sheep start posing themselves questions about what they, the MPs, did to prevent the tyranny.

No, he will not be made to resign.

But the entire Country can now see that the Emperor is a betaboy, an idiot, and a failed wannabe tyrant.

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