Satan’s Preys Splatter, Or: The Activist, The Skyscraper, And The Walkway.

It’s a sad, sad life…

The Wall Street Journal informs us that a BLM activist lawyer, called Cheslie Kryst, who rose to fame for becoming a very woke Miss USA in 2019, committed suicide in the most gruesome way, plunging to her death from the roof of the Manhattan skyscraper where she lived, and splattering her undoubtedly beautiful face and body on the very expensive walkway below.

Make no mistake: she is very likely in hell, where many of these Satan Preys Matter people will, also, end their miserable existence. Still, I have said an eternal rest for her. Not because I am a soppy guy, but because I pray for my enemies.

There are so many things that are just wrong here. The BLM activist lived in a very expensive place in Manhattan, actually showing that elite professions and elite neighbourhoods are not precluded to Blacks. Alas, she could not switch her brains on hard enough to understand the fact, and chose to downplay the hard work she had put into her studies and profession in favour of easy virtue signalling. That she would support a Marxist, besides racist, organisation to booth adds to the deafening cognitive dissonance or, if you prefer, the breathtaking hypocrisy.

But it does not end here. Marxist activist decides to participate to Miss USA; which, try as you will to make it woke, remains the very embodiment of the patriarchy and of a mentality that encourages women to be beautiful and desired by men. Nothing wrong with that, for me; but for a Marxist feminist racist lawyer, again, this is hypocrisy at its very finest.

We also know from the WSJ and from another article (I think it was from the Gateway Pundit. I might be wrong) that the woman was, in short, looking for purpose at the age of 30 when Christian girls, attractive or not, are full of purpose at the age of 4.

In addition, we know that she, in pure feminist bitch style, had implicitly criticised the organisation who made her Miss America because she was, at 28 years of age, among the oldest winners, also touching on the fact that she was now approaching thirty (again, something that is never traumatic to any person of faith). But mind, this criticism did not prevent her from posting, on her social media account, very slick, most likely professionally shot pictures of quite an attractive woman. More hypocrisy, then, and more narcissism. But hey, if you are a BLM activist the only one who will pay attention is… Satan.

The article has the usual whining about what a wonderful person everybody says she was. She looked grand, I’ll give you that. As for wonderful, I beg to differ. I see a very narcissist, attention-seeking, full of herself, and full of other things besides, personality. And no, don’t tell me that I do not know her. I know her based on the way she chose to present herself and wanted to be seen.

Playing feminist and taking part to a beauty contest; crying racism and being the very evidence of the absence of it; looking for validation in a Marxist, perverted, anti-American, divisive movement when working in the very opposite sector of activity, and criticising ageism and patriarchy whilst constantly promoting her very good looks are, to me, signs of a stunning hypocrisy; the kind that, again, Satan promotes and tries to turn to his advantage.

With obviously no faith, and no other god than the constant search for self validation and attention, as the “glory” of a largely forgotten title fades and ages promises to soon start ravaging a great beauty, it is no great surprise that a cold walkway should be where this particular journey ends.

The splattering of a Black Life that clearly did not Matter to its very owner is a reminder to all of us of what can happen when Christ is substituted for self validation with every possible means, and for shallow virtue-signalling that leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

I am glad nobody else was hurt.


If she had hit, upon her “landing”, another BLM professional, that would have been a very fitting end to the story.

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  1. I smile when I read that someone gets “traumatized” at becoming 30.
    At my 70, 30 sounds like a newborn kitten.
    I am sorry for her and give her to the mercy of God, who knows the deepest recesses of the heart.

  2. I think it’s a Leftist female problem only. American Leftists created a weird slogan in the 1960s: “Don’t trust anyone over 30”. (I don’t know if they’re still dumb enough to follow it.) There’s also the biological problem for women after 30 (sharp decrease in fertility):

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