Pants on Fire? Or, Dare We Hope That Bishop Barron Is Not A Homo?

I dare say Bishop Barron likes this guy a lot

So, dare we hope? Follow the link and judge for yourself.

There is an awful lot of stuff there. Not coincidences. Not episodes. A whole picture.

In the very, very, VERY best of cases, Barron is a Bishop with a clearly unhealthy passion for culturism, which leads him to wrong choices and to give the money donated to his organisation to his not-very-Catholic-looking pals irrespective of qualifications. This sounds unprofessional and, again, a strange environment for a Bishop as one certainly prone to unhealthy narcissism; a narcissism so pronounced, in fact, that most women will tell you it makes such men unattractive to them. Go figure… in more than one sense.

In the worst case, this is just another closeted faggot blathering heresies because he has lost the faith, and the shame, a long time ago. One, also, in the hands of the Gaystapo.

I reflect here, like the author of the linked article, that the Bish praised Father Georgina and wrote an endorsement approving not only one of his books, but him as a person.

Oh dear… let me dare some reflections here…

Who, endowed with normal feelings about sodomy, would ever express himself in a positive way towards an obviously effeminate promoter of it?

Mind: in contrast with the author of the linked article, I am not in the least interested in the question whether Bishop Barron is a factual sodomite.

If he is homosexual, he has to go both as a Bishop and as a priest. Homosexuality is not compatible with the priesthood, period.

I will, here, dare doing something daring and, in fact, dared by many a daring commenter before me. I will , in fact, dare to make the hypothesis that Bishop Barron a) belongs to the same parish as Father Georgina, b) is allowed to make a career as “controlled Catholicism” of sort and fake (but still heretical) “conservative”, but c) is controlled at every step by those who can ruin him at all times. This daring supposition would explain the absolutely stupid act – in a guy who wants to appear conservative to the badly instructed – of d) endorsing Father Georgina; one who, I dare say, looks, sounds, and writes like he is the second coming of Pierpaolo Pasolini (who, take it from a mother tongue, was an obscenely bad writer, too).

Let nobody say, here, that I am giving scandal. Bishop Barron is giving scandal. I am merely the guy who is sickened by it, the more so as the guy promotes heresy under the guise of conservatism.

Let us, also, not hide behind the usual finger of “perhapsism”. Perhaps it’s all a strange coincidence; perhaps the Bishop does not know what Father Georgina goes around saying all the times; perhaps he is so innocent that he lives together with hunky men and does not think anything of it; perhaps he is just naive; perhaps he is just so darn thick; perhaps, perhaps, and more perhaps.

I dare to hope that he is not like that, merely very stoopid.

But a much bigger intelligence than me once said that if it walks like a fag, swims like a fag, and quacks like a fag, he is very likely a fag.

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  1. Surely it is what it appears to be.
    But let’s say for conjecture’s sake, that we wish to suspend reason and imagine, Bishop Barron just enjoys the company of men who are massive bodybuilders. He pays very high salaries to them to be his valets and drivers and constant companions. Okay. He even rolls up his sleeves now and then to show off his own muscles. I remember Abp. Fulton Sheen doing that once…no…wait, I’m wrong. But okay.

    No bishop, in America, anyway, fails to understand that today all eyes are on them in a level of scrutiny that is probably unprecedented in all of time, due to the constant scandals they have presented by ignoring or being culpable in the sexual molestations of thousands and thousands of boys. The John Jay College Study, the college that analyzed the sexual abuse scandal, determined that 81% of the victims of Catholic priests/bishops, were boys. So all bishops are aware that this news has gotten out, and they are under a level of scrutiny that requires they be mindful of the image they present. It may not be fair, they aren’t all guilty (one hopes), but they surely realize that scrutiny is there. A bishop having a coterie of beefsteak accompanying him everywhere, using money given by Catholics to pay exorbitant salaries to said beefsteak for services rendered, when these services are paid twice what most people would be paid in such positions, as well as free meals, etc., is in itself a scandal, and certainly does nothing to diminish the appearances of too many of our bishops being active homosexuals themselves, or homosexual enablers. His behavior is a scandal at the very least. Perhaps he has been emboldened by Fr. James Martin, and moving out into the more or less open is intentional. I don’t wish to be unfair to Bp. Barron, but we have all seen too much and he has made himself obvious. He should make changes so as not to continue to cause scandal. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us 5,462 times, shame on us.

  2. John F. Kennedy

    “Homosexuality is not compatible with the priesthood, period.” I agree.

    The real question regards the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Valid Sacraments require valid Matter, Form and Intention. I do not think the Sacrament is valid as I suspect the Matter, a homosexual man, is not valid material to receive the Sacrament.

    I think if we review history, it becomes more evident.

  3. WoF are a crew of muscle marys on stilts or would that be steroids? Not saying they’re faggots, but they certainly look like it. Barron loves the weights too.

  4. It’s one thing if you’re a boxer or a wrestler and have to build up your muscles to fight. But even then, those people don’t show off about it. They exercise in a gym and then cover up. The publicity photos are of them fighting in the ring, not displaying their glistening abs with their oh so fey hairdos. Heterosexual men don’t display their sexuality in that grotesque way. Most women are slightly repulsed by men narcissistically displaying their bodies like that. It’s as if they’re preening. At least that’s been my observation over the years.

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