Fairy Lands And Potato Fields

Simple goodness…

There is a well-publicised article on the “American Thinker” mentioning that almost 40% of the 20 to 38 years old “identify as” alphabet people; that is, perverts of some sort or other.

First of all, an obvious clarification: these are, most of all, not perverts. Not real ones, at least. What they are, is unbelievably naive and astonishingly stupid people who “identify” as a gesture of “solidarity”, in order to feel good with themselves and kow-tow to their “ghei” friends.

It truly is a North Korean pressure to societal conformism without the concentration camp. These cretins, who really think they are helping someone else than Satan, can’t wait to show just how brainwashed they are; and mind, the poll was likely skewed and made to look in a “certain way”, but the gravity of the situation remains.

In part, this is clearly due to the loss of Christian values. It’s easier for the MSM to spout their propaganda, and for the groups of assorted perverts to push their perverted ideas, and for the dumb sheep to be brainwashed and made to bend the knee, if there is no Christian culture pushing against it; because then, the dominant religion will be pleasing your friends, being part of the group, and feeling good with yourself.

However, I agree with the author of the article, that this is a typical issue that comes up when people have too much comfort and security.

For three decades now, my suggestion to those who spoke to me about their mental issues and unresolved conflicts has been to work 12 hours a day in a potato field, for six months at least, and then reassess the situation. This, I have done because of the personal observation that people who actually have to work hard for a living and to take care of their families seem to never have unresolved mother issues, which their well-paid shrink somehow never seem to solve, though he will constantly say that the patient is “making progress”; patient who is, invariably, enough well off that either he or his papa can afford said shrink, and whose days affords him plenty of hours to think about himself, himself and, obviously, himself. If you ever had a friend or acquaintance like that, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I feel that I can easily recommend the same approach to everybody who has come to the point of “identifying” himself as a pervert.

Twelve hours a day in a potato field, under the merciless sun. No tractor and no automation. No food without work. In bed with the hen, awake with the cock. No TV, no books beside a Bible, and most of all no shrink. Ideally, one slap in the face every time he starts talking about himself, but I’ll have the get this green lighted by the Legal Department.

It would work miracles. At some point, the percentage of perverts would be the one Satan always had, perhaps half a percent. All others would be, well, just normal.

We are getting to the point when it is a relief to know that someone is normal.

But then look at who is pope and realise we live in very prosperous, but quite disquieting times.

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  1. You are describing ennui, the primary fruit of the capital sin, sloth.

    The contrary virtue of sloth is diligence, aka persistence whose primary fruit is perhaps self control.

    Sloth and its fruit, ennui, are naturally attained just by existing in life in our fallen nature.

    Self control through diligence and persistence must be earned through the Grace of God, denying our selves, taking up our cross daily and running the race, fighting the good fight against a devil who roams about seeking to devour, in all his various ways.

  2. The potato gulag. I like it.

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