Not An Easy Post


It is not easy for me to write this.

However, it has to be.

Everything else would be dishonest. And I do not want to be dishonest.

In the last weeks, particularly after the start of the war in the Ukraine, I started feeling a discomfort that grew with every day. I realised this:

I am always in the minority.

And this makes me angry.

And this makes me ugly.

And this makes me… unkind.

How can 95% of the Brits be wrong, and only myself and a couple of grumpy old men and women right? Could it not be that Ukraine is a freedom-loving democracy, abortion a necessary evil, and a homosexual person born that way?

Why – I asked myself -, why do I always have to be so angry, so isolated, and so unkind?

I look around me, and everybody is so kind. They are so accepting. They are so inclusive, and they are so included. A war breaks out, and they are all there, cheering each other wherever they can, happy to be part of a great group!

Me? I am always in the opposition. Always the angry guy. Always the inflexible guy. Always so unkind.

This, my dear readers, ends today.

I want to be liked; I want to feel part of a group. I want to feel good as I cry “slava Ukraina!” I want my goodness to be seen as I decry all sorts of social, racial, economic, and sexual oppression! I want to look in the mirror and think that I am changing the world!

Therefore, my soon-to-be former friends, I will close this blog, because it is full of people who are just unkind; who don’t understand the gays; who are not inclusive and accepting, and who are intolerant and should, therefore, have their bank account frozen, their mortgage defaulted, and their house repossessed. This will teach them, I am sure, to be as tolerant as I am.

There, I have said it.

This blog ends today.

Mundabor (he/him).

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  1. That is sad. I am rigid, but know I must be.

  2. You haven’t gone far enough.

    I think you need to transition. Go on, you want to.

  3. Well thank you very much Mundabor, for leaving us isolated, angry, ugly and unkind. At least we thought there was someone else in the world who hated the inclusive, accepting, fuzzy wuzzy, woke, culture club, and further, said everything we think on blog. So, you go off and fly your Ukrainian flag, and wave with the maddening, madding crowd. I hope you come to your senses, and continue to celebrate your exclusiveness and sanity in a world gone completely wicked. ci vediamo dopo.

  4. Philip Johnson

    Dont stop your writing Mr Mundy!I have felt the same as you for most of my life and i am still fighting evil things in society.The Western World is very decadent and it is getting worse but we have Faith in The One True Mystical Body of Christ and we win out in the end.Your writings give mr heart.Dont stop writing Mr Mundy!!

  5. jessebrown340cefb6ca

    I believe as the lord has told us. Be well and you will be rewarded, even in the face of evil, you will still be ok. Your choice is your own, and yes, we must live with the world around us, as it may seem arrogant and insolent. Study: receptors, hormone endocrinology, genetics, the Bible, and choices, and it becomes clear. Thank you for giving us your ideas. You will be missed.

  6. I feel exactly as you do Mundy. Don’t end the blog. Your writing gives moral support to those who think as you do, those who search and try to proclaim the Truth by their words and actions. With Truth today in such short supply we don’t need those who proclaim it going on strike. Christ died for the Truth. Those of us who try to proclaim it should at least be able to tolerate some verbal abuse and ostracizing. We should pray for those who abuse us. Isn’t this Christ’s message?

  7. Ha ha ha April’s Fool

  8. The era of of the blog is dead. Indifference has seen to that. Politics also. There is no real difference between Right, Left & plain Wrong. The blogs I used to visit are so scarce now having at last revealed their inmost Trad Inc. culture of fleecing their readers while at the same time deleting comments that don’t agree with their Humanist ideology. All VPN holders just talk to each other under different names & take over the comments’ page, jumping on the odd few who disagree leaving no room for worthwhile debate. While the False Prophet is sitting in the PO nothing will change but those that put him there & their CINO followers will rue the day. Civilisation is collapsing but the eyes of the world are closed. While prayer is vitally needed, maybe blogs aren’t. Peace be with you.

  9. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Well, I know you are not going throw your moral compass into the abyss so I trust the statement about ending the blog is also tongue-in-cheek. I would miss it tremendously. As another “angry, ugly, unkind person” who I rather doubt is truly in “the minority” I would hate to lose an ally in the fight. Of course my two really, really “angry, ugly, unkind” trolls would be happy if I closed my blog. But, more to the point, would the Lord? Righteous anger is rather refreshing in a world that tolerates the most horrendous evils. So please, Mundabor, soldier on. Don’t abandon your allies on the field marching under the standard of Christ the King.

  10. grassrootgonzo

    Mr Mundabor, now you know the gate is narrow. We always knew this day would come. Having grown up in a Christian culture, I can hardly believe it myself. But, it was the increasing persecution and destruction of Christian Western Civilization that pushed me to God to make sense of it all, and then into into Rigid Catholicism. So the wheat are being separated from the chaff, goats from sheep. It is mind blowing how easily humanity has surrendered their children, their liberty, and minds to the satanic agenda, now quite open a bout their plans to enslave and cull us like cattle. You are not alone at all. And I hope you were not serious about shutting down your blog. I disagree with you that horrible Jorge is any kind of pope, but agree on most everything else. You have insights into Europe and the UK that Americans need to read.

  11. I just looked at the calendar, APRIL FOOLS ! Nice one Mundabor! Almost fell for it!

  12. Happy April Fools Day to you too, Mundy:+) This year was a fun one:+) God bless~

  13. Poisson D’avril!

  14. Brenda VanWeezel

    Lol. I just saw another April Fool’s joke. Nice try Mundabor.

  15. April fools, my beloved Mundabor.

  16. We are NOT in the minority-with Jesus and with all the saints in heaven we will NEVER be in the minority. Deo Gratias! On the other hand, if somehow that is a minority, then to whom will you go? Guy, Texas

  17. Please…this is a satarical joke! Please say yes!!!!!!

  18. Not funny, Mundy, even for April Fools!!!!

    And I am seconded in this by my cat.

  19. Michael T Fleming

    I hope this is an April Fool Joke.

    Your blog is often the only bright spot in the day for this old Catholic Curmudgeon.

  20. R. Hunter Bidet

    April’s fool! The is nothing compared to the sweet feeling of being a contrarian in the mist of this satanic and degenerate culture.

  21. There’s so much irony in this post, I don’t even know where to begin.

    Keep being the asshole that you are!

  22. Dear Mr. Mundabor (he/him), Poisson d’avril!

  23. April Fool!

  24. bradatwordpress

    I hope that you are being sarcastic; and I hope that you will continue being the Mundabor we all know. You are a very good writer, thinker and person. Please stay on the net and continue your writing.

  25. randall norman

    Heh heh, good one, Mundy!

    I’m sure that you (like I) would rather keep company with the likes of St Paul, St. John Chrysostom, St. Catherine & St Pio for all eternity, in the presence of the Beatific Vision than keep close ties to mortals in this fleeting existence who obviously know better than God. Obviously we need to always love, pray and attempt to help our neighbors, but we need not accompany them on the path to Perdition. God Bless you, Mundabor.

  26. M., I’m wiff ya, man. And I’m a woman!!

    You are my morning antidote to our fallen, though naturally, achingly beautiful world. You, and Frank W, and Louie V, and all faithful Catholic bloggers are in my daily prayer intentions.

    Please say it ain’t true that the blog is ending.

  27. Jose Rodriguez

    April fools day. “However, it moves”.

  28. Mundabor,

    I hear your frustration. If this was not April Fool’s day, I would believe you are quitting. 🙂

  29. Wait! Me! Me too!

    This very week I have been thinking how my entire life I have been in the fringe.

    Hear me out Mundi. I am my parents 16th natural child, yet the only one not named after a saint. I am the only one that never attended a Catholic school. I was born in ’66 so the only one not officially a “boomer”. I never “fit in” with my own family, although they are “kind” to me they do not make any effort to spend one-on-one time, as they may with others. Apparently, I am too Catholic for them.

    Throughout school, I was the freak from a huge family. Never had a boyfriend until I was a h.s. senior and a law school student 5 years older asked me out. We married when I was 19 (I was afraid no one else would ever like me), we are still married. Although, I am completely barely tolerated by his far-left leaning siblings, always have been. In fact, I am pretty sure that is why my husband picked me: he could use me a weapon against their choices.

    Within the Church, I am a “ad orientem” novis order – see, neither this or that.

    I am not angry (except at moments of in my face b.s. news crap). But I cannot in any way relate to the soup du jour.

    But regarding the “news crap” I am seriously beginning to think that the algorithms have cause me to be funneled into a kind of “ghetto” that caused a sense of self that is precisely what you have described: being in opposition.

    I won’t try to convince you to continue. I think it must be a lot of work. I do like a lot of your marquee links, though.

    But in a moment of reflection, think about the fringe. I mean really; how plan and boring everything that is adorned with it would be without it. I looked at the alter cloths the other day – I really have been thinking similar thoughts as you – and their was delicate cut outs and embroidery; clearly the broad plan white linens have the more important role, they hold the sacred vessels but still. I know it’s tough to be useless decoration but the fringe kind of stands as a final straw, a barrier, a border.

    You’ll be missed.

  30. Dear M, like you I am often overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and inadequacy because of my basic sourness, but no more! I’m off to join the Jesuits. See you this time next year.

  31. Must have been a “senior moment” forgetting it was April 1st! Ya got me!

  32. Jonathan Worthen

    Strong satire, Mundy, and a good piece of April fooling.

  33. I love you guys and will give each of you a kidney and half my liver. I was once in a plane with engine on fire making a dive from 30,000 feet to try to put the fire out – and coming into Atlanta airport, wings waggling, plane bobbling, people crying, a guy a few aisles up started weeping and saying the Lord’s Prayer between sobs. I had already said my act of Contrition and I looked across the aisle at a guy looking at me-and we started laughing, laughed all the way to touch down between rows of ambulances, fire trucks as far as the eye could see, etc. We all made it back to earth alive. Well, all you guys, [trigger warning: sexist comment coming] and all you gals, I will make it to heaven alive with you and laugh with joy entering the arena with all of you and with each and every one of you. And we can scream out Deo Gratias as the liberals and democrats and totalitarians gnaw on our bones. God bless us everyone. Guy, Texas

    ps: so much for faith- I didn’t fly again for about 2 years

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