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A short survey of the English media this morning will give you an utterly shocking picture of the degree of not only bias, but utter, shameless propaganda that, by now, pervades the free press of a still democratic country.

Let me assure you that this is not due to government coercion. The UK is no Ukraine, and it still has opposition parties and media free to publish what they want. One needs, therefore, to look for the reasons for this utter degradation elsewhere.

I think that the explanation can be given with only one word:


Once upon a time, the information sources were limited and their income largely assured. An army of subscribers and an even bigger army of affectionate readers ensured that the media outlets could ensure a degree of professionalism without jeopardising their operations. Again, the readers’ options were numbered, and if you abandoned the Daily Telegraph, or the Daily Mirror, there was really no suitable alternative to that particular “brand”.

It is all radically different now. Not only does every reader know a number of alternative sources; he knows that he can find half a dozen more with just a little research.

Then there is the cancer of our time, social media. A vast percentage of news articles are now read by clicking the links posted on Facebook and Twitter. This means that unless you are vastly represented, and the links to your articles are constantly posted, there, you are going exactly nowhere.

This is how clickwhoring is born. When something is in everybody’s mind (say: Ukraine) going against the prevalent narrative will be click suicide for every big outlet. Every reader of, say, publication XYZ will immediately ditch them in disgust and accurately avoid every link to their videos and articles if he gets angered by simple things like, say, the truth.

We see this with the Special Military Operation in the Ukraine very clearly. The mention of simple facts of life, like:

Russia will win this war, because they will do whatever it takes to win it.

Ukraine has suffered heavy losses .

Ukraine has been bombing the Donbas on and off for 8 years, killing 14,000 civilians.

Ukraine is heavily influenced by NeoNazi groups both in the government and in the army.

Russia has achieved air superiority on day one .

The Ukrainian Donbas army is encircled, cut off from fuel and ammo deliveries, and being shot at

Mariopol has been taken by the Russians ten days ago

The poor devils (or poor bastards) in the Azovstal factory have 0 chance of winning. …

will cause the emotionally very involved, often woke Twitter and Facebook readers to immediately cancel and boycott the entire outlet. This, in turn, will cause the number of links posted on Twitter and Facebook to go down drastically. The clicks will collapse and, with them, the revenues.

No traditional media outlet, with his army of journalists, administrators, support staff, HR, perhaps even equality scroungers, and expensive rents to pay can afford that. Their business model will force them to beg for clicks every morning, actually every moment.

The quality information now resides elsewhere, in the army of competent observers, sitting in their own living room with a camera and a laptop, knowing full well that quality will always be enough to make them thrive, because the atomisation of the media market makes the attainment of the micro niche they want all but assured, given constant quality and sufficient patience.

This perfectly explains the phenomenon of, say, military “experts” on CNN – carefully chosen among those looking for government contracts and cable channels money – assuring us how badly Russia is doing, and military observers without interest in licking big media’s boots (like Ridley, or Macgregor) actually telling us how things really are, from their own living room, with the cat walking around.

This is where we are. I think it will only end when enough people understand that social media are not helping them to know facts, but to create for them the bubble they desire.

Clickwhoring is the symptom.

Twitter and Facebook are the real disease.

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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Always find your articles insightful and interesting. Russia must be destroyed because it is one of the few nations standing against the Great Reset. Our actions thrusting them into alliance with China is an insane policy for the U.S. but not surprising with the current crop of “progressive” leaders who care nothing for the average American. Twitter and Facebook are, indeed a real disease with their deplatforming and censorship. I hope Elon Musk is able to take over Twitter. What a battle win for freedom that would be.

  2. Agreed to the Nth degree. Social media is a plague on humanity, and if we considered just the ill effect on kids alone it would be worth watching it disappear, let alone all the other issues it has aggravated. The day FB and Twitter started censoring content was the day every single person should have gotten off it. As you say mainstream news of all kinds has lost its credibility entirely, they are all dead men walking operations. I know we have turned to the guy sitting there with the cat in the background. He is much more likely to give you a truthful or more truthful assessment than the jimbos and bimbos of mainstream media.

  3. grassrootgonzo

    I recently read that Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter may expose that the platform is heavily subsidized by the US gov’t. (which explains their regime protecting actions and inability of competing platforms to make headway). I also read yrs ago that Facebook was initially bankrolled by the CIA. We haven’t seen these online outlets suffer for their wokism and outright conservative/America hatred like CNN, MSNBC, Disney, Newsweek, Time, etc., etc., so that is interesting. Journalists have always been at risk of being fired for not reporting what they are told to, but now we have actual activists and spooks posing as journalists. I stopped reading “newspapers” years ago after personally attending local school and tax board meetings and discovering that the reportage the next day reflected very little of what I had actually witnessed, or was outright inaccurate. Lies are everywhere, and Truth is a bitter pill for some.

    • It seems a fantasy to me. Public companies have no penny unaccounted for. Besides, Twitter has been a total failure, with the share price before Musk’s announcement below the IPO level 8 years earlier.

  4. The MSM are deplorable! I prefer to watch and listen to Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris for insights into the Ukraine/NATO, conflict with Russia. The UKs part in this wickedness is also deplorable, and more people will die because of Johnson’s opportunist involvement, in my opinion. The collective west are making the situation far worse than it should be. And, who will suffer? the innocent, ordinary people, as usual?

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