Of Faith, Pride, And Arrogance

“It is better to have an imperfect but humble faith that always returns to Jesus, than a strong but presumptuous faith that makes us proud and arrogant.”

Pope Francis

“It is better to have a strong faith that makes us work on our salvation with fear and trembling, than an atheist Pope who is an enemy of faith and does not believe in Salvation.”


Ah, the Evil Clown. He never ceases to amaze.

This time, he tries with a hint of false dichotomy. No, he is not saying that the only two alternatives are the imperfect but humble faith and the strong but arrogant one. Still, most of the badly instructed listener will understand him in exact that way: that faithful tend to be one of these two types, and if you have a strong faith you are likely to become proud and arrogant.

This is, in fact, Francis’ aim, a theme he has been playing in front of every audience for years: strong faith = bad.

Francis wants you to have a weak faith, because he has none. He wants you to wallow in your weakness, so that he can more easily manipulate you. He wants you to think that people with strong faith are arrogant and proud, because he fears them like the devil fears the holy water.

Francis has not even a weak faith. He has no faith at all. But he thought he could “improve” on the Our Father.

There is no better example of pride and arrogance.

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  1. catholictradition2

    This sums up Franconism and Francophilia to a tee.

  2. It’s just another dig at traditionalist Catholics, who do not want to make a mess. Excuse my presumption, but I wonder how many of these “humble imperfect” Catholics that Francis prefers, actually go to confession on a regular basis!

  3. That is exactly how it sounds, and I believe it is what he intended. These are the options of everyone: a ‘humble faith’. or a ‘strong but presumptuous faith’. Of course he is wrong, but just like his ‘who am I to judge’ statement, there are plenty of Catholics who will accept this recent comparison.

  4. grassrootgonzo

    More atrocious lies from the evil minion of the Great Deceiver. How does it follow that a strong faith makes one arrogant and proud? The opposite is the actual truth. Weak faith, however, is needed for his V2 Nuchurch of ecumenism, the end result of which is conversion to his nasty pagan globalist commie religion.

    • Well, Francis does not explicit make an automatism between the two. But he strongly implies it, and clearly wants it to be understood that way.

  5. The Catechism of Trent



    In preparing and instructing men in the teachings of Christ the Lord, the Fathers began by explaining the meaning of faith. Following their example, we have thought it well to treat first what pertains to that virtue.

    Though the word faith has a variety of meanings in the Sacred Scriptures, we here speak only of that faith by which we yield our entire assent to whatever has been divinely revealed.

    Necessity Of Faith

    That faith thus understood is necessary to salvation no man can reasonably doubt, particularly since it is written: Without faith it is impossible to please God. For as the end proposed to man as his ultimate happiness is far above the reach of human understanding, it was therefore necessary that it should be made known to him by God. This knowledge, however, is nothing else than faith, by which we yield our unhesitating assent to whatever the authority of our Holy Mother the Church teaches us to have been revealed by God; for the faithful cannot doubt those things of which God, who is truth itself, is the author. Hence we see the great difference that exists between this faith which we give to God and that which we yield to the writers of human history.

  6. I’m humbled by your charity toward Francis, it is that bad.

  7. grassrootgonzo

    Yes, Mr Mundabor. Always ambiguous enough that his supporters can claim other than how his comments are taken. That’s his style, and his protection. This ambiguity is so inappropriate and repetitive, coming from a supposed pope, that it cannot be accidental, or simple stupidity. It is intended to deceive, and to insult the Faithful. He makes my skin crawl.

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